Friday, 13 April 2012

April 13, 2012

April 13, 2012

To hell with SAFMA!! Love you Pak army!

While the snakes in SAFMA are trying to tell us that we should unilaterely come down from Siachen, The RAW backed Indian think tank Rediff is strongly urging the Indian army to advance further and writes the following alarming analysis on the strategic importance of Siachen. Now you know why Indians entered the region in 1984 and we responded. Read and know why our sons are dying there -- to defend us from a snakehead enemy!!

Indian Think tank writes"

"The Strategic Significance

In civilian minds, the common misperception is that Siachen sector comprises only the Siachen Glacier and hence de-militarisation should be no big deal. It is not so.

Pakistan wants India to give up the entire Saltoro Ridge, a long ridge extending nearly 120 km, (on which runs the Actual Ground Position Line, or AGPL) from the border of India with Pakistan ceded Chinese territory in the north to India's Kargil sector in the east.

The strategic significance of the Saltoro Ridge and the Siachen Glacier is that it gives India strategic and terrain domination over Pakistan's so-called Northern Areas (Jammu and Kashmir territory merged into Pakistan) and Pakistan-ceded Kashmir territory to China.

It also blocks routes of ingress to the vital Ladakh sector, and provides a 'strategic wedge' to prevent a further Pakistan-China geographical link-up.

It acts as a 'strategic pressure point' against Pakistan's military adventurism in the Kargil sector.

Indira-Col, the northern most part of Siachen, directly overlooks Chinese occupied territory that was illegally ceded by Pakistan to China. Having a foot on the ground here is the only way for India to legitimately and effectively dispute the illegal Chinese presence here".

To hell with SAFMA!! Love you Pak army!

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