Wednesday, 28 December 2011

December 2011

Alhamdolillah, We had been warning our nation for the last 4 years that grand strategic objectives of US war of terror is balkanization of Pakistan and re-shaping of the greater middle east. We had strongly warned about 4th generation war, Af-Pak and Indian Cold start and the alliance between Western Zionists and Hindu Zionists. We had exposed the insurgents and terrorists of TTP, MQM, BLA and ANPand their sinister war against Pak Sarzameen. We had exposed the Zionist economic system and collapse of the paper currency. We had given the glad tidings that this Pakistan is the Medina e Sani, under the shadows of Allah (swt) and Rasul Allah (sm) and is born to lead the Ghazwa e Hind! We had given the glad tidings that inshAllah, United States of Islam will be created and system of Khilafat e Rashida will dawn through Pakistan. We had warned our nation to prepare for a war which is slowly being imposed upon us like Iraq, Libya and Syria.

Many in the country made fun of our azaan, many called us conspiracy theorists. Many snakes called us Qadianis, kafirs and agents of CIA. Many called us wild dreamers living in fool's world. Most vicious and sinister campaign was launched against us to discredit our credibility because we were hitting the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) very hard. But alhamdolillah, we had a duty towards this Pak Sarzameen and we continued to give our azaan despite the threats, risks and slandering. All enemy plans were exposed. Nation was united and a new hope was infused to rise, stand united and to stand firm against these threats.

Alhamdolillah, today we tell you once again -- enemy is planning a huge physical war against Pak Sarzameen, against the entire Muslim world. Pakistan is the last frontier of the Ummah, the strongest fort and the center of gravity. While they prepare a war, they want us to work for elections, fight amongst ourselves on sectarian, ethnic, provincial and linguistic lines. Media is their biggest weapon.

But Alhamdolillah, we are ready now, armed, wearing our battle armor and sending a last warning to the crusaders that this time we will NOT take prisoners!

You want to know why we love and defend our army and ISI? Listen to this with your hearts and soul and join the Lashkar of Ghazwa e Hind! This is the moment in history for which Ummah has walted for centuries. Do NOT miss the caravan. The battle has begun. Do not be left behind. The shaheeds in this war are the greatest of shaheeds and the Ghazi's are the finest in the Ummah! Enemy wants to dividethe naiton and the army. Every snake in media and politics is attacking the army. Be careful and do not join the ranks of those who are on the wrong side of history! These warnings will not come to again and again. Tikme for accountability and severe retribution is close now! Allahu Akbar! We have made our choice. We are in the army of Rasul Allah (sm)! Alhamdolillah

It is the dream of the Zionist Dajjal system to enslave and control the humanity. It is the duty of the Muslim Ummah to save humanity from this evil and to bring the humanity under the peace, justice, equality and love of Rasul Allah (sm) and Khilafat e Rashida! This war between forces of Allah and forces of Shaitan will continue. Take your sides. We have chosen ours, alhamdolillah!

Allahu Akbar! Battle orders has been released by the Chief of Army staff General Kayani. Now all Pak army formaitons will not have to take permisison from HQ's to fire at and attack the enemy targets posing threats to Pak Sarzameen and Pakstani Muslims. All hostile threats will be taken out and destroyed by all front line formaitons without needing any further permisison or clearance.

Alhamdolillah, this is what we expetced from our Sipah Salar! The entire Pakistani nation is with the armed forces, shoulder to shoulder, ready to bury the crusaders deep. All US presnece in Pakistani air bases is being eliminated and InshAllah, anti-aircraft batteries would also be moved to the front line.

The orders are both Eastern and western fronts, lest Indians start their day dreaming!

In the Supreme Court also, the governent has directly gone to war with the Chief Justice and Supreme Court. All traitors are ganging together to defend Hussain Haqqani and to block NRO decision of the court. Now it is time for the SC to rise to the challnage and to uphold the justice. SC will fight the govt in the court while the army is now battle ready on eastern and western theatres.

The enemies of Pakistan are in total panic and today even the most rabid snakes in media were talking patriotic laguage as they can see the rope of hangmen around their necks now :) . The reaction from a Muslim nation has shocked and dazed the enemies, alhamdolillah. Be ready. The time has come. A physical war can start without any further notice!

Lt.Zeeshan Shaheed and Lt. Atif Qayyum Shaheed were coursemates and Platoon mates, they were best friends since childhood! Atif embraced Shahadat in Swat in Operation Rahe Nijat, then a year later, Lt. Mohammad Zeeshan embraced Shahadat on 28 June 2009,at Wucha Bibi Sector,North Waziristan Agency. ISPR has also made a Drama of Faseele Jan say Agay by the title "Ehde Wafa" on both the brave martyrs! Best friends are again together, enjoying the bounties of Allah swt! MashaAllah!

Hardly in their early 20's, these are our sons and brothers who have chosen an honourable life and a dignified death to keep this Sabz Hilali Parcham high! MashAllah, these are the finest and the most precious souls this Ummat has produced and we yearn to follow their path.

When nations become barren, they need the blood of martyrs to revive them. We gave 5 million martyrs to create this sacred land for Ummat e Rasul (sm). Now we will have again have to rise and defend its honor on the path to Takmeel e Pakistan.

War is not an easy picnic. Do not be in the illusion that it will be a walk in the park. It demands finest of men to fight and die for a noble cause. Prepare yourself spiritually, mentally, physically and morally. You are NOT prepared now! These brave sons were ready and proved their mettle when the time came! May Allah bless them alway and forever!

The time is now almost over. The system of Kufr and Dajjal will wage wars globally while their own societies and governments also collapse at home. The entire Middle East is a theatre of war and more violence will begin from this Moharram. There is great Khair in this for the believers and the Mujahideen as for them - living or dying would mean Ghazi or shaheed. All those politicians, analysts, thinkers and Ulama who are preaching you democracy, media anarchy, sectarianism, provincialism, ethnic and linguistic differences would perish and are the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm).

We will not argue nor offer any explanations or excuses. We have given our azaan. Those who made fun of it will now pay for it. Those who respected it and did tauba will be blessed, InshAllah. Listen to this Naseeha and if you have hearts and soul, abide by it.

Time for tauba is still there but the window is closing fast. InshAllah, we will live with dignity and die with honor! We will reach the gates of Delhi and will form the USI but it will require greatest of sacrifices and sincerity to Rasul Allah (sm). May Allah have mercy upon Ummat e Rasul Allah (sm) and Pak Sarzameen

NATO and US Zionists are fully on the defensive now, alhamdolillah. After the new battle orders for the Pak army, NATO helis, drones and troops are not coming to close Pakistan border as our forces are itching to settle the scores. NATO supplies remain blocked creating a death crisis for 140,000 crusaders in Afghanistan. US has started to vacate Shamsi airbase and a team of Pakistan Air Force is making sure of that. Pakistan has refused to take part in the Bonn Conference and many military delegations and visits to US and NATO countries have been cancelled. Anti-aircraft batteries have been moved to the western border and now we wait in ambush..

The PPP regime remain treacherous and betraying, desperately trying to save Zardari and Haqqani. Gilani has taken the responsibility for the Memo and is upset over the reaction shown by the army. The case against the Memo is now in SC and pressure is building upon the regime also from Judicial axis also. InshAllah, this betrayal will bring this sick regime down.

Hindu Zionists are having dreams about attacking Pakistan from the East if things get hot on the western border. Alhamdolillah, we are ready for our eternal enemy as well.

Within the region, China, Russia and Iran have supported Pakistan aggressively. Iran has also shot down a CIA drone. This Moharram is critical for the region and the Ummah as the Zionists will unleash all their assets to threaten Muslim nations in the Middle East and in our region. InshAllah Khair.

Youth must fight the battle on the cyber world and avoid all fitnah and fasad on the streets. Protests, Jaloos, processions and showing irrational acts of anger will not harm the enemies but ourselves. Our army is there to defend the nation. Support your army and be a solid wall behind them. Most important duty is to keep the spirits and hope alive and never let the enemies and munafiqeen spread hopelessness and despondency. Media is their biggest weapon and they are using it like their missiles. Come closer to your deen and Rasul Allah (sm) and return to Allah (swt). In these times of tests, fitnah and sacrifices only your faith will pull you through. We are here to give you guidance till Allah wills, InshAllah.

Alhamdolillah, Just one NO from Pakistan has brought the mightiest countries to their knees!

There is total and complete panic in US camp now. The US is now using all the military, diplomatic and economic pressures they can put on Pakistan to bring Pakistan army to back off. But it is not happening. NATO supplies are blocked for the last 10 days now and a major fuel and supplies crisis has begun to emerge in the Afghan theatre. US is now truly desperate but cannot go to war with a very angry nuclear armed Pakistan. Even the opinion within the US army and administration is fiercely divided on how to manage this crisis. The Zardari regime is more than willing to show the soft corner to the US but the regime is afraid of the army and the wrath of the people especially in an environment when PPP leadership has been caught in the memo scandal to the limits of treason.

Pakistan’s refusal to attend the Bonn conference has reduced the US sponsored conference to just a farce. The entire endgame of US for Afghanistan is now in crisis and jeopardy. Pakistan’s approval is necessary for future US designs for Afghanistan and now the entire exercise seems futile if Pakistan does not become a guarantor of the process. Complete meltdown of US’s military, diplomatic and economic plans for the region are now visible. The attack on Pakistan’s military post is the costliest and deadliest mistake US and NATO could make and had completely misjudged the emotions and anger in the Pakistani nation and army.

The issue has created a fatal crisis for the PPP regime as well. The treacherous regime was already at war with Pakistan army over the Memo scandal and was counting upon the US for support. But the ongoing crisis had brought the US government under pressure and instead of supporting the PPP regime; the US government is more desperate to save its own troops and supplies. PPP regime is constantly sending signals to the US that it is willing to offer all the support to the US of Washington helps it against Pak army and SC investigation into the memo. The desperation of both the US government and PPP regime is palpable.

The challenge and crisis for the US is now increasing by the day when regional powers also join in to support Pakistan. China, Russia and Iran have condemned the US strike and have demanded probe and punishment to the guilty. The regional block is now forming against the US presence in Afghanistan and this is making the Washington very nervous.

Simultaneously, frictions between Iran and NATO are also increasing by the day. This is the ultimate nightmare for the US and NATO to go to war with a combined force of Pakistan and Iran who are backed by China and Russia. Attacking Iranian and Pakistani nuclear and strategic sites is already part of the US plan but the consequences and fallouts of such reckless policy would then not be in the control of US and NATO

Within Afghanistan, while NATO scales down their operations due to fuel and supplies blockade, the Afghan resistance sees this as an opportunity to increase attacks on the trapped occupation forces. The Afghan resistance, Pakistan army and Iranian armed forces can join hands in case of a NATO attack on Pakistan or Iran and that would unleash a global war if not a regional nuclear one. The stakes are too high and deadly for the US and NATO also. InshAllah Khair for Muslims and there is zillat for the Kuffar!

In all this crisis and war threats on the western borders of Pakistan, India waits as scavengers on the eastern front. Indian Cold start military doctrine was designed under the umbrella of Af-Pak military doctrine of US and NATO. AfPak was meant to wage a war upon Pakistan from Afghanistan. India had planned and coordinated their new war plans and military doctrines to roll into Pakistan once US/NATO attacks from the West. With frictions rising between Pakistan and NATO, Indians are waiting on the wings and their military presence is dangerously close to Pakistan border in active battle formations under the cover of “exercises”.

Both India and US/NATO have always combined their diplomatic and media efforts to get Pakistan declared a terrorism sponsoring state which is the ‘epicenter” of global terror and which must be dismantled. While these frictions rise on the diplomatic, military and political plains, US and India simultaneously wage the disinformation and propaganda war against Pakistan globally.

US is running out of options. Pakistan army has dozens more which can further crush and squeeze the US even to the limit of expelling it from the region. Pakistan’s one NO has almost brought the entire US foreign policy for the 21st century to a stall. US cannot fight Pakistan. It cannot risk a war with Iran as well. A war in Pakistan would mean total and complete blockade of US supplies handing over US fate into the hands of Russians – not a very comfortable proposal either.

Pakistan can now move further to block the NATO sir space and confiscate the NATO supplies as hostile enemy property. Pakistan can also announce to start talks with Afghan Taliban directly accepting the Afghan resistance as the party to the war. This single move would destroy the entire objectives and efforts of the Bonn conference. The ultimate nightmare for the US would be if Pakistan actually starts to support, equip and fund the Afghan resistance in the repeat of the 80’s when ISI had destroyed the Soviet empire in Afghanistan. There is absolutely nothing US can do to prevent these disastrous sequence of events if a nuclear armed Muslim nation decides to adopt them. US economy and military is too stretched to initiate and sustain another war against a nuclear armed state, especially when Iran, China and Russia also support Pakistan against the US and NATO.

That leaves India as the hope for the US to do the dirty job for them. US could promise the Indians air and missile support against Pakistan’s strategic assets and command and control formations and then would allow the Indian independent battle groups to invade, occupy and clear Pakistan for the US and NATO supplies and logistics. India always wanted to fight Pakistan to the last American and this arrangement suits them a lot.

In case of such a scenario, Pakistan will have to fight at both the fronts in a decentralized war which would be asymmetric and urban in nature. These are the wars of the 21st century and Pakistan has made rapid adjustments to its military doctrine to respond to these threats. The concept of smart or mini nukes is one such doctrine which is designed to destroy last armored formations of the Indian army on the roll into Pakistan.

These are unprecedented times for the Muslim world in the greater Middle East. Next few weeks could unleash many more high intensity wars. Syria is under siege now and frictions between Arabs of the Gulf and Iran are also rising over Bahrain.

US would want to use Arabs against the Iranians and Indians against Pakistan. Pakistan and Iran can join hands to pacify the Arabs and to counter balance the combined US/NATO/Indian threat axis which is rapidly building but remains manageable by Pakistan and Iran.

The time has finally come to demand a total and complete withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan. After being bullied for the last ten years and suffering a loss of over 100,000 lives and almost $50bn dollars, it is time Pakistan take control of its own destiny and fate and decide the present and future of the region. The US has lost the war and the potential to wage it any further. The moment has now arrived to the Pakistan army to seize. There is no turning back now.

But within Pakistan, the biggest national security threat is the regime of Zardari itself which is at war with the state, people, judiciary and the army at the same time. The regime is in total and complete panic now and has gone almost insane in its desperation to survive against these gathering storms and threats. Supreme Court takes cognizance of the memo. PPP regime reacts violently.

The Prime Minister is in a state of denial. He still does not see that his government is now rocking violently. If the army could ignore the corruption, mismanagement and financial scandals of the regime, the GHQ cannot ignore the memo scandal. The conspiracy which has been unearthed in this treachery is so blatant that now the military just cannot ignore it. The Supreme Court has also be insulted and rebuked by the PPP regime on this scandal and now both the SC and the army are furious. The PM is constantly trying to brush the matter as insignificant and trivial but they are not. He just does not see the carpet being rolled under his feet. The lawyers who are aligned with the CIA or the government are also blowing hot and cold over the attempts by the SC to investigate the scandal.

While the focus of the regime remains on survival and dodging the scandals, the nation continues to go to the dogs literally. This is the most corrupt regime in the history of Pakistan which has robbed, pillaged and looted as if there is no tomorrow and continues to do so even today.

The next few weeks would be decisive not just for Pak-US relations but also for this regime in Islamabad as well. The political mess is going to get murkier and outright dirty as government and opposition parties would fight it out in media and in the courts. Army would not let the government get away this time. Now the daggers are out and gloves are off. If the army does not take this betrayal to its logical conclusion, the leadership of the army would be eliminated and least would be humiliated by the cunning and treacherous regime and its cohorts who have totally sold their souls to the CIA and India. For the army, there is no margin for error now nor have they got any time to waste or delay. The time, nation, moment and the credibility is now with the SC and the army to make the decisive move.

A caretaker setup in Islamabad which can control this administrative and financial anarchy and support the nation in these difficult times is the only option left now. Army knows this as it digs deeper against threats from both eastern and western borders. But political parties of Pakistan remain naively oblivious of the threats and remain only busy in personal point scoring and self image projection literally turning the politics into a dark sinister comedy betraying the national interests and emotions.

Iqbal once said "When I say I am a Muslim, I begin to shiver, for I know what is the price to be paid when you say "There is no god except Allah"!

In the times when Ummat e Rasul (sm) is in pain and is being invaded and decimated by the Kuffar, being a Momin means sacrificing everything which is considered precious in this world for the sake of Rasul Allah (sm) and Ummat e Rasul (sm). The tests of fire and sword have to be passed and rivers of blood need to be crossed if we want to live up to the honor of our great forefathers and ancestors.

Praising and remembering the great sacrifice at Karbala by the Ahl-Beyt (RA) means nothing if we are not willing to live and die like them. Alhamdolillah, we have chosen our path on the footsteps of Khulfa e Rashideen and Ahl e Beyt to live with dignity and to die with honor!

Alhamdolillah, this Faqeer is also a Syed, from the family of Syedna Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani who was a Hasni-Hussaini Syed and from Ahl beyt e Rasul (sm). If it is a privilege to be from this sacred family, it is also a great responsibility to live up to the traditions of our great forefathers especially when it means resisting the Taghoot and Kufr against impossible odds and protecting the honor of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). When the Ummah is lost it is also the responsibility of the Ahl Beyt to guide it back to Sayyadi Rasul Allah!

We shiver with the intensity and magnitude of the responsibility as the standards set by our elders from Ahl e beyt are matchless.

We have been born in these times when the Ummah and Medina e Sani is challenged by crusaders and Zionists from east and west. Alhamdolillah, sacrificing ourselves for the sake of this Ummat is our family tradition and on this day of great sacrifice of Karbala, we pledge to live by the standards set by our great forefathers! InshAllah we will! We are proud of this tradition, alhamdolillah!

Events are moving at a dramatic pace in the region. Siberian winter has set in Russia. This winter would choke many of the routes in NATO's northern distribution network. Already NATO is under tremendous logistical pressure and a gallon of fuel is causing them 400 dollars. This is result of just 11 days of blockade! The blockade of entire season would certainly decapitate the Americans, InshaAllah.

Inside Afghanistan, Salang highway is a critical road for sustaining the NATO supplies, but it becomes useless in winter due to heavy snow falling in North. NATO remote bases use generators which are fuel hungry as well. Within weeks this will turn into a complete disaster for NATO, InshAllah.

Iran has gone on red alert expecting attack from US/NATO. Pakistan is already on high alert. If the NATO dares to attack Iran or Pakistan, the region would ignite in a massive total war against Zionist invaders. Pakistan army is still resisting the massive US/NATO pressure to open the supply lines despite the fact that the PPP regime has collapsed under presure already but dare not open the supply routes fearing the rage of the nation and the army. 140,000 crusaders now face death and decimation, alhamdolillah.

Zardari has suffered a heart attack and has been rushed to Dubai. He already has three stunts in his heart and InshAllah, Allah will give more barakah in this stroke. Hussain Haqqani has been put on the ECL and now he cannot leave the country as the army and the Supreme Court prepare to move decisivly aganst the most severe treachery against Pak Sarzameen.

The shahadat of 24 officers and men have now become a nightmare for the most powerful states of Kuffar. An entire Muslim nation has risen in arms and is now a solid wall of steel against crusaders, zionists and Kharjees. Alhamdolillah, now they will see the wrath of Ummat e Rasul (sm)!
Today, we pass through the most sensitive time in our history. Our leaders are treacherous, our media is sold out, Munafiqeen and Kharjees are waging wars within our own ranks and lines, our economy has been made bankrupt and our ideology, faith and now the land is also being threatened from all sides. But the enemies forget one critical point -- We are Ummat e Rasul (sm) and sons of Khalid, Tariq, Sallahuddin and Fateh and custodians of this Medina e Sani. We are awake now and taking charge of our destiny and fate.

Our message to the enemies is clear and loud -- By Allah, we will bury you and your dreams InshAllah. We have made our choice. We will live with dignity and when the time comes, we will die with honor. We will NOT accept humiliation or threats from you now. Enough!

We had warned you not to mess with us. You did not listen and now your 140,000 troops face certain death InshAllah and Allah has handed over their fate into the hands of a very angry, courageous and dignified nation. You started this. We will finish it for you now, InshAllah! Take our advice. Order some more body bags to take your troops back home.

Director General of Pakistan's Military operations have categorically called the attack on Pakistani post as part of a plot and to support the TTP insurgents in their war against Pakistan. Alhamdolillah, this is one of the most clear and firm indictment of the US war crimes against Pak Sarzameen and indication of the rage and anger being felt across the armed forces and the nation. New rules of engagement are being drawn which will force US to accept Pakistan's terms if they want to see a drop of oil pass through Pakistan.

Meanwhile dozens of NATO containers and oil tankers have been attacked and burnt to the ground in Baluchistan. InshAllah, Pakistani nation will continue to extract its revenge in every way, by all possible means.

Within Afghanistan, the situation is now getting desperate for the zionist occupation forces. All military operations have been put on hold and helicopters grounded. In posts, US army is forced to burn wood as fuel shortages have resulted in severe fuel rationing for emergency use only. Winters were normally difficult times for Afghan resistance as the US/NATO crusaders had better technology and mobility. Now this advantage has also been taken away from the invaders and Afghan Taliban are poised to launch their vicious winter attacks on sitting ducks of Zionists. Nearly 140,000 crusaders now face certain death if Pakistan continue to choke their supplies for just a few more weeks. Such is the desperate situation for the Zionists, alhamdolillah.

Zardari is critical. As they say with 3 stunts in his heart already, he is a breathing his last inshAllah. There is total and complete panic in the regime in Islamabad and also in the PML(N), who are fearing a military takeover or a military backed caretaker setup. Now these snales can do what they want. Allah is doing what He wills. The Pakistani nation has risen to the crisis and we reject this demon-cracy and all the instruments of Dajjal. We want a government of the patriots which would defend our honor, faith, ideology and land and offer fullu support to our army to do what they deem fit. InshAllah khair for Pak Sarzameen. Pakistan Zindabaad!

Today, the Zionist controlled banking system is collapsing in Europe and US. The future of Euro and Euro zone is now in jeopardy and PIGS states (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) are walking dead economies. This is because they dealt in fake paper currency, banking interest and Riba, fractional reserve banking and built their societies on excessive credit and debts.

The liberal secularists also tell you that Quaid e Azam wanted a secular state in Pakistan based on so called modern principles of economy and democracy and capitalism. Read the following lines which Quaid spoke at the inaugural session of State bank of Pakistan in Karachi. This was his last official speech before his death. Look at his vision, dream and ideology. This text has practically been deleted from the books and mainstream papers. This is the real Quaid they do not want you to see.

"I shall watch with keenness the work of your Research Organization in evolving banking practices compatible with Islamic ideals of social and economic life. The economic system of the West has created almost insoluble problems for humanity and to many of us it appears that only a miracle can save it from the disaster that is now facing the world. It has failed to do justice between man and man and to eradicate friction from the international field. On the contrary it was largely responsible for the two world wars in the last half century. The Western world, in spite of its advantages of mechanization and industrial efficiency is today in a worse mess than ever before in history. The adoption of Western economic theory and practice will not help us in achieving our goal of creating a happy and contented people. We must work our destiny in our own way and present to the world an economic system based on the true Islamic concept of equality of manhood and social justice. We will thereby be fulfilling our mission as Muslims and giving to humanity the message of peace which alone can save it and secure the welfare, happiness and prosperity of mankind. May the State Bank of Pakistan prosper and fulfill the high ideals which have been set as its goal"

InshAllah, this the system was want in Pakistan. A system NOT based on modern banking and paper currency but on solid foundations of real wealth and equatable distribution of it through trade not Riba.

Anyone who promises you change in politics but plans to work within the banking system and riba and does not have a vision for Islamic economic system is going to destroy the country and mislead the people.

InshAllah Khair. Change is around the corner. We can smell it, alhamdolillah.

This program was aired tonight on AAJ channel and we got the oppurtunoty to expose and blast the zionist face of Hindu facists ruling India today. This was a powerful documantry and we compliment AAJ TV for their courage to air our views in total.

While we prepare ourselves for a total war from our enemies under Af-Pak and 4th generation war, we have not forgotton our enemies on the eastern borders. Here, we just want to warn them that if Pakistan want, the entire India can go up in flames and smoke in no time, InshAllah. Why we say this? Just watch.... Hindu Brahmin zionists you will curse the day you were born!

Alhamdolillah, collapse of the Euro zone and financial backbone of NATO is now imminent. US chairman Joint chief of staff general Dempsy has said that he is “extraordinarily concerned” about Euro’s viability due to the potential of the civil unrest and the breakup of the EU.

Alhamdolillah, this is our moment now to evict US/NATO form our region. Greatest of turmoil awaits Europe on the mainland. NATO supplies remain choked. Shamsi is now vacated and all Crusaders thrown out already. The air bridge which the NATO is using over Pak skies is also going to be choked inshAllah. Pak army is on red alert with all conventional and strategic weapons deployed on both eastern and western theatres for a vicious response if US/NATO decides to play with fire. Iran and China are also closely coordinating with Pak army and monitoring the US/NATO/Indian moves. Some rude and blunt shocks await the Zionists InshAllah.

Within the country, Supreme Court is warning the army not to “violate” the constitution, basically preventing any army takeover of the collapsed and headless regime. We would like to remind the Chief Justice that the entire government, elections and voting process were illegal and brutal violation of the constitution. The application of most sick NRO which allowed these elections and the corrupt to come into the power was the most brutal violation of the constitution. The fake degrees, fake votes and violation of article 62,63 of the constitution allowed this corrupt regime to come into power. The SC own judgment on Karachi violence acknowledge that political parties are guilty of mass murders, massacres and crimes in Karachi. This entire government, its elections, its cabinet, its allies and decisions are illegal and unconstitutional.

The country is at war, surrounded with enemies from all sides. Our armed forces are on highest possible alerts with guns loaded. The country needs a leadership not protection of a corrupt and treacherous regime. If the SC cannot protect and enforce its own judgments against the regime then it must clear the way for the army to do what is necessary for the protection of the country and to restore the constitution with all its clauses including objectives resolution and articles 62,63. We reject any constitution which is applied selectively to protect the corrupt and violate the Islamic principles and cannot protect the pak Sarzameen in these times of war.

In the coming days, a war may be imposed upon Pakistan. We are firm and ready to live and die for our values, faith, ideology and land. We will not accept humiliation now. InshAllah, great khair is coming though will have to give great sacrifice for it. There is always a price for glory! Khair inshAllah.


Our analysis of the day:
The game changing and decisive events are unfolding at almost breathtaking pace in Pakistan. Pakistan army and the nation have stood up to defy and shock the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan. Within the country, the corrupt head of the PPP regime Zardari flees to Dubai for “treatment” after a “heart attack”.

Pakistan army is in charge of the country’s national security issues with the PPP government totally in panic and confusion. Pak army has taken most firm and hostile stand against the US calling the attacks “deliberate”, “part of a plot” and to support the TTP insurgents. These are the most damning allegations from the Pakistan army yet against the US forces in last 10 years of “alliance”.

So, it is not just the blockade of NATO supplies that is hurting US tremendously. They have been forced to vacate the Shamsi airbase also which they had been using under a farcical diplomatic arrangement between UAE and Pakistan. This base was not just for the operations within Pakistan but was also being used against Iran and for spying on Pakistan’s nuclear facilities through their newest “stealth” drone which could not be easily detected by Pakistani radars. While the new contract for supplies is being debated, this is an irrevocable damage done already to the entire US war plans against Pakistan and Iran. Iranians are extremely pleased indeed. Iranians suspect that the drone which they had shot down recently was most probably flown out of Shamsi. Ejection from Shamsi is a major setback indeed for the CIA.

The NATO supplies are now choking Pakistan ports and roads with thousands of containers, military vehicles and arms enough to raise many divisions of army vulnerable to attacks from the militants. This is the ultimate nightmare for the NATO. The more these supplies are on the road; the more chances are that they will end up in smoke. Attacks have already begun.

There is another fear which is now eating up the US and NATO planners. In the 90’s, Pakistan had purchased the F-16’s from the US but they were seized under the new laws which prohibited sale of these equipment to Pakistan. Despite the fact that Pakistan has already paid the price in full, these jets were not handed over to Pakistan and Pakistan was even charged for the parking fee into millions of dollars while these jets remained parked on military bases of the US. Now there are thousands of US military vehicles and equipment which is lying all across Pakistan waiting to cross into Pakistan. US have also not paid billions of dollars of Coalition Support Fund which they were supposed to pay to Pakistan for using Pakistan’s roads, ports and infrastructure. Now, Pakistan can actually seize all this military hardware and goods as payment for the arrears or if the relations hit new low, these can be seized as hostile enemy property as well. There is a real possibility that this equipment, if it survives the attacks from the militants, may actually end up in the new formations of the Pakistan army.

US is threatening to cut Pakistan aid. But US are again playing with fire here as well. Pak army can simply move in to help themselves with brand new state of the art NATO military hardware worth billions of dollars.

US know that if Pakistan army gets hostile, it would be the end of the US in Afghanistan. Their entire military and economic strategy for the 21st century now faces the risk of going up in smoke just because Pakistan army has had enough of non-sense frm the US and NATO. US and their lawmakers are now desperate to find ways and means to bring back Pakistan. Pakistan had also boycotted the Bonn conference. That had magnified the US embarrassment and had insult to the injury. There are many US lawmakers demanding aid cut. But the more pragmatic ones realize that they must remain engaged with Pakistan.

It is actually incredible that Pakistan’s just one NO has stunned the US and NATO in so many theatres. The problems and crisis for NATO does not end with Pakistan’s blockade of their supplies. The economy of NATO states is collapsing at home! Euro zone is now dismantling and it will become impossible for NATO states of justify their overseas military operations which remain open ended and without any mission objective.

So, what are the options open to US now? It is a desperate situation no doubt for the Washington and the Pentagon. US had planned a contingency strategy for such an eventuality which envisaged a massive air strike on Pakistan’s command and control systems and the elimination of the military leadership. This exact plan was known to Hussain Haqqani, the former Pakistani ambassador to US who is now facing the treason charges in Pakistan and the blowing up of this very scandal has forced Zardari to flee as well under the pretext of health.

But if US do go through with such a sinister and high risk plan, how will it bring troops on ground to secure a nuclear armed state? US cannot control Afghanistan, let alone a Muslim martial nation of 170 million which has around 7 million armed men within tribals and local militias to support the Pakistan army, which is also nuclear armed and allied with China and Iran. US plan was to bomb Pakistan and then land its forces on Gawader to try to cut a land route to Afghanistan. If US want its own terms, it will have to embark on this most dangerous adventure which has all the possibility of getting out of hand into a regional war.

That is where the Indian Cold start military doctrine comes in. The US Af-Pak doctrine was designed to work in tandem with Indian Cold Start strategy. The air blitz was to come from US/NATO. Ground forces would move in from India to “secure” Pakistan while the US would land and cut a corridor to Afghanistan from Gawader.

But the entire strength of this sinister high risk plan was the secrecy. Now the cover is blown, Pakistan army is ready, deployed and armed. Strategic assets deployed and directed towards US and Indian assets. The entire US/India plan of surprise and secrecy is now up in flames.

So, now, either US succumb to demands of Pakistan and find an exit strategy and leave Afghanistan while they still can. Else, they risk a massive regional war which can even go nuclear and would surely also eliminate the entire US/NATO force in Afghanistan and the region, also drawing in Iran, India and China into the conflict.

These are the most difficult times for Obama and his administration. He had come to bring victory to the US in Afghanistan. Now he faces a humiliating defeat as in Vietnam. The US administration can hope to find a slave government in Islamabad but this is not happening now. In the absence of a docile, corrupt and incompetent regime, US is now forced to deal with a tough Pakistan army which is raging with sense if revenge after having lost tens of thousands of finest of officers and men in a war of terrorism and insurgency which was orchestrated by the CIA. The Pakistan’s military leadership is now firm and is determined to undo the mistakes of the past. Even if the military leadership in Pakistan tries to give some concessions to the US at this stage, they cannot due to sheer rage and anger in the armed forces and the nation. The entire nation now stands united behind the army and the PPP regime and the US/NATO can only watch in helplessness and the wretched Indian wait in the desert for the signal from the Pentagon which is not forthcoming.

The future of the world now depends upon “Yes” and “No” from Pakistan, literally! No one is more nervous than Obama these days, apart from Zardari of course, who is meeting the CIA in dubai trying to find out how to save his regime.

If Zardari and CIA cannot find away to “neutralize” the Pakistan army, then Zardari is not coming back to Pakistan. He has been caught along with Hussain Haqqani in the memo scandal and now this is costing him his seat.

Meanwhile, the “rumors” of a coup are red hot in Islamabad. There is no doubt that even the army is fed up of this regime. It is criminal, treacherous and has abandoned the nation in these most difficult times. Army is hoping that Supreme Court will deal will deal with them legally and the army will not have to step in. But if the SC does not deliver, army may just step in as the US/NATO war threats loom. InshAllah great khair for Pak Sarzameen.

Two more points to note:

Have you noticed that never in the history of US military, they have evacuated a garrison or a base in such short time as they have done in Shamsi. The mighty "super power" was too frozen with panic and fear to even offer a verbal or diplomatic resistance. Such matters between states could drag for weeks, months and US could say we need few months to pack up. But what forced them to flee in panic without offering any resistance?

Those Munafiqs within our ranks who want us to be afraid of US and its military are speechless now at the humiliation of their god. Alhamdolillah, US cannot offer any resistance to Pakistan now as its supplies are choked, its 140,000 troops are facing death, its air corridor could be blocked anytime and its supplies can be confiscated also. Alhamdolillah, we have never see US in such chaos and panic! The jugular of the enemy is under our dagger now, Allahu Akbar!

On the other axis, suddenly TTP is begging for a peace deal. Why ?

The TTP are the most treacherous and dreaded terrorist organization in the world today, created by RAW and protected by the CIA with bases and logistics in Afghanistan but operating against Pakistan for the last 6 years. The TTP led violence has killed and wounded almost 100,000 Pakistanis including 10,000 Pakistani officers, soldiers and para-military.

TTP has never really wanted peace. Many peace deals done with TTP were immediately broken by the terrorist group. In fact, they have only sued for peace when they were cornered, surrounded and choked, only to get a breather to re-group and re-launch.

In the last few months, Pakistan army has achieved stunning success against the terrorist outfit. They have been pushed out of their warm and cozy base areas in South and North Waziristan and have been ruthlessly beaten in almost tribal region. They were forced to enter into Afghanistan in Kunar region from where they were launching attacks into Dir, Mohmand and Bajaur regions. The Pak army post attacked by NATO was meant to cut off this entry route from Kunar region of Afghanistan. But Kunar is one of the most cold and harsh regions of Afghanistan offering little protection to the dislocated terrorists who are desperate to come back to their villages in Pakistan. The frictions between Pakistan army and US have also created a crisis for TTP as more aggressive presence of Pak army on the border has made it impossible for TTP to re-enter. The food, shelter and logistical supplies are also hampered. In a desperate bid for survival, the TTP sued for peace and the ANP government of NWFP responded. There is another sinister aspect to this process.

ANP is also a Indian asset and rules the NWFP province. TTP is also an Indian asset and is now in trouble. ANP tries to salvage TTP through these peace negotiations, betraying the nation, army and the province once again. Pakistan army will not accept these talks and we see no chance that TTP will be given any relief by the army. It would be a military blunder to give relief to TTP at such a stage when their back is almost broken and they are desperate for survival and their capacity to attacks has been so reduced.

There are divisions and in fights within the TTP also, even on the issue of talks for peace. The more desperate faction wants a way out as they are trapped inside freezing Kunar. The other faction insists upon fighting.

InshAllah, great khair is coming for Pak Sarzameen. Stand firm, united and support the armed forces. InshAllah soon we shall hear about the change in Islamabad also. Then many heads will roll and much accountability will be done, InshAllah.

Alhamdolillah, For the last 4 years, we have been warning the US not to mess with Pakistan and not to test our patience. "You will curse the day you were born", we had clearly given them notice. They called our threats as empty bluffs, ignored our warnings in their arrogance and their slaves in Pakistan made jokes and poked fun upon us calling us war monger and conspiracy theorists. We exposed the CIA war against Pak sarzameen in our TV program "CIA threats to Pakistan" and demanded a block to NATO supplies. The slaves in media and politics said we cannot fight the US. We gave hope to our nation that US is a body with deep cancer. It cannot fight a Muslim nation with nuclear weapons and we must choke their supplies.

Alhamdolillah, kept giving azaan and waited with patience for them to make blunders after blunder and then finally, our nation and army erupted in rage against the Zionists.

Now It is a classic geopolitical, diplomatic and military crisis for the US and NATO which has no solution except their humiliation. Everything is becoming a disaster for the US and NATO. If they could fight us, they would never have vacated Shamsi in such humiliation and haste.

Now as far as Afghanistan and Pakistan is concerned.

1. They cannot control the war in Afghanistan. Taliban are now resurgent and on the attack.

2. Bonn Conference was a fiasco. Future plans for Afghanistan are in jeopardy.

3. Their supplies are blocked. Winters have set in forcing them to halt military operations due to fuel shortages.

4. The regime of PPP is in chaos as Zardari fleds. Now US have to deal with a tough Pak army.

5. Their bases are being vacated from Pakistan.

6. Their drone operations which were critically vital for their military operations have come to a stop.

7. They supplies are being attacked inside Pakistan.

8. There are chances of their air corridor being blocked as well.

9. Pakistan may seize their supplies already in the country.

10. Pakistan army is ready to go to war and the US has to think a million times before pushing a nuclear armed Islamic country.

11. Iran and Pakistan are both joining hands militarily. China remains active supporter and ally of Pakistan.

12. NATO nations are facing an economic collapse at home creating an unprecedented chaos in the Euro zone.

This is the moment Pakistan had been waiting for so patiently for the last 10 years. After over 100,000 Pakistanis dead and wounded and thousands of suicide bombings with over $50 bn dollars of loss, Pakistan now has a chance to pull itself out of the US war inside Afghanistan. The new rules of engagement are being drawn in the GHQ. They may demand a total and complete withdrawal of the US forces from Afghanistan, elimination of all TTP and insurgent assets and cessation of US support to these insurgents, elimination of Indian influence in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s role in forming the next broad based government in Kabul. Now Pakistan will not settle for compensation or promises of aid and trade. Matters have come too far from that point now.

The project for the new American century which had envisaged US as the global power in the 21st century is now being buried in the gorges of Afghanistan and in the plains of Pakistan. We had warned you. Now we will decide your fate and we can assure you we dont plan to take prisioners.

"Either we achieve what we live for or we die in the process." We are the sons of muslims, each one of us is Salahuddin!

"Either we achieve what we live for or we die in the process." We are the sons of muslims, each one of us is Salahuddin!

Just one NO from Pakistan has brought the mightiest countries to their knees! "Wo din door nahi jub Pakistan ke haan aur na main aqwaam e alam k faislay hon gay" InshaAllah.

Just one NO from Pakistan has brought the mightiest countries to their knees! "Wo din door nahi jub Pakistan ke haan aur na main aqwaam e alam k faislay hon gay" InshaAllah.

Men of God !

This is Zaid Hamid's earth shaking azaan against NATO and munafiq government. When the leaders and the media prepare to auction the national honor, dignity and future, a dervesh stand tall to give azaan and to complete the hujjat on the munfiqeen and kuffar!

NATO supplies must not be opened. All NATO supplies must be confiscated. This is a halal Mal e Ghaneemat for Muslims. NATO air bridge must be closed down. We do not want to be part of the Zionist war in Afghanistan. CIA, NATO and US can go to hell!

Iqbal defined a banda e momin as "there may be a thousand fears to his life, honor, family, property and wealth but his tone, language and words always fearlessly reflect the purity of purpose, sincerity of heart and needs of the time to save the honor of the ummah. This tradition has always been followed since the time began by the serene role models, sacred majestic souls who have chosen the divine path deliberately"! Alhamdolillah, we gave this azzan many years ago against impossible odd and today the worst fears of Zionists are materializing! The Pakistani nation has done what we warned then would happen, alhamdolillah! The end game for the Zionists began, InshAllah!

Alhamdolillah, to share a smile with you all :) This pic is from US base in Kabul where their fast food shop has displayed this picture after just 18 days of blockade :). In the entire Afghanistan, the NATO military operations have come to a grinding halt, their posts which do not have electricity and have to use generators are forced to use firewood and soldiers are freezing in below zero temperatures facing a slow painful and cold death!

We had warned them not to mess with Pak Sarzameen!

Those nation and leaders who do not learn from the painful and bitter lessons of history are bound to repeat those mistakes. Allah had warned us much before this tragedy about the conspiracies and traitors within our ranks but our leaders, scholars and media failed to see the enemies. Result was a painful wound to Ummat e Rasul (sm). The good Muslims of East Pakistan were hijacked by the munafiqeen and sided with Mushrikeen and Kuffar while the leaders in West Pakistan also sold the honor of Medina e Sani. If we had punished the Agartala sazish, Pakistan would not have been divided.

Today, The kuffar and munafiqeen are weaving the same web of deceptions and Allah has given us multiple warnings to learn from our mistakes and have exposed the game plan of the enemies. Today, multiple conspiracies are exposed -- Memo scandal, Af-Pak, 4GW and Cold start and the munafiq leaders are as treacherous as they were back then.

But today, millat of Pakistan has risen and is alive and fighting back to reclaim its glory and honor, alhamdolillah. But we have NOT forgotten the wound of 1971 and while we learn from our mistakes, we also swear to take revenge from the Hindu Zionists. We have not forgotten nor forgiven!

This might seem unbelievable to you but this is for real -- US army uses pampers while fighting Taliban Mujahideen and Muslims :))) and now due to the blockade by Pakistan, they have run out of their pampers !! :))). Now this is some crisis a mighty "super power" is facing, alhamdolillah! And then the slaves in our media and politics say that we should be afraid of the crusader Zionists from US/NATO !

Allahu Akbar, this is the strength of Pakistan. Our one NO has shaken the entire Kufr and we control their fate, their lives, their deaths, by the grace of Allah (swt). Say shukar and remain humble. InshAllah, we will either kick them out of our region or bury them -- with their pampers on!

This is our powerful and detailed English interview given to Mark Glenn. This is the complete podcast and Our interview starts after 45 minutes! If you want to know what is happening and what will happen under various axis of war against Pak Sarzameen, this one you cannot miss. Spread this globally to your contacts and friends and post it on all international media and news groups. Let the azaan shake them corridors of Kufr! Allahu Akbar!

Alhamdolillah wa Allahu Akbar!

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"From Indus to Oxus" book launch. Alhamdolillah, close friends, team members and volunteers gathered today to say shukar on the launch of this gift for the Ummat e Rasul (sm). To share these beautiful and ba-barkat moments with you all. InshAllah, this book will go down in generations, inspiring them to re-claim our lost glory and setting the records of history right. Alhamdolillah, shukar lillah!

"From Indus to Oxus" book launch. Alhamdolillah, close friends, team members and volunteers gathered today to say shukar on the launch of this gift for the Ummat e Rasul (sm). To share these beautiful and ba-barkat moments with you all. InshAllah, this book will go down in generations, inspiring them to re-claim our lost glory and setting the records of history right. Alhamdolillah, shukar lillah!

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Alhamdolillah, we have been giving azaan to revive our millat and warning the enemies even when the entire media, leadership and the scholars were silent or even partners in crime. Today, every word we had said have come true and threats and war has been imposed upon us.

We had warned the Americans not to mess with us. Alhamdolillah, today, their supplies remain blocked and their fate is in the hands of Pakistani nation. Our leaders remain treacherous and betraying, either selling our honor to the enemies or keeping the nation busy in sick political jalsa jaloos to divert the attention in these times of war! The entire political leadership and media has betrayed the nation.

Alhamdolillah, we stand firm, will continue to keep our Sabz Hilali parcham high and expose the enemies of all forms - internal and external!

Allahu Akbar ! US vice President now accepts defeat in Afghanistan and gives a radically game changing statement which is also backed by White House. This is the moment Pakistan must seize and declare neutrality in the Afghan conflict and start peace talks with Afghan Taliban.

Our policy statement on AAJ News broadcasted just now at 2 pm news. Now we control the fate and destiny of the Zionists and InshAllah, will bury them in the gorges of Afghanistan! The time has come.

Watch us at 8pm InshAllah, on ARYnews with Kashif Abbasi. The battle has begun!

The PPP regime and Zardari have now openly declared war against the army and the ISI. The battle lines are now drawn and the PPP does not want to fight the battle in the Supreme Court but on the streets and in media. The SAFMA and the Indian/American Zionist media lobby has become active to demand elimination of General Pasha and General Kayani, the two pillars of national defense, security and solidarity.

Why is this regime avoiding to come to the Supreme Court? The case has been filed by Nawaz Shareef not army. Army has only asked the SC to investigate the matter. What is wrong in this? But the PPP now attacks the SC and the army and want to destroy the army/ISI just as they have done to Railways, PIA and the entire national institutions.

The entire Pakistani nation stands with the army and the ISI and NOT with the corrupt, treacherousness regime of Zardari. This regime is the most dangerous national security risk for the nation and Pak Sarzameen. When caught red handed in Memo scandal, now they are conspiring to attack and destroy the army and ISI. Never, InshAllah. It is time for some fierce accountability of this regime and its treacherous leaders and also the media which is so funded by the RAW and the CIA. Their time is up now, InshAllah.

Alhamdolillah, we blasted the treacherous regime of Zardari and their sinister war against Pak Sarzameen, army and the ISI. The time has come to remove this cancer through a radical surgery. Supreme Court should do this duty else the anarchy would make it compulsory for the army to step in to save the nation, country and our honor.

To hell with demon-cracy which is planted by the Zionists and is designed to break Pakistan! We stand with Pak army and ISI and encourage them to stand firm against CIA/NATO and PPP criminals. They have started this war. We shall finish it for them InshAllah!

Read about the sinister conspiracy of SAFMA and CIA to attack and discredit ISI and Pak army. These snakes are hissing again and the entire PPP/Hussain Haqqani gang of traitors is now desperate to save their masters and are willing to sell and auction the honor of the nation, Ummat, millat and Pak Sarzameen. In this report by Paknationalists, the entire game is exposed. Now we know, why the PPP government is atatcking the army and the ISI -- their snakes in media are orchestrating it.

SAFMA and Najam Sethi gang -- you will be held accountable for your treason, InshAllah! It is game over for you now. Your will be put to trial! Traitors!!

You know something? The treacherous regime of Zardari do not want to face the Memo scandal in Supreme Court. Because they are guilty and know that they will be held for treason. The Zardari regime has instead decided to attack the army and the ISI. The secretary defense has been issued with show cause notice for going to the Supreme Court.

Now the government wants to sack DG ISI and the Army Chief.

Memo must be investigated. Supreme Court must accept the investigations of the ISI. ISI is the most powerful investigation agency in the country. No other group or person can investigate over and above the ISI. When ISI has given evidence to the Supreme Court, the CJ must decide on its basis on merit. This is the only safe way to prevent a collision.

If the government sack the COAS and DG ISI while the treason case is still in the Supreme Court, then this would be an even greater act of treason by the government and we will ask the SC and the army to remove this regime at once. If the SC does not act even then, then the nation will stand with the army to fight all enemies of Pakistan -- either on the borders or in Islamabad.

The nation will NOT accept a Zardari/Asma Jahangir/Hussain Haqani/Najam Sethi ambush on Pak Sarzameen! By Allah, we will fight, resist and oust this regime and stand with our army and the ISI.

Army wants the SC to do its duty and the CJ must also act fast. Nation is in war and we want a stable government in Islamabad. Country is important not procedures. InshAllah Khair.

Alhamdolillah, today close friends and team members gathered in Lahore for the book launch of “ From Indus to Oxus". Here we share a few pictures of the gathering with you.


By Allah, we will be held responsible if we do not fulfill our promise of Takmeel e Pakistan as desired our founding fathers -- beloved Quaid, Allama Iqbal and Liaqat Ali Khan. We gave 5 million shuhada for a Pakistan which would be built on the model of Khilafate Rashida not western democracy and Riba based economic system based on paper currency.

Today, we renew our pledge. We will do Takmeel e Pakistan or die trying, InshAllah! This is our promise!

Anyone who talks about bringing Inqilab but does not base it on Ishq e Rasul (sm), Adab e Rasul (sm) and essence of Iqbal and Quaid, he is bluffing the nation. Iqbal had rejected the western democracy, Quaid wanted system of Khilafat e Rashida and that cannot come through these elections and CIA planted secular and slave politicians whose loyalties are not with Rasul Allah (sm) and whose lives have been spent in serving the system of Kufr.

We reject this system -- political, economic and judicial, which is created by the Dajjali forces and promoted by the their local slaves. We swear to live and die for the system of Khilafat e Rashida! We have chosen our path, alhamdolillah!


Listen to this in silence! If you can understand this, it will change your life, thought, vision, strategy and future policy.

It is the Zionist game to confuse and blind you from the real issues today. They want the nation to remain busy in demon-cracy, political circus, crisis of electricity, gas and power and music and dance. The real issues of the Ummah and Pakistan are radically different.

We are doing our duty, no matter what the cost, InshAllah! Today, some will make fun of what we say, some will just ignore it. But listen to this carefully - if you still refuse to wake up, then wait for decision of Allah (swt).


Our Security and Political analysis of the day:

Pakistan army is firm that it was a larger conspiracy by Indian RAW, Afghan RAMA and the CIA that led to the attack on the post. The supplies of NATO are still blocked and Pakistan has also rejected the report by the NATO on the incident. These are extremely disturbing developments for the NATO and US. Pakistan army is really angry.

Pakistan is in an extremely strong position to deal with and destroy the US plans in Afghanistan. The US army is hopelessly stuck in Afghanistan and the war has gone terribly wrong for them. All stated military and political objectives in Afghanistan have collapsed and the cost of war has broken the back of the US economy and military. US do not have boots to start another war against a nuclear armed Islamic country. Taliban are resurgent and are getting international recognition as a legitimate party of the war. The main assets of US/NATO for their war against Pakistan were the TTP which have taken severe beatings at the hands of Pak army and have been pushed into Afghanistan and dislocated from their strongholds in tribal areas.

These are the most difficult times for Obama and his administration. He had come to bring victory to the US in Afghanistan. Now he faces a humiliating defeat as in Vietnam. The US administration can hope to find a slave government in Islamabad but this is not happening now. In the absence of a docile, corrupt and incompetent regime, US is now forced to deal with a tough Pakistan army which is raging with sense of revenge after having lost tens of thousands of finest of officers and men in a war of terrorism and insurgency which was orchestrated by the CIA.

US supply lines are the biggest source of aid, logistics and supply of weapons to all terrorist and insurgent groups in the country. This fact is now an open secret. Thousands of NATO containers never reach Afghanistan but are opened and their deadly cargo distributed to terrorist and insurgents groups inside Pakistan. It is interesting to note that NATO has never complained to Pakistan for the “missing” containers.

The rapidly changing mood in Pakistan and the disaster in the battle field in Afghanistan has now forced the US to go for the unthinkable – talks with Taliban for an exit strategy. US is now desperately stuck and needs Pakistan’s support to bring Taliban for talks.

In incredible twist of policy, US is now openly acknowledging not just direct talks with Afghan Taliban but also sending signals that Taliban are not the enemy of the US!. US policy has indeed come a long way from 9/11.

This US vulnerability is another reason why US cannot treat Pakistan harshly despite the blockade of NATO supplies for almost a month now. The tone and demeanor of US is extremely docile and timid in dealing with Pakistan army. Pakistan army is now forcing the civil government to redefine its agreements, contracts and policies towards the US and Afghan war. The Zardari regime is now helpless to offer any support to the US as Pak army continues to exert more pressure for new rules of engagement.

Due to the clash between the army and the civilian government in Pakistan, the crisis for the US has now magnified in Islamabad also. Now US does not know whom to talk to for addressing the issues and challenges it faces in Pakistan and about the NATO supplies. The political government is in power but it is shaky, vulnerable and on its way out. Pakistan army is solidly dug in and is the authority which would decide the fate of the US but Pakistan army is angry and not willing to listen to or cooperate with US at the moment. These are extremely difficult times for US diplomats in Islamabad.

Within Pakistan, the crisis for the Zardari regime has now become an existential threat and there is total and complete chaos in the PPP regime. In desperation, the regime is even contemplating becoming a political “martyr” by inviting a coup by the army instead of getting impeached by the Supreme Court.

The Memo scandal is now in the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice was Zardari to respond to the statements by the army that the memo is a reality and must be investigated. The Zardari gang knows that if the issue is probed in the court, the treason charges would be proven and the regime would not just be sent packing but also treason cases would be registered against it.

The alternate option would be to provoke a Martial Law and a military take over. For that, the regime will have to provoke the army into a massive retaliation. That provocation can be sacking the army chief and the DG ISI!!. PPP now wants to kick the live bombs!

Sensing that the collapse of the regime is now close, the Supreme Court has given a date to the election commission to complete preparations for the next elections. But the task to prepare the lists is so huge that the election commission cannot complete the duty in next 2 months. Millions of votes needs to be verified and added to the lists. This cannot be done even in a year. In the last elections, almost 48 % fake votes were polled which brought this PPP regime into power. If the lists have to be reliable, the task would take at least a year. The election commission has shown its inability to complete the task within the unrealistic time frame being given by the SC.

Within the political parties, massive preparations have already begun anticipating the next elections. All major political parties as well as the religious ones are arranging huge rallies assuming that elections are just around the corner. Imran Khan is emerging as the new and the vibrant force in the political circus. All the opportunists, criminals, CIA assets and pro-US touts are now jumping ships and joining Imran Khan, hijacking the entire “revolution”.

The political turf of Pakistan is now red hot and extremely polarized on ideological, ethnic and regional lines. This is recipe for a bloody civil war if elections are held under these circumstances. The PPP regime knows that it is going down. There are chances of a military take over. Supreme Court says it will resist a military takeover. But elections cannot be held as the voters’ lists are not ready and SC knows that fake lists can cause bloodshed and civil war!

While the political battles are fought in the country as if the elections are only days away, the country’s governance, economy and management continues to go to dogs. This nation needs a government and a tough one. The legal and media wars are keeping the SC and the government busy in procedural matters while the country continues to collapse on all counts. Massive corruption is rampant breaking the back of national economy and exchequer.

If the country has to be saved from a monumental civil war and state failure, the Supreme Court and the army will have to play a decisive role. Following steps must be taken if army wants SC to enforce the justice. Else, the army will have to step in.

1. The Memo case should be decided urgently in the SC in the basis of the evidence given by the army chief and the DG ISI. No further inquiry or commission is required when ISI has given its findings. Chief Justice must not prolong the hearings and decide urgently.

2. The government would be dismissed on the evidence given by the army and the ISI.

3. Elections cannot be held; hence the SC must bring in a caretaker government with the help of army. The caretakers must come for 3 years to stabilize the country of corruption and terrorism. Till that time, all political activates in the country must freeze and the focus should be on revival of economy and security.

If the SC delays in deciding the Memo case and the government decide to remove the army chief and the DG ISI, then the army would retaliate with ferocity and then even the SC would not be able to control a Martial law. The system needs a massive and radical surgery but the SC does not seem to be working with the urgency which the time demands. The clock is ticking fast and the PPP regime is desperate to become a political martyr than judicial criminals.

The status is changing by the hour and any moment the crisis can ignite into a radical and perhaps a violent overthrow of the government.


Those who do not learn from history soon have their geography altered as well:

To all those who want elections in the country, read the following lesson from history and do tauba. Wallah, you will do khiyanat with Pakistan and Ummat e Rasul (sm) by going for elections when our enemies are sharpening their knives.

In 1970, the national political scene was violently divided on ethnic and
regional lines. The Agartala sazish was not punished earlier and then the traitors of Mukti Bahini had organized themselves for the elections. The hostile forces had created militant groups in East Pakistan and then demanded elections. The "free and fair" elections were held under army in an environment where urban war was already planned by the enemies and pygmy leaders simply sacrificed the nation for "democracy", resulting in a bloody civil war, then Indian invasion and then dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971.

Today, there is exact repeat of the 1971 scenario. The memo sazish is exposed. The urban insurgents of TTP, BLA, ANP and MQM are in place, already fighting the army in cities and in tribal areas in a 4th generation war with Indian cold start waiting on the wings. The political turf is violently divided. National governance and financial backbone has collapsed and the parties are demanding an election under army where regional, ethnic and separatists parties would take part in the elections
and would demand to go their own ways once in power and multiple insurgencies would break out in the country. The new rulers would be worse than what we have today.

Elections under these circumstances are fatal for the country. The country
needs patriotic and powerful caretaker government selected by the SC and the
army to stabilize the country for 3 years at least.

Any other option would mean a repeat of 1971... Astaghfurullah! For Allah's sake - wake up!

The "Inqilab" cannot come through Zionist controlled system of riba based economic, demon-cracy and awara media nor can be brought by those who are not connected to Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) in Ishq and adab!


Those who do not know this faqeer should listen to us once again. We will give our azaan of haq even under the shadow of swords, InshAllah!

It does not matter to us how many people are pleased with us or follow us for we only strive to please Allah (swt) and Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and do not wish to be part of this dajjali political, economic and judicial system. Those who are angry with our azaan can do what they want. Allah will do what He wills.

On the day of judgement and even in dunya, be witness that we warned you and you refused to listen and then Allah's punishment will be swift and all encompassing!

Alhamdolillah, we have spoken truth always, shaken the nation out of ignorance and fear when there was total darkness, have revived Iqbal and Ishq e Rasul (sm) and given the direction for Takmeel e Pakistan, system of Khilafate Rashida and have prepared the nation for Ghazwa e Hind and United States of Islam. Have developed security policies for defense of Pak Sarzameen and protected our armed forces and ISI against enemy propaganda.

Achieving this mission of Takmeel e Pakistan is the true inqilab and the destiny of this Ummah written in loh e mehfuz, not continuation of system of Kufr in different forms.

Anyone not on this true Inqilab would only be chasing the shadows!

The true inqilab will not be brought by people whose entire life has been spent in serving the Kufr and Dajjal in various political parties and now gang together to rob, loot and hijack the emotions of the patriotic youth under a new brand name exploiting the good name of one man. Wallah, this is another fitnah.

Iqbal said that today Allah will take duty from those who will have character of "Junaidi and ardsheri" and who will be "Nigah buland, sukhan dilnawaz and Jan pursooz", meaning he and his team will be spiritual people with divine vision and personal connection with Rasul Allah (sm).

We need Salahuddin ayubi not Mir Jaffar!

There is still Muslim blood dripping from the hands of Khursheed Kasuri and Shah Mehmuud qureshi! Only the condemned blind cannot see.

Those who talk about improving relations with India", stopping Jihad in Kashmir", stopping war against TTP kharjees who are the enemies of Rasul Allah and Medina e Sani, ", lowering of interest rates (which is haram and Allah has declared war against it) and imposing of haram income tax is definitely not bringing in system of Khilafate Rashida but continuation of Dajjal system under another brand name.

Today, Pakistan is in a state of war. There are plans to dismember Pakistan under Af-Pak, 4GW and Cold Start. The political parties are deliberately silent on this to confuse the nation about the real threats and are diverting the attention towards another elections which would be fatal for the medina e Sani.

We have given the solution also. We need a patriotic and ruthless caretaker government which should stabilize the nation and counter the war imposed upon the nation. Elections under war conditions would be suicide. Caretakers would also do ruthless accountability of the corrupt who have destroyed the country today. Without accountability and defeating the war, anyone who talks about elections is either a snake or a fool.

May Allah protect Pak Sarzameen and Muslims from the fitnah of Dajjal and Kufr. InshAllah great Khair is coming. Sabr. Allah has His own plans, alhamdolillah. We are not part of this Kufr system and would give our azann as Allah wills.


To all those who do not believe how the elections of 1970 divided Pakistan and how Indian exploited the political divide inside Pakistan to send in Mukti Bahini terrorists and then invaded Pakistan when Pak army was stuck in a brutal war, they should read this book Blood and Tears. Mujeeb wanted to break Pakistan and was caught red handed when Agartala sazish exposed. Ayub Khan wanted to hang Mujeeb but all politicians including Bhutto and Asghar Khan (who has now joined PTI) protected Mujeeb and demanded elections. Their stupidity led to breaking of Pakistan.

The result was that Mukti Bahini never allowed any other person to stand against Mujeeb's party and won total seats in East Pakistan. PPP won in West Pakistan and then Bhutto refused to accept the results. The subsequent rebellion by the traitor Mujeeb led to most horrendous atrocities against Pakistani Muslims.

Indian media and propaganda put the entire blame in Pak army for atrocities against "own people" just as today they blame Pak army for "killing their own people in FATA"! Now you understand where this propaganda came from? same repeat of old drama.

What is happening today is an identical repeat of 1971. Politicians want elections when the country is in war and TTP, MQM, ANP, BLA are the Mukti Bahini of today and Indians are waiting to enter Pakistan because these elections would be similar to 1970 ones. Another conspiracy of Memo has been unearthed. If the culprits are not punished and system not cleaned of terrorists, any elections would lead to a civil war. Wake up before it is too late.

We will resist the elections with our swords! InshAllah!


Dear children and team, you can see that the Zionist controlled media in Pakistan is desperate to block our azaan. We are hurting them really seriously, alhamdolillah.

Read the given link very seriously. We insist. Read it all.

Millions of dollars are being pumped in buying channels, anchors, producers and directors to spread lies and deceptions. We are exposing their game and conspiracies against Pak Sarzameen.

It is your duty to spread this azaan with all means possible at your disposal.

Be a soldier of Rasul Allah (sm) and Medina e Sani. You do not have to pick the gun now but to click the keyboard to spread the truth they are trying to block. Our posts and status here are cutting edge analysis and the youth must understand these games being played.

We are emotional and simple people and enemies are wicked, cunning and evil. Only the harsh truth can shake the nation out of slumber.

Share our page and message on the cyber world, blogs, sites and on your pages and be the soldier in the information war. Do not be relaxed. The Ummah is counting upon you. Don't let this flag fall. We are under attack and the media is sold out! Rise and lead the nation! Khair InshAllah.


Please post this notice on your FB's and circulate this in your contacts. This is information war and enemies are using deceptions, lies, propaganda and fake profiles to create confusions about our sacred mission and duty. Our battlefield is the cyber world and the airwaves and this is where we are counter attacking the enemies of Allah and Rasul Allah (sm). Do your duty and join the battle!

He is Captain Kaleem. MashAllah, a true symbol of courage, honor, dignity and love for Pak Sarzameen. When I met him in CMH, his legs were already amputated but he was desperate to get artificial legs so that he could go back to the front line to fight the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) and Pak Sarzameen.

He was wounded in tribal areas, fighting against the TTP terrorists who are backed by RAW/CIA to wage the 4th generation war to create a "Libya or Yugoslavia" out of our beloved Medina e Sani.

Remember this clearly, that none of the politicians who are robbing and looting the country today or waiting for their turn to plunder have their sons fighting on the front lines and giving their lives and limbs for the honor of Sabz Hilali.

We wonder if the sons of Zardari, Gilani, Qasuri, Nawaz, Musharraf and Shah Mehmud Qureshi would also join army and fight along side these brave sons? They will never because their rizq is haram and they serve Zionists only. They have sent our sons to war but keep their sons in luxury!

Also, remember this, the war waged against Pakistan by TTP is NOT because Pakistan has attacked them first as some are suggesting. It is exactly the opposite. In East Pakistan in 1971, Mukti Bahini terrorists was not created because army launched an operation against them. Mukti had been created by RAW and they launched a war against Pakistan and then the army had to move in to restore order.

This is exactly the case today. Army action in FATA is against Indian created TTP. Afghan Taliban and TTP are different groups. They are NOT one. If suicide attacks have reduced today, it is not because of peace deals. It is because NATO's supplies are blocked and due to sacrifices of brave officers like Captain Kaleem who have given everything to defeat this monstrous enemy. Anyone who cannot understand this is naive idiot.

We MUST NOT open NATO supplies. Even if they offer us "Premium" or taxes as some are suggesting. Keeping the supplies open even with a premium means that we will continue to allow NATO to use our land and air to take weapons into Afghanistan and to support the insurgents like TTP, BLA and MQM. We have to come out of this war and this means blocking total supplies and forcing exit of NATO/US from Afghanistan NOT taxing them!

InshAllah, khair is coming and it will not be through elections. Allah has His own plan and He will humiliate the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm).


That snake had said that "democracy is the best revenge". Indeed, this democracy is the best revenge these Zionists and munafiqs have imposed upon this Pak Srazameen.

The country which is floating on natural gas is now collapsing as the entire industry, transport and energy sector has been choked with artificially created crisis to implode the country from within through street anarchy, rebellions, insurgencies and economic collapse.

The PPP regime is on its way out but they want to inflict maximum damage to the state, country and the people in their "revenge of democracy". The purpose of bringing this regime was to "soften" Pakistan to such irreparable limits that the country would slide into civil war on ethnic, provincial, political, religious and linguistic lines. This is the 4th generation war for breaking the country on Yugoslavia lines.

There is no judiciary in the country. There is no governance. There is massive corruption at all levels. We see no urgency in the Supreme Court also to decide the memo scandal. If the SC delays any further, the collapse of the nation and the state would make Pakistan a failed state.

We ask the SC to decide the memo case today on the basis of the evidence given by the ISI and army. Sack this government, bring in caretakers and start ruthless accountability of the corrupt and the terrorists. There is NO OTHER option.

If the SC does not deliver, then the nation would also the army to step in and restore the state, nation and the country. We CANNOT sacrifice our Pak Sarzameen just to sustain a filthy and corrupt regime and demon-cracy. Elections would be suicidal.

All this crisis can be restored in few days and the nation brought back on track if we have a strong government. All these crisis is self created and due to lack to justice. InshAllah, great Khair is coming. These are the last hujjat on the government, SC and the traitor media. When Allah will take revenge, He will be fierce and ruthless.

Be advised. you have been warned.

Chief Justice has disappointed us big time once again. The country is in war, institutions are colliding, crisis after crisis is engulfing the nation, war is being waged against us on all axis through multiple strategies of Af-Pak, 4GW and Cold start and standoff with NATO/US continues. CJ should have decided the memo on the basis of the evidence given by the ISI and army and removed the government.

Instead, he allowed two commissions to be made. One judicial, other parliamentary to probe the issue further. Now the government has got a breathing space to rob, loot and plunder even more while the ship sinks rapidly. The SC might know the law, they have not shown the urgency and the wisdom which was required in this crisis.

Now One month has been given to the judicial commission to probe further. What if the parliamentary commission finds Zardari and Hussain Haqqani innocent and judicial commission find him guilty? then another war will begin in Supreme Court for months. What if the judicial commission comes under pressure from the government and again find the regime innocent despite strongest evidence given by ISI and army? The government will go scot free despite the open treason and the army leadership will be sacked.

Now it is army or the government. we will not support the government against the army. SC should have sided with the justice and the nation not rules and procedures.

We expected Supreme Court to give a solid decision on Karachi massacre. Chief Justice disappointed us there. We expected a solid judgement on memo on the evidence given by ISI and army. The matter has been dragged. We are truly disappointed.

It means that Allah has His own ways of changing the regime and the system. Transparency International has called the judiciary one of the most corrupt departments in the country. We never expected any khair for the system of judiciary but hoped that CJ may rise and deliever when Pak Sarzameen is under such intense threats and the regime is destroying the country ruthlessly.

This Pak Sarzameen is the imanat of Allah (swt) and Rasul Allah (sm). This demon-cracy, economic and judicial system of Dajjal is not. This system has to go -- lock stock and barrel. This is the instrument of Dajjal blocking the justice, shariat and dignity of the millat.

We ask army to defend the country by all means and by all force. We stand with our army and Allah (swt)'s karam and fazal is upon those who defend this Pak Sarzameen. That's what matter not democracy.

There are over 2800 armored vehicles, ten ton trucks, heavy military equipment and over 5000 NATO containers with ammo and supplies for the entire Pak army! We can raise at least 5 armored infantry divisions with this mal-e-ghaneemat.

There is absolutely no doubt that the entire equipment would be used against Pakistan and to wage a fatal war of annihilation under 4GW, Af-Pak and Cold-Start. It would not just be a military blunder of catastrophic proportions but literally a death warrant for the state. Pak army will never get this kind of hardware ever. why would US need thousands of armored cars into Afghanistan? By Allah, wake up. We fear that if we do not stop and seize these supplies, US and NATO would be riding the same vehicles in NWFP, Peshawar and on GT road in their attack on Pakksan under Af-Pak.

Over 200,000 containers have crossed in last 11 years with almost 20 billion dollars in unpaid taxes equal to entire Pakistan budget. We have all the legal, moral and military right to seize these NATO supplies. Today, entire Pakistan is paying the back breaking taxes because of the war NATO has imposed upon Pakistan and we let them kill us for free!!

This is where the treason lies. The CIA has been bribing the entire Musharraf government and then the PPP government to let these supplies go without taxes and duties. The foreign minister of Musharraf and Zardari are partners in this sinister crime. The media does not speak, politicians are silent. The customs, CBR, FBR, port authorities and ministries have taken billions in bribes to stay silent. Chief Justice does not take notice. We must not tax them now. It is time to block and seize their supplies and come out of this war. This is the way, not to tax them to kill us more.

Army has no option but to follow unless they over throw the government and take charge of the matter once and for all. All those who are desperate for elections are silent and would remain silent because they have sold their souls to the devil!

We are keeping note of every traitor and every munafiq and InshAllah, their time is now up. Allah will strike them from where they least expect. Just watch and wait.

InshAllah, at 8 pm on Express TV, in program To the Point. We give our azaan and fight the case against NATO and government on Memo conspiracy.

Watch how treacherous our political leaders are and how they pretend to be naive and innocent when blood literally drips from their hands.

A vulture, who lives on rotten dead haram rizq scavenging through the stink cannot even begin to feel the flight, courage, dignity and the honor of an eagle. You cannot teach ghairat to a bey-ghairat. One has to be a Banda e momin, a shaheen of Iqbal and an ummati of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) to behave like a dignified men of steel when confronted with challenges of Kufr.

These rulers are terrified to take a dignified stand against NATO.

This program was recorded about 2 weeks ago and there was strong resistance within the channel not to air it. InshAllah, it will go on air today. May Allah accept the azaan of the faqeer and bring khair for Pak Sarzameen.


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