Friday, 27 April 2012

April 27, 2012

April  27, 2012

What matters is what Allah plans and He plans a radical 
cleanup of this Kufr system and its slaves
It is close now, InshAllah. 

It does not matter now what this system of Kufr does. What matters is what Allah plans and He plans a radical cleanup of this Kufr system and its slaves. Every visionary of the time is giving the same glad tidings. We have seen this filthy system enough. Now the time has come for Takmeel e Pakistan. Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif gave these glad tidings for the millat. Prepare yourself and do NOT be on the wrong side of history when that Jamaat appears to do the cleanup! It is close now, InshAllah.

April  27, 2012

Pakistan and "Mehdi"

There is no khair in this political, judicial and economic system which is making this millat slave in Pakistan today.

The airblue crash report has come. It says that all warnings, indicators, alarms and radars were warning the pilot that a crash is inevitable and he must "Pull Up" to save the plane. But as if he was an insane man, the pilot ignored all warnings and strangly went for a head-on collision.

The same is true for Pakistan today. All visionaries, thinkers, patriots, Babas and analysts are warning of a serious crash of justice, governance, state, ideology, security and economy but the leaders are deaf, dumb and blind, refusing to listen to the screaming sirens and are taking the entire nation to a head-on crash. The circus which has started after the SC decision on the Crime Minister was the last nail in the straw.

Rasul Allah (sm) has strictly warned against desires to grab power. The entire political system, democracy, elections and voting is based on this haram desire to grab power through money, power and influence. The circus can continue but it will NOT bring any khair. Enough of Haram already. For Allah's sake stop and revert back to Allah (swt).

Professor Ahmed Rafiq Akhtar sahib has this advice to give to this ummat e Marhoom. So much for the elections and those dying to grab power through demon-cracy!!!

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