Wednesday, 11 April 2012

April 11, 2012

April 11, 2012

Red alert -- SAFMA's new campaign!

According to our reports, SAFMA snakes have decided to launch a media campaign and propaganda war in the media to exploit the moment of tragedy at Siachen to demand a withdrawl of Pakistani forces from Siachen and Kargil regions. On the directions of their masters, SAFMA would now launch another informaiton war.

We warn SAFMA and their loyalist snakes that everyone part of this sinister campaign would be added to the list of traitors in our petition in the Supreme Court. We are dead serious and will show no mercy here.

US have also joined in to bring "peace" at Siachen while Zardari also went to India to secretly discuss the issue without the mandate of army, parliment or the nation. We know the sinister games being played and now will not let the SAFMA stab the nation in the back. Already multiple articles have emerged in a organzied campaign which is the information and propaganda war.

These so called analysts were asleep for the last 28 years when India atatcked and intruded into Pak terretory and we had to fight bloody battles to reclaim our land. Now when we are frustrating the Hindu zionists, their slaves in media jump up, appearign to be so concerned at the sacrifices of our soldiers.

Allah's curse is upon you SAFMA. We will only enforce that curse upon you, InshAllah. You have been warned. Write as much as you want. We are also writing names.

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