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01 April, 2012

 01 April, 2012

 " No armies can stop the march of an idea whose
 time has come"!!

 Now this is profound :). Though the liberal secularists always try to downplay our mission, passion and revivalist movement, the serious ones amongst them know the intensity of our message and its spiritual relations with great Muslim revivalist movements in Muslim history, alhamdolillah.

Here, in LUMS, Lahore University of Management sciences, a lecture is being held on Muslim revival movements from Shah Wali Allah to this Faqeer! Shah Wali Allah is the greatest Muslim thinker philosopher, Wali, scholar and revivalist of the 18th century. Allama Iqbal is the continuation of the same golden chain which started earlier from Hazrat Mujaddid alf e sani.

Even though these liberal secularists make mockery of Hazrat Mujaddid, Shah Wali Allah and Baba Iqbal and of this Faqeer also, the reality is that they are truly afraid of these spiritual revivalist movements and have always tried to downplay their contributions.

They are afraid more so that they have not been able to respond with a powerful alternate ideology to our azaan and are loosing the ground which they had captured over these decades. What they do not remember is that every great revivalist message or movement is always ridiculed, resisted, persecuted and hounded by the lowest of the low of the time whose interests are challenged by the new spiritual ideology. They should also remember that " No armies can stop the march of an idea whose time has come"!!

They can try to stop the youth from listening to us but then remember that this is exactly what the Kuffar of Makkah tried to do when the new spiritual message of Islam arrived. We all know that Islam actually became stronger as the resistance against it grew more and more. So, we welcome these lectures and campaign and also invite them to come to us for a healthy debate to discuss their arguments and concerns. We are always open to decent discussion. It is interesting that they talk about us behind our backs but are not willing to face us in open forums in decent debates based on facts and arguments. We wish them happy lecture tomorrow.

01 April, 2012
 Baluchistan is part of Pakistan due to direct order of
 our beloved Sayyad Rasul Allah (sm)

It was Khan of Kallat who was directed in 1947 by Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) in his dream to join Pakistan. Baluchistan is part of Pakistan due to direct order of our beloved Sayyad Rasul Allah (sm). His family must respect the orders of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). We were glad to know that his grand son participated in the Pak day function. May Allah give barakah to all those who protect and defend this Pak Sarzameen which has been give to us as an Imanat bby our beloved Sayyadi (sm).

Son of Khan of Kalat attends Pakistan Day function: Balochistan
an integral part of Pakistan, says Magsi
By Our Staff Correspondent
QUETTA, March 25: Balochistan is and will remain an integral part of the country. This was stated by Balochistan Governor Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi in his address at the concluding ceremony on Sunday of a three-day festival organised by the Pakistan Army and the provincial government as part of the Pakistan Day celebrations...

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