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October 2011

Sir Zaid Hamid answers a question by a young man who wants to know about the possibility of peace in the region. Western, elitist countries are responsible for all the atrocities and wars in the world.

When we started this journey, we were alone. Alhamdolillah, today millions of soldiers of Rasul Allah (sm) march with us with dignity and courage towards misison Takmeel e Pakistan, Ghazwa e Hind, Khilafat e Rashida and United States of Islam, InshAllah! This is only possible due to the karam and fazal of Allah (swt) and Faizan e Nabwi of our Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). May Allah save us from arrogance and fitnahs of Dunya and accept our humble efforts for His sake and for the sake of Rasul Allah (sm) and Ummat e Rasul (sm). By Allah, we will continue to march forwards either to become Ghazis or to become shaheed in this sacred cause, InshAllah!

Do not be disheartened by the riots, chaos and anarchy you see on the street of our beloved Pak Sarzameen. InshAllah khair will emerge from this chaos. The regime must go and Allah is blinding it to commit suicide. The Chief Justice has not delivered and the army is too stretched and already fighting the enemy on battle fronts. The regime is the biggest national threat and has destroyed the state,nation and the ideology. Indian Cold Start doctrine is now in high gear ready to pounce when the anarchy increases. TTP, NATO, MQM and BLA also remain alive and threatening. These are dangerous times but great nations are born in such trials and tests. Do NOT fear nor panic. Have faith. Khair inshAllah

The essence and excellnce of Imaan is adab and Ishq e Rasul Sallalahu alaihe Wassalam. Do you want to see a soul stirring and emotional display of Adab e Rasul and Ishq e Rasul (sm) ? MashAllah, this love of Sayyadi will shake your soul to tears. Chechen President and Chechen nation pay their respect to a cup of Rasul Allah (sm) which arrives back in Chechenya. For the last 250 years, Russians have not been able to enslave these brave people. Now you know why? Their intence love and adab for for Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) keeps them alive and free! When Ummat e Rasul lost this adab, they lost the glory in dunya also! MashAllah, Chechens have made us proud!
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Alhamdolillah, our mission to give azaan for the defence of our beloved Medina e Sani and to protect our faith and ideology continues on various axis and forums. Our monthly e-newsletter gives a general summary of our operations and activities. Despite not having a regular TV program, alhamdolillah, we continue to shake the world of Kufr and Taghoot! May Allah accept our humble offerings and bless our efforts with barakah and khair! Shukar!

Alhamdolillah, a burdon that this faqeer carried for the last 20 years is now off. A debt to the millat is being re-paid inshAllah. Our memoirs of the Afghan Jihad with a unique insight into what went wrong in those years that today Afghanistan still remains in a state of war even after 32 years of violence. This is also my psersonal journey, experiences, travels and observaitons in the melting pot of history when as a young man in my 20's, I drifted into a phenomenonal event of historic and staggering proportions. It still makes me nostalgic. InshAllah, soon to be published in a book form!

We will say it clearly to confirm the Hujjat on the political leaders and the Chief Justice. Today's judgment of Supreme Court on Karachi has disappointed the nation in this time of war and crisis! Supreme Court should have punished the political parties involved in Karachi violence but the weak judgement let the killers walk away without any punishment. Violence has now again started in Karachi and enemies are celebrating. But we Pakistan are made of precious steel and have seen greater calamities before also and we rise higher after every test of fire and blood. InshAllah, we will never give up to defend our Pak sarzameen despite the betrayals by those in power today! Allahu Akbar!

She was an American. She was a Christian. She was against Zionists. She was a friend of Palestinian Muslims. She died defending Muslims. She was Rachel! The entire humanity is suffering at the hands of Jewish, Christian and Hindu Zionists but we will make stand and Allah willing, reclaim our honor, lands and freedom and while we do, we will never forget those good human beings who stood by us in tests of fire and blood. It is up to Muslims now to defend and protect humanity as no other ideology can stand against them. We must do our duty as Ummat e Rasul and stand for Haq, truth and justice!

This is our message to the Americans and all those Zionist states who are messing with Pakistan! Hear it loud and clear from us. You are a criminal demon-cratic civilization and you have invaded our lands. If you want peace, leave our lands and we will live in peace. If you invade our lands, kill our people, humiliate our faith, destroy our ideology, freedom and lifestyle, then dont cry when we hit back in battlefields!

Please post this notice on your FB's and circulate this in your contacts. This is information war and enemies are using deceptions, lies, propaganda and fake profiles to create confusions about our sacred mission and duty. Our battlefield is the cyber world and the airwaves and this is where we are counter attacking the enemies of Allah and Rasul Allah (sm). Do your duty and join the battle!

This is an Indian program with Indian analysts discussing how to deal with Pakistan. Listen to the first speaker carefully - He says they will resort to doctrine of Chanakya and wage a war on Pakistan to cause death a thousand cuts!! This is precisely what we have been saying that Indian 4th Generation war is an undeclared war which is supporting TTP, BLA, MQM, ANP, Congressi Mullahs and SAFMA to wage a war within Pakistan against the Pakistani state and army. They have declared a war but do not want to declare it! Our response MUST be to support the insurgencies, rebellions and freedom struggles in India. We have not started this war. They have. We will only respond, InshAllah!

We accept Rasul Allah (sm) as beloved Nabi of Allah (swt) and Rasul Allah (sm). But do you know that the secret of excellence lies in accepting Sayyadi as our Murshid also. THis is a delicate and sublime concept and reserved for those who have been blessed by Allah and Rasul Allah (sm). This is the greatest secret of faith, Imaan and Faqr -- to have a direct personal spiritual relationship with our beloved Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm)! Rise and reach this excellence!

Good Christians join hands with us to fight the Hindu and Jewish Zionists! This is one of the most powerful analysis you will hear from anti-Zionist groups in the world. The importance of Pakistan is being realized by all groups fighting against the Zionists and their global agenda of chaos, anarchy and human enslavement. See the larger game, under the bigger picture and then respond with courage, dignity and unity. Pakistan is not just a fortress of Islam, it is also the last frontier of humanity!

In the Hadees of Rasul Allah (sm), three regions have been mentioned as the ones which will raise the banner of Islam. Khurasan, Talaqan and Ma Wara un Nehr, the Central Asia. Orya Sahib has mentioned that the land of Khurasan is between the great rivers of Indus to Oxus, which is incredibly the name of our book as well, alhamdolillah! Just one corerction - Talaqan is NOT a Pashtun city but Uzbek and Tajik city in northern Afghanistan. The people of Khurasan will not be Pashtuns only but Muslims living between the lands of Indus to Oxus and beyond! This is the present battle field today and that is why Crusader Zionists are here! Now you know the secret!

Listen to Zaid Hamid Live, on Radio Islam, Tonight, at 11pm. InshaAllah.

Alhamdolillah, our azaan is now firmly going globally, respected and honored by millions of freedom loving people across all continents. Last week, we gave the radio interview to Mark Glenn which went powerfully to the entire world. Now this another one with Radio South Africa going global again within Islamic circles especially in Africa. InshAllah, our azaan on Pakistan's premier channels would also continue regularly as and when required. Allah is giving barakah alhamdolillah! Listen to this and arm yourself with the weapon of knowledge!

We have always said that TTP is a Congressi Mullah terrorists, robebrs, kidnappers and Kharjis backed by India. Both Congresi and TTP always oppose Pakistan, call Quaid Azam a Kafir and speak exactly the same language which Indian Congressi Mullahs speak. Listen to this stunning conversation between an army officer and a Kharji Congressi Takfiri. You will know that TTP stands for Dajjal and Kufr and want to destroy Pakistan just as Indians and Israelis want. This fitnah can only be crushed with a sword and not through talks! If anyone thinks he can talk to TTP, he is a fool! They can only be eliminated and we will eliminate them InshAllah!

The shaheeds of Pakistan army are under the wings of the angels and in paradise of their Lord. The Takfiri Kharji fasadis are the dogs of hell as narrated by our Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) about Kharjis who wage a war against Islam and Muslims. Watch this story of a shaheed of Pak army. Watch after 6 minutes especially when his brother narrates the amazing story as it appeared on naitonal media. These are shaheeds of Pak army, the soldiers of Rasul Allah (sm) and blessed by Allah (swt), MashAllah! Any one who fights against this army is destined for hell in dunya and akhira, InshAllah!
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InshAllah, we will give our azaan come hell or high water, for the defense of our faith, people and land. The worst slaves of shaitan are those whom Rasul Allah (sm) has called Khawarij, the enemies of Allah and Rasul Allah and Momineen. Kharjis are todays TTP and all those Congressi Mullahs who consider Quaid Azamn as Kafir and Pakistan as Kafiristan and Pakistan army as Kafirs! We have declaredwar on these slaves of Hindu Zionists and will defend Pak Sarzamnee against these enemies. Our Azaan of Ghazwa e Hind has terrorized the Hindu Zionists and now they are launching these Kharjis to attack Pak Sarzamneen and its army! Know your enemy well. anyone against us in this war is from the enemies!

And it is critical to know what Rasul Allah (sm) have said about likes of TTP and Kharjees. No Muslim Mujahideen in the world behaves or slaughters like TTP and there is no doubt that these animals are the Khawarij as foretold by Sayyadi Rasul Allah! If you are fooled by them into believing that they are on the right path, then you will be with them in hell together. Be careful! Remember one rule -- anyone who wants to destroy this Medina e Sani Pakistan, calls Iqbal and Quaid as Kafirs, who were soldiers of Rasul Allah and fights and kills Pakistani people and army, then he is a Kharji, bound for hell and an enemy of Rasul Allah!

There is a reason why Allah has declared war on paper currency based banking system based on Riba! Iqbal had said that this capitalist and communist system will commit suicde with its own dagger! Both man made kufr system rely on paper currency and now they are facing a collapse globally! They cannot stop this disaster. The solution is in Islamic Gold currency system!

These are signs of Azaab of Allah and tests for the nation. This is time for Astaghfar and staying firm and helping our fellow brothers and sisters. As believers, it is time to rise and face the challenges with sabr and action.Do all you can to help the distressed around you. Stand united, stand firm. InshAllah, Allah will soon give us leaders who are Sadiq and Ameen
and their baraka will bring immense khair for this millat. Make yourself worthy of such gifted leaders. Those in power today – their time is up, InshAllah and a painful punishment awaits them with Allah (swt). Little do they know.

Allhamdolillah, Brasstacks Magazines, Books, Policy Papers and TV programs are now available for download. Keep visiting this site for daily updates. InshAllah, we will continue to expose the enemy game plans, learning from our history, mistakes and achievements to create a solid defence for our Pak Sarzameen. Arm yourself with knowledge and fight back!

InshAllah, at 11 PM tonight on arynews, watch a blast program by Zaid Hamid with Waseem Badami. Shah Mehmud Qureshi and Dr. Moeed Pirzada also the guests and we discuss the Pakistan's Afghan policy, threats from the US, options for Pakistan and the response strategy in the light of present dangers to Pak Sarzameen. This is a serious, analytical and powerful discussion. Alhamdolillah, we stood our ground and presented our case with dignity representing the aspirations and the interests of this Muslim millat! Our azaan for the sake of Ummat e Rasul (sm) continues, alhamdolillah!

Syed Zaid hamid sb in program 11th hour on ARYNEWS with Waseem Badami.

The duty of this faqeer is to give azaan with courage and dignity, irrespective of the threats! Almost 4 years ago, we warned of these threats which are now haunting the Pak Sarzameen! Allah blessed us with the vision to see what was still a secret for the world. Today, the US economy is crashing, NATO threats are increasing and the solutions we have 4 years ago are still critically applicable even today! We had warned the US and the Indian and the traitors! MQM, ANP, SAFMA, PPP, TTP, BLA, Congressi Mullah are all working for enemies of Rasul Allah (sm). By Allah, we are the soldiers of Rasul Allah (sm) and stand united with Pakistan army and ISI to defend this Medina e Sani, InshAllah!

The greatest of men live a life of passion, romance and dreams! They dare to dream the impossible, live passionately to make it happen and then die by the romantic ideals of ideology they so cherish! World calls them mad, insane and extremist. History calls them the men of destiny! In these testing times, we once again need sons like Khalid, Salahuddin and Muhemmed Fateh who dared and achieved what others thought impossible!

Yesterday, we gave a live interview on ary to destroy the lies and propaganda of CIA and their stooges in Pakistan that Afghan Taliban are enemies of Pakistan! The temperature is rising on the western front. In the near future, US may launch an attack on Haqqani group. That would be a declaratio of war against Pakistan also. The compromsied media, treacherous politicians and the corrupt fasadi mullahs have all ganged up to harm this Medina e Sani. InshAllah, they will be humiliated and defeated but we will have to give sacrifices! Stand united, stand firm. While we fight the informaiton war, the Time for physical battle is now also close!

Watch Zaid Hamid, on ARYnews at 8 pm tonight. Critical analysis of Afghan theater and Pak-US relations. InshaAllah khair for Pak sarzameen!

This was a fierce debate. Just note that how our pygmy political leadership are so afraid to take a firm stand on US presence in Afghanistan and on Afghan Mujahideen. Munafiqat and hyocracy at ts best. CIA used Musharraf to launch a terrorist campaign inside Pakistan and to destroy Afghan Taliban and then dumped him when he could deliver them no more. Then they made him sign NRO to make way for this sick Demon - Cracy! This regime continues with the follow Musharraf policies but neither the government nor the opposition learn from their mistakes. Watch this yourself to see how sick they still are, astaghfurAllah.

Watch Zaid Hamid tonight, on Dawn news at 7 pm, in an exclusive hard talk style program "In the line of Fire". Fierce attacks on the man and the mission he leads!

Alhamdolillah, this is our azaan which shook the Kufr again. Our request to the members -- pl do not abuse the host. His duty is to ask harsh and tough questions which are being spread as lies by the opponents. The host is a decent person and had the courage to invite us to the program despite resistance. We had recorded about 54 minutes of the program but due to time constraints only about 35 minutes were aired. But khair, alhamdolillah, even these were enough to blast the enemies on all axis. Shukar Alhamdolillah!!!

A small band of romantic dreamers started this sacred journey and have made their pledge with their Allah to stand firm for the sake of Rasul Allah (sm) and Ummat e Rasul and Pak Sarzameen! InshAllah, we offer ourselves for this sacred journey and invite you to it also. These are the times of tests, trials and sacrifices. Only the most sincere will be chosen by Allah to be His instruments. Despite all odds, against all threats, facing all challnages, the small band of believers march on...... Join the caravan!

Oh Allah, remain witness that we are NOT part of this system of Dajjal and have warned our people to do tauba, revert to love of Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) and work for establishment of political, economic, judicial system on the model of Khilafat e Rashida. We are NOT part of this demon-cracy, elections of the corrupt, judicial system based on British laws and economic system based on Banks and Riba! Electrons will destroy Pakisan, Allah forbid, and we will resist them with all our force! The same corrupt PPP, PML(N), ANP, MQM and JUI will come back to power to rob, loot and plunder! We warn you. Do NOT fall for trap of Dajjal! Allah do not forgive collective blunders of the millat!

In Iran, they do not have political parties, but they have full democracy. A clean election commission selects five or six finest Iranians and then ask the entire nation to vote and select the President. The President is finest and most honest amongst the entire nation. There is a parliament which makes laws but politicians cannot hold public offices, cannot become ministers and do not have financial powers, hence cannot do corruption. All Ministers are highly qualified technocrats selected by the President to run the country. This model is closest to the model given by Hazrat Umar (RA) when he made a council of six finest sahaba and asked the Muslims to chose from them their new Khalifa! This is spiritual democracy where the finest, Momineem, saleh, dignified and brave become leaders!

Pakistan is in a state of war. Massive attacks are being done on military, economic, information and social axis to dismember the country on the pattern of Yugoslavia or Sudan or Libya! The political government is a CIA plant which has destroyed all state institutions and have created almost 3 crore fake votes for the next elections. Country is being balkanized on more ethnic lines with new provinces. The Supreme Court has acknowledged that all major political parties in Sindh are involved in terrorism and have assassination gangs. Army is fighting a massive urban war and also involved in flood relief and disaster management. American AFPAK and Indian Cold Start military doctrines are about to launch a high intensity war on the country. Corruption and Terrorism has crippled the nation. How can we have elections under this anarchic state of war???

The Islamic clauses of the constitution and articles 62,63 will again be ignored and dismissed for the next elections which means all traitors, corrupt and paleed haramkhor with fake degrees belonging to these same terrorist political parties will come back into power using the millions of fake votes which they have created. In the last elections also, almost 30 million fake votes were cast bringing in the most corrupt haramkhor in our history. They have made our Medina e Sani a plaything for the system of Dajjal and its spineless cronies. By Allah, we warn you again. The process of elections under these rules is haram and designed to break this Medina e Sani. Unless, we strongly apply article 62,63, ban and dismember the existing political parties and clean up the voting list and chose the finest of the finest in non-party direct Presidential elections on the model of Hazrat Umar (RA), taking part in the elections would mean participating in destruction of Pak Sarzameen! Astaghfurullah!

Alhamdolillah, we are only answerable to Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) and will speak the truth despite all risks and threats! We have a duty to defend this Medina e Sani and revive this Ummat e Marhoom to rebuild it on the model of Khilafat e Rashida, prepare this millat for Ghawa e Hind and work for the unity of the Ummah to build the United States of Islam! These are history creating visions and demand a complete and massive overhaul of the political system in Pakistan which would remodel the economic and judicial systems of the country. Elections, political parties, demon-cracy and existing laws which make sure that system of Kufr continues! Allah has His own plans. He will not let these paleed politicians to destroy Medina e Sani now. There will be NO elections, InshAllah! parties can do what they want. Allah will do what He Wills!!!!

Pakistani youth have a new hero now MashAllah! Our own Baba Iqbal !A group of youth have launched these T shirts to raise funds for flood relief. Great cause also promotes our ideological role model. The Ghazi Community Services in collaboration with Pakistan United & Next Generation Pakistan are now working on Rehabilitation in Flood Affected Areas ! All profits earned from these shirts will go to the cause of Rehabilitation ! Price: Rs. 650/- Sizes: M to XXL !

To purchase or for details contact 0313-4068207 or 0322-4110667 !

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