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November 2011

We have asked the team making these T shirts to make them in full sleeves also for winters and without the outline of Iqbal but his romantic and emotional messages on front and back! Iqbal must be the hero of our children not western pop stars or footballers. If you have resources, take similar initiatives to make clothes, caps, stickers, posters, key chains etc. Do something and be part of the change. InshAllah, at the national levels, things will change for khair soon but we have to change the heroes and role models of our youth and bring them back to our ideology and identity. If you are on this page, you are part of this army doing this sacred duty. Do not expect others to praise you. Just do your duty and barakah will be from Allah alone, InshAllah!

InshAllah, these emotional, passionate and romantic memories of yesteryears will serve the Ummat e Rasul (sm) well and would shake our nation out of slumber! These are the memories of a young man who drifted into the couldron of time to experience, observe and travel in the melting pot of history! Fasten your seat belts! This is going to be a truly emotional, soul shaking ride, InshAllah!

The only political model which we accept is the model of Khilafat e Rashida. Iqbal called it spiritual democracy!! Without the spiritual dimension of deen, constitution and law, any process of elections, democracy or dictatorship would be a fitnah for this millat! Any person, no matter how sincere, cannot bring the change in this system without the strongest tarbiat of deen, spirituality, morality and wisdom! No one man can bring the change through the Dajjali system of Demon-Cracy especially when they don't have advisers who are aulia Allah! Hear this azaan clearly. Allah will NOT give you another chance! Elections will be fatal for the country. If you participate under these system of Kufr, when Islamic clauses are not applied and traitors are not excluded, you will be responsible for harming this Medina e Sani!

This is our gift to the millat on this day of sacrifice. Wallah, today we are called to sacrifice ourselves, our families, our wealth, our careers and honor for the sake of Rasul Allah (sm) and Ummat e Rasul (sm). Our beloved Pakistan is in pain for it is being attacked by the enemies from outside and betrayed by the "friends" within. The time has come to revive the sacrifices of our elders when they decided to create this Medina e Sani against all odds, passing through the sea of fire, blood and sword. Sacrificing the animals mean nothing if you are not willing to sacrifice all what you hold dear today for the sake of Rasul Allah(sm). This Medina e Sani is a trust given to you. One day, you will stand in front of Sayyadi Rasul Allah and will be asked about this sacred Imanat! DO NOT betray this trust!

Listen to this video very carefully with your eyes and ears open! The traitors and snakes in Pakistani media talk about aman ki asha with Indian zionists, telling us that Indian children, their media and society want peace with Pakistan. When we say that Indian elite, leaders and military are treacherous and have never accepted Pakistan and we must prepare for war, they call us war mongers and hate speakers. Now listen to the finest students and future leaders of India and see their hatred for Pakistan. Momin is NOT an idiot. If you still believe that Hindu Zionists can be your friend, then humiliation and defeat would be written in your destiny. Prepare for Ghazwa e Hind and not Aman Ki Aasha!

DISNA (Dr Iqbal Society of north America) is organizing a gathering of Shaheens of Iqbal at Mazar e Iqbal today on 9th november from 12pm to 5pm, to celebrate his birthday. Zaid Sahib will not be joining the program.

InshaAllah, Listen to Zaid Hamid tonight on FM Dil 102 Islamabad from 10pm to 12pm midnight . Topic - Iqbal and his vision for Pakistan.

Alhamdolillah, it was a spiritual and emotional discussion on ideology, mission, vision, duty and role of our baba Iqbal. InshAllah, we shall upload the program soonest after taking out ads and delays. Those who have missed it can hear it by tomorrow inshAllah. It is a worth hearing and sharing message which can change your life and ignite your soul if Allah wills khair for you! We have little time now. Either you will be a soldier of Rasul Allah (sm) or you will be wasted. Wake up and join the caravan!

fasten your seat belts for an emotional soul stirring journey into the mysterious world of Iqbal!!!!

This is the vision, mission and strategy of our mission Takmeel e Pakistan. Children ask us what can we do for the mission and Pakistan? This is our reply and the strategy for duty. Listen to it carefully and take advice. Allah is searching for "Banda e Momin" to give him the duty of Ummat e Rasul (sm). Each one from this millat, including you, is a soldier of Rasul Allah. Now we have told you your duty and mission. Rise and wake up the world!

معمارِ حرم، باز بہ تعمیرِ جہاں خیز

The most amazing journey continues to unfold, alhamdolillah! BY the grace of Allah (swt), the book is making steady progress. We shall soon announce the details here for purchase and availability, InshAllah. For nearly the last quarter of a century, we carried this Imanat upon our shoulders. Now we pass it upon you --- our future generations. Treasure it, respect it, learn from it and find the path of dignity, honor and courage. There is glory in the path of JIhad when done on the Sunnah of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). This is the story of a nation which rose to protect its honor and when a young man found his destiny!

Alhamdolillah, our sacred mission marches on. This is only a glimpse of what Allah (swt) blessed us to deliver this month....

It was January 1986, when I first disclosed my intentions to my parents that I wanted to join the Afghan resistance. It was a serious news for the family as my sister was diagnosed with cancer and my youngest brother is a special child needing attention. But still, my mother was the first to allow me to adopt this perilous journey. My dad was still reluctant for some time till I send him this letter. 
Here, after 25 years, we share this family treasure with the world and it is being reproduced in the book InshAllah. 

The inner battles of the soul, intense love between a father and a son and the passions which had ignited my heart have been captured powerfully in this emotional letter sent from a son to his loving albeit reluctant father. 
With love and dua

Alhamdolillah, today we were invited to speak at a tribute meeting of Nazria e Pakistan Council, in F-9 Park Islamabad auditorium. Finest thinkers, Iqbal scholars, youth and patriots gathered to speak about this mysterious man who continues to shape the destiny of the Ummah and would be the man of destiny for this millat even in centuries to come. This was our message to the youth, nation and its leaders -- listen to it with your hearts and minds for these warnings will not come to you again and again! Time is really close now InshAllah and this nation will be tested even more. Time to prepare is now.....
‎"In the distance beyond the mountains towards the West, I could see the lights, the lights of my motherland, Pakistan. A strong and desperate urge erupted within me, to return to the safety of my homeland. I have always been fanatically patriotic but truly Pakistan never seemed as beautiful as she did on that mercilessly cold, dark and fearful night. But then another realization gave me incredible strength to stay on and hold the fort. I suddenly realized that I was not just guarding my gun position but actually the last ridges of Afghanistan against the Soviet expansion towards Pakistan. If we fell on this post, Pakistan would be the next target. The war which I was fighting in the mountains and caves of Afghanistan would then be fought in the plains of Punjab and Sindh. I had already seen what the Soviets had done to Afghanistan. Over my dead body would I allow them to do this to Pakistan...Never! I felt a surge of anger and determination within. With a rush of patriotic fervor I promised myself never to let the Soviets cross the Durand line. I started to feel better. Fear began to give way to courage. Sitting alone as a night sentry on that dark, small mountain post, freezing with cold, the intensity, magnitude and phenomenal seriousness of the Afghan Jihad had hit me with full force" -- From Indus to Oxus. InshAllah coming soon!

 Sheikh Nazim is the grand Sheikh of Cyprus. He had predicted the upheaval in the Middle East even before it had started. Now he warns the Ummah about the global upheaval in Moharram. We see the signs already. The American and European countries are on the brink of economic collapse and they have no idea how to come out of this catastrophe. Syria and Middle East is also in a meltdown. In Pakistan, InshAllah, the change for khair is coming as the Zardari government is caught doing treason with the State and the biggest national scandal has now exploded which has pitched army against the regime. Hear this advice and take precautions. These are spiritual intelligence and only the wise pay heed. These are complex spiritual experiences which Sheikh is explaining and even if you do not understand them, remain respectful and do not make fun of them. These are serious times but InshAllah the change for Khair is comming!

‎ In this limited time that we have, we have chosen our path and destiny. InshAllah, we will live to achieve or die trying. In both cases, we have glory, izzat, Raza of Allah (swt) and Qurb of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). We invite you to this romantic journey. The time is now almost upon us. We have been born in these times when the Ummah awaits its Salahuddian, Khalid, Tariq, Tipu and Fateh! Each one of you is the children of these tigers. Wake up, rise and take charge of your destiny. Join this caravan of Derveshes and Fuqara and InshAllah, Allah will chose you to be His instruments to write destinies and create history! Say Labbaik !

These 2 minutes will ignite your passions into fiery emotions for our brothers and sisters in Kashmir who are facing the worst zulm the Hindu Zionists can launch on a Muslim community. By Allah, we have not forgotten the Pakistanis in Kashmir and we are coming to liberate them very soon, InshAllah. The Ghazwa e Hind will not just liberate Kashmir but also Delhi. This is the price we will extract from the Brahmin Zionists for their zulm of Muslims of Hind! By Allah, we are coming.....

"Muslims would be one for the defense of Haram, from the shores of Nile to the lands of Central Asia!" Our baba Iqbal gave a bisharat which would happen inshAllah according to the Hadees of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). The Muslims of Tunis in Africa are now demanding the "Sixth Khilafat e Rashida!" Hazrat Umer Bin Abdul Aziz is called the fifth Khalifa e Rashid. Reference to that, the Tunisian leader demanded to create an Islamic government on the pattern of Khilafat e Rashida and called it "sixth" khalifa e Rashid!! From Kashmir, Afghanistan to Africa, the demand is now only one -- we reject the system of Dajjal, its capitalist and demon-cratic systems and want the systems of Khlafat e Rashida model of governance in all walks and shades of life! This is the destiny of the Ummah, InshAllah!

‎"Nothing had prepared me for the spiritual and emotional thunderbolts I had received in Afghanistan during my first visit. Those were the most decisive moments in the 22 years of my existence. My whole perception and planning for life, career, vision, mission, passion and duty was about to be radically and permanently transformed. I had to make life altering decisions. I had seen the desperate situation in Afghanistan. 

The Soviets had reached our western borders, threatening Pakistan's existence in the immediate short term, emerging as the new unforeseen but real threat. It was obvious that before I could settle the scores with the Indians on the eastern theatre, the Soviets had to be pushed back from the western front in order to secure our strategic depth. That would mean I would have to forego my passion for a career in Pakistan army for my immediate duties of defense of Pakistan as a volunteer fighter in Afghanistan alongside the Afghan resistance. 

While the ultimate passionate objective of defense of Pakistan remained unchanged, the war theatres and my subsequent career changed radically. I opted for Afghanistan. For the next few years and perhaps even to this day, this dangerous and insanely adventurous life was to become my new career." -- From Indus to Oxus...

"Early morning the next day we were forced to leave camp even before day break and a column of about 20 men, including me dashed out towards a forward post, but we were trapped in a small ravine when a squadron of Soviet jets attacked us, diving low, firing rockets and strafing right into the column. The column consisted mostly of young Arab fighters who had not seen much action before. They panicked. The group desperately tried to take cover behind rocks and stones while the Soviet jets diving in waves released flares to prevent any SAM attacks. The roaring, whistling sound of the aircraft slicing through the wind was uncannily familiar, perhaps from the movies we had seen, and then panic and fear began to set in almost immediately. 

I stared, horrified as three fighter jets formed a line and entered into a dive straight at me, strafing with bullets whizzing past me and hitting the ravine floor kicking up clouds of dust. I was frozen in fear, almost into a trance of disbelief as the jets released their loads. The planes dived so low that I could see the helmets of the pilots when they flew past me. Luckily, bombs and rockets exploded on the hill slopes, missing the terrified young fighters in the ravine below, who lay there, hugging the ground as bullets whizzed past, miraculously missing the targets. This was my first ever experience of coming under a hostile fighter jet attack and indeed made me freeze in sheer terror". From Indus to Oxus -- coming soon InshAllah!

Today, almost 30 Jawans and 4 Major, Captains and Lieutenants of Pak army embraced shahadat or were wounded fighting for the defense of Medina e Sani in various parts of the land. From Kurram to Baluchistan, the Hindu Zionists and their local terrorist gangs have unleashed this bloody war on Pak Sarzamneen. Our sons in Pak army are dying by the dozens everyday to keep this sabz Hilali parcham high. By Allah, we are keeping count of every shaheed and wounded and every attack our enemies are making on this Pak Sarzameen and we will take revenge. 

When you do dua, do not forget these unsung heroes. Our media does not mention their names, our politicians are too busy fighting within themselves for more loot, plunder and rape of the land while the scholars have still not come out openly to support the army against firnah of Khawarij and BLA terrorists. 

It is the duty of the youth to stand by the army in this war. If our sons in army were not giving blood today, these wars would be fought on the streets of Karachi, Multan, Quetta, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar and our youth would have to abandon their studies to pick up weapons. Never speak against the army and support them against hostile propaganda. InshAllah Khair. Pakistan Zindabaad!

Nations which do not learn from history are thrown into the dustbins of it! Watch this short video and know your enemies within your ranks and waiting on the wings to destroy you, your faith, ideology and honor. Fighting the ideological and information war is as critical as fighting on the battlefields. Each one of Pakistani youth who can use the internet, cyber world and mass media is a soldier in this war. Take your battle stations and defend your faith, honor, nation and Ummah! By Allah, Ghazw e Hind is our destiny. Prepare for it now!

InshAllah, this treacherous government is now heading towards its end. They have shot themselves in the head through that memo which they wrote to the US government. That memo had promised to the US government that both General Kayani and General Pasha will be replaced by Zardari and US would be allowed to even attack the nuclear assets of Pakistan and all patriotic officers would be removed from the armed forces!! Hussein Haqqani has been caught red handed now. The question to determine is who else in the government is involved in this betrayal of the millat and what would be the Supreme Court and army will do about this most serious treachery. A full inquiry would begin now to find all the snakes! InshAllah, all the snakes will be found within the govt very soon and then crushed! They were arrogant, corrupt, treacherous and over confident that they can get away with everything. But Allah is all powerful and all wise and when He grips, He does it with fierce power and authority. The time is up for these traitors, InshAllah!

This snake is very well connected to the international Zionists and they would move heaven and earth to save him and his boss who have been caught red handed betraying the Ummat e Rasul (sm) and Medina e Sani. History will remember them as the Mir Jafar and Mir Sadeq of the time. They sold the honor, dignity, izzat and hurmat of this Pak Sarzameen and have betrayed Rasul Allah (sm). There are many like him in SAFMA, ruling parties and in the national organizations.

The fact that Zionists wanted to remove General Kayani and General Pasha clearly suggest that Pak army is now seriously resisting the sinister game of these snakes and now the time has come for some harsh accountability. According to the law or Pakistan and Law of Allah (swt), the punishment for treason and betrayal is defined clearly. Lamp posts in Islamabad will throw some light on these very soon, InshAllah!

InshaAllah at 11 p.m. tonight, on ARY News program 11th Hour with 
Waseem Badami, watch Zaid Hamid critically analyzing the memo scandal, role of Haqqani and fall outs.

We refereed to this article also in our ary program. Hussain Haqqani had planned to get the entire army leadership killed and had known that US wants to attack Pakistan and the nuclear assets. We shall upload the program also InshAllah but till then read the article and see the levels of treason this regime is doing against the Pak Sarzameen and Millat! These are snakes of the highest orders and InshAllah will be crushed like snakes and rats.

Zaid Hamid sahab - 11th Hour - Memo Scandal and Haqqani -
Sir Zaid Hamid critically analyzing the memo scandal, role of Ambassador Hussain Haqqani and its after effects on Pakistan.

Sir Zaid Hamid's candid assessment of the current critical situation in Pakistan. The present traitorous government of Pakistan cannot deliver the country that is in a state of war. The nation needs to realize this and prepare on every front. ::Team BT::

We had warned you about this war. Now even the blind can see. NATO has attacked Pakistan and 25 of our soldiers and officers have embraced shahadat in Mohmand tribal region. The Pakistani posts were blocking the entry of TTP Kharji terroirtsts from Kunar region who had made their bases inside Pakistan to attack Pakistan. By attacking this post, NATO has tried to open a passage for TTP terrorists to enter into Pakistan. The links between crusaders and Takfiri Kharjis is clear and obvious. Both are waging a war on Medina e Sani.

For now, Pakistan army has blocked NATO supplies but the government is only issuing weskest lame slavish statements. We stand with our armed forces and are proud of the shahadat of our sons. 

The time is very close now. All those who are talking about elections, democracy, parliment and jamhooriat are blind to the threats this millat is facing. They will harm and damage the nation even more if elections are held in this hostile environment. This regime must go, caretakers must come for at least 3 years and clean the country ruthlessly of corruption and insurgency and take a dignified stand against the US and NATO. Only then, we can expect to have some leadership which can take Pakistan on the path of dignity and glory. Anything else, is treason, betrayl and khiyanat of the ummat and millat.

New Islamic year of 1433 Hijri has begun with shahadat of dozens of our officers and men in defense of this sacred Medina e Sani. 

First Moharram is also the day of shahadat of one of the greatest faqeer and dervesh ruler who ever lived -- Sayyadna Umer (RA), second Khalifa-e-Rashid, whose practical system we want to establish in Pak Sarzamneen. 

This month also teaches us the wisdom of the great sacrifice of Sayyadna Hussain (RA) for the sake of Ummat e Rasul (sm). These greatest of men lived with dignity, courage and Ishq of Rasul Allah (sm) and died the honorable deaths of Shaheeds. This is our path also, InshAllah. 

We are not afraid of death nor demand apology or compensation from our enemies. We will see them in the battle field, InshAllah, and we swear to Allah to extract our revenge through our swords! By Allah, we will!

We are proud of the shahadats of our brothers and vow to follow their path for the sake of Ummat e Rasul, for the glory of Medina e Sani and deen of Allah! Allahu Akbar wa lillahi hamd!

These two officers -- Major Mujahid and Captain Usman -- died together on that post defending Pak Sarzameen! Recite fatiha for them and for 25 other soldiers who died with them, achieving the ultimate for a Momin - death of a shaheed! We are proud of our sons and swear never to let their sacrifice go waste. Captain Usman has a daughter - 3 months old !!!

Alahmdolillah, we have these sons in our armed forces who are living and dying for this sacred Medina e Sani, never asking why, never blinking an eye, so that we can live with our families in peace and comfort. Shaheeds never die. These two young officers have lived a dignified life, died a honorable death. MashAllah, Mubarak to them, Mubarak to the Ummah!

NATO has attacked our posts many times before. We are not sure if this video is of the latest attacks or from the previous attacks but it is made by an officer after a NATO strike. The latest attack couple of nights ago also left similar aftermath. Our brave men and officers are dying because this regime is so filthy and corrupt that it is nauseating. We stand with our armed forces, brave sons and brothers and fully support them to remove this regime and bury the US in Afghanistan as we did to the Soviets. Now no mercy to the US-India-PPP! InshAllah Khair. we will do what we have to InshAllah. Let the Zionists try what they can.

We see many people making naive and harsh comments against army and its leadership and exploiting the NATO attack to demand that army leadership be removed or they are traitors. Let us show you the bigger picture. CIA, India and US govt wanted to remove General Kayani and General Pasha. That is why the whole Memo scandal came to light. US even had plans to assassinate both these officers and for that a list was also prepared. See the posts below on this page on these subjects. Now when the entire treason of Haqqni network and CIA was exposed and the army leadership was taking actions against him and government, CIA came to the rescue of this government and attacked the post killing our officers and men. Now the entire media has forgotten the memo and treason of Hussain Haqqani and the pressure from the govt is released. Now the media and the nation is after the army leadership calling them incompetent, traitors and demanding that they should be removed! Now do you see the game? The US wanted to remove General Kayani and General Pasha -- either through resignation or assassination and now the naive and stupid in the nation are also demanding the same in their anger and rage!! 

For the army, this is a very difficult situation. Indians want Pakistan to go to war with US and NATO. Army cannot go to war on western front while there is a treacherous government in Islamabad and a hostile media attacking the army. The army is already in a state of war in the country against TTP, BLA and terrorists in Karachi. Now in Sindh also another army Sindh liberation army has emerged blowing up rail lines. Economy is already crashed due to this regime. To go to war means full resources of the state and media to be deployed in support of the army. Army leadership is cutting off assistance to US and NATO and is trying to take help from Supreme Court to remove the govt but SC is also not cooperating. Now what? That is why we say -- sabr and let the army do as they are doing. we are here to expose the enemy game plan and advice the nation.

By Allah we will take revenge. Just watch and support the army. InshAllah great khair is coming.

The Zionist disintegrating state of America and their poodles in Delhi and NATO should listen to this loud and clear that we Pakistanis are children of Salahuddin, Khalid, Tariq, Tipu and Fateh and are more eager to taste death in the way of Allah than you are to seek life for the sake of this world. Our tribals, youth and the nation has more than 5 million armed Muslims ready to support our armed forces and to defend this sacred land against your sinister plans. We dare you to march into Pakistan and we swear to send you back in body bags! 

Even if you bomb Pakistan, even if you assassinate our military leadership, even if you deploy Af-Pak-4thGW-Cold start in tandem against Pak Sarzameen, even if you try to make Libya or Iraq out of Pakistan -- remember this -- By Allah, we will fight and drag you to hell. You will curse the day you were born. You can start the war but then you will have no control over it. 

InshAllah, we will link up with Afghan resistance, Iran, China and bury you deep that even your name would vanish from history, InshAllah. Your economy at home is crashing and your allies in NATO are scrambling to save their Euro zone and dollar regime. You cannot wage a war seven seas away while we will fight on home ground. We buried the Soviet union. Now we will bury you and your puppies in Delh InshAllahi. You have declared the war. Now we will only respond -- with ferocity of a hurricane, InshAllah!

We will NOT forgive and will take revenge, InshAllah! This is a solemn promise of a Muslim nation. We know our government is treacheorus. We also know that our army is fiercely patriotic and is already fighting a difficult 4th generation war and developing its own responces to the external and internal threats. 

Now the patriotic youth will wage their own war -- from the cyber world to the gorges of Afghanistan, the nation will join the war against western and Hindu zionists. InshAllah, we will extract our revenge in the gorges of Afghanistan, in the valleys of Kashmir and in the red corridor of central India. We will set the battle field on fire for the crusaders of east and west. Now the wrath of a Muslim nation would be unleashed upon you. You started this... Now wait for our responce! Allahu Akbar!

War is now upon us. This is the time when men are seperated from boys. Munafiqeen are seperated from Momineen. Cowards are seperated from brave. Shameless are seperated from dignified and the honourable. We have made our choice. We will live with dignity and when the time comes, we will die with honor. This Pakistan is here to stay InshAllah. The Americans, Indians and NATO are here to be burried InshAllah.

Lets us revive our faith, our forefathers, our ideology, our romantic ideology and our love for our sacred Medina e Sani. These times have come before also. Never lose faith, never be afraid. We have been warning you for years now. Now even the blind can see that time has come for the tigers of Rasul Allah (sm) to draw their swords!

Russian missile defense talks with NATO are also collapsing and Russia has also threatened to block the northern route of NATO supplies to Afghanistan. With Pakistan route already blocked, this is throwing NATO into real panic, alhamdolillah.

Pakistani Patriots encourage Pakistan army to also seize all NATO supplies and containers in Pakistan as enemy property. Also, Pakistan must block all air routes and passages given to NATO to fly to Afghanistan. All ammunition and fuel which was used to kill Pakistani troops had passed through Pakistan at one time or another. Now, these are enemy property and must be seized or destroyed while they are in Pakistan! China, Russian, Iran, Turkey have already supported Pakistan and now we can make a regional security block to push NATO and US out of Afghanistan. 

The regime in Islamabad remains treacherous and is pretending to be firm against NATO as the national rage is touching boiling levels but the reality is that we must not forget the Memo scandal in which Hussain Haqqani had plotted to assassinate top army leadership and get Pakistan bombed! InshAllah, this regime will collapse and with it the dreams of the Zionists also! Pakistani nation has awaken and now the wrath of Allah will burn the Crusaders in the gorges of Afghanistan and in the plains of Pakistan, InshAllah!

Pakistan army is now slowly and firmly increasing the pressure on the crusaders alhamdolillah. Closing down of NATO air bridge is being considered seriously. Pakistan must also recognize Afghan Taliban as the legitimate party to the Afghan conflict and invite them for talks and opening up of a Taliban representative office in Pakistan. Turkey, being a NATO member, has recognized Afghan Taliban andhave invited them to open an office in Istanbol When our brother Turkey can do this, Pakistan has more strategic, political, religious and geographic reasons to engage Taliban in talks openly and respect their status as a party to the war. 

Boycotting Bonn conference is good. In 1988, world powers had bypassed and ignored the Afghan Mujahideen and had sold the Afghan Jihad in geneva accord. Now the same is being done in Bonn. Pakistan must not repect the mistake of 1988. Afghan Taliban must be accepted as the representatives of Afghan Pashtuns and brought in the dialogue fold. The time has come. 

NATO and US are fully on the defensive now alhamdolillah! Pakistan army must also seize NATO supplies as enemy property. It would be great to buy some NATO equipment in Pakistani Bazaars :)). They have started this war and now they do not control the rules or the dynamics, alhamdolillah!

Most of the media is the fifth column for the enemies and traitors to the state. But this news report was emotional and patriotic and represented the emotions of the Muslim nation in rage and anger. 

The most powerful weapon of the enemy is media and information warfare weapons. Have you noticed that all major channels are blocking BrassTacks as both SAFMA and Voice of America control and fund most of the media in Pakistan! Alhamdolillah, enemies are badly hurt and burnt by our azaan and is desperate to keep us silent. But alhamdolillah, our voice is reaching to the world through alternate media and shaping the security and political profile of the nation. 

InshAllah, when we start the accountability of the corrupt and the terrorists, we will also bring the treacherous elements in media to a most severe accountability and punishment. The time for this regime is close to its end. InshAllah, a new dawn is rising which will bring khair, afiat and dignity to millat of Pakistan!

Tensions are rising rapidly in the region. Britain has ordered all the Iranian diplomatic staff to leave UK within 48 hours. Iran is also taking a tough and dignified line. US and NATO have also declared a war on Pakistan and there is a great possibility that more hostilities may break out between Pakistan and western crusaders. The traitor government in Islamabad was caught red handed in the memo scandal and is now desperate to prove itself as patriotic, hence making noises in defence of Pakistan. But we know their reality. They are the treacherous snakes who have sold the honor of Medina e Sani. 

Haqqani knew of a list of 362 targets which the US had planned to strike inside Pakistan including the residences of entire army leadership in Pakistan. Now US is getting desperate as its supplies are choked and even Russia is threatening to block the northern route. 150,000 crusaders in Afghanistan are now encircled and trapped with hostile Muslim nations around them. War is a real possibility. 

US and NATO are insane animals and can resort to a violent means to try to threaten Pakistan to re-open their supply lines. They may even try to land their amphibious forces in Gawader to try to cut a land route to Afghanistan. But for that, US will have to attack Pakistan's strategic targets and try to destroy the PAF and army. Indians are waiting for such an opportunity to enter Pakistan under their cold start military doctrine. 

We ask all Pakistanis to stand firm, stand united, prepare spiritually, mentally and physically to defend your land, honor and faith. InshAllah, millions of Pakistanis will ambush the crusaders and Zionists if they dare to enter Pak Sarzameen. We are ready and by Allah, this time, we will NOT take prisoners!

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