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January 2012

Watch Zaid Hamid on Ary News, on program 11th Hour, at 11pm tonight. InshaAllah the honor of Pak Sarzameen will be defended in these times of crises and treason.

Dear children, do your duty and have faith in Allah (swt). This Pak Sarzameen is under special protection of Allah (swt) and Rasul Allah (sm). Your duty now is to spread hope, dignity, courage, Iqbal's message of Ishq e Rasul and ghairat, love for Pak Sarzameen ad Ummat e Rasul (sm). The most fierce war against Pakistan is not physical but ideological. Defend your ideology, deen and identity and spread this message to your friends, universities and community.

There are millions of patriots defending this Pak sarzameen silently. You may not know them but they are there as a solid wall, alhamdolillah. Do your duty. We have made this blog where all our programs, analysis, FB profiles, magazines and critical writeups are collected at one site. Make good use of this. This is your sword. use it well. BarakAllah Feekum. Zaid Hamid

Do not despair at what these traitors are doing to Pak Sarzameen. A divine plan is unfolding and inshAllah soon you will see the defeat of these zionists in Afghaistan, Pakistan and India. This country is under the sacred protection of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and kuffar and munafiqeen will soon have no place to run or hide, InshAllah. Let them plot and plan. Allah has His own plans and enforcing them ruthlessly. Stay firm and do not betray Pakistan else you will be destroyed! This is written....

On the day of judgement, the Ummat e Rasul (sm) will file a case against the Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhemmed Chaudrey for betraying Rasul Allah (sm) when the Imanat of Medina e Sani was was handed to him. He was given the most sacred duty of being the judge, dispense the justice and defend the honor of Ummat e Rasul against treason, zulm, conspiracies and fasad. Today, he is the most powerful man in the country. If you speak against him, he can bring down hell against you. But no law can stop us from doing dua or giving bad-dua.

Tomorrow he will be presented in the court of Allah (swt) and Rasul Allah (sm). Today, we humbly present our case to Allah (swt) and ask Allah to do justice with the Chief Justice.

All the momineen, fuqara, aulia and ummat is extremely hurt by his his decision to drag and delay the Memo case and the permission to Hussain Haqqani to escape from the country. After the strange Karachi judgement given by him, hundreds of people have died in assassinations and murders by the same political parties. Allah will ask him about that blood also which is now spilling in Karachi. But the memo involved the entire Ummat, entire millat, entire Pak Sarzameen. We shiver with the consequence of this decision of allowing the accused traitors to leave.

Oh, Allah, we hand over this government, media and judiciary to you. Our army is fighting and defending the nation but is surrounded and indecisive to take radical steps. Give them the vision, wisdom and the strength to do what must be done to protect Pak Sarzameen.

We will do our duty to Rasul Allah (sm) with courage, passion and love. InshAllah, there is always khair for Pak Sarzameen. Only the munafiqs and and traitors are being exposed. We ask all of you to stay firm and do your duty. Dont worry, no harm will come to Medina e Sani. Just the cost of dignity and freedom would now radically rise. Khair ishAllah!

Dear brothers, sisters and children,

We will not lie to you. Today, our Pak Sarzameen is being betrayed by all its leaders, opinion makers, media, judiciary and scholars. We are in a time where people of Baghdad were when Allah decided to annihilate them through Halaku Khan. A severe punishment is overdue. When Quran and Sunnah is humiliated and "wise" men pretend to be honest and argue about constitution and democracy but in reality are traitors and the nation starts to give them respect instead of hanging them, then these are the times when Allah comes in Jalal.

In Sharia, it does not matter if the ruler is civilian or military. What matters is who is protecting the honor of Ummat e Rasul (sm). This civilian government and its allies are the worst traitors to Rasul Allah (sm). The army leadership is patriotic and our young officers and men are dying daily to protect the honor of Pak sarzameen but the army is indecisive to take over due to the propaganda of the media and political parties. Those who say that military must not come should also tell us how to save the country then? Those who disagree with us should tell us how the elections of the same corrupt and treacherous parties would being khair for Pakistan especially when enemies are waiting on the East and the West to roll into Pakistan?

We are not going to argue with the idiots or the traitors those who cannot see or do not want to see the threats that an exact repeat of Agartala conspiracy is being played through Memo today. Treason, democracy, elections, civil war, invasion, dismemberment -- all the plan of 1971 is now put in place. When judges, political parties and media start to ignore the treason of such scale, then the cost of freedom turn the rivers red!

A civilian caretaker patriotic government backed by army and patriots is the only solution. No elections till the country is cleared of terrorists and corrupt. If the army does not punish the traitors now, we will have a major bloody war at hand tomorrow where millions will have to die to keep the sabz hilai parcham high. Mark these words and wake up. Time for tauba is fast running out.

“Pity the Nation,” after Khalil Gibran.

Pity the nation whose people are sheep,
and whose shepherds mislead them.

Pity the nation whose leaders are liars, whose sages are silenced,
and whose bigots haunt the airwaves.

Pity the nation that raises not its voice,
except to praise conquerors and acclaim the bully as hero
and aims to rule the world with force and by torture.

Pity the nation whose breath is money
and sleeps the sleep of the too well fed.

Pity the nation — oh, pity the people who allow their rights to erode
and their freedoms to be washed away.
My country, tears of thee, sweet land of liberty.

Allah will chose His slaves, means and methods to do what He will and has planned. Let the Kuffar try to save the system. If the present leadership does not deliever, Allah will replace them with those who will. It is not the question of martial law or demon-cracy. It is not the question of saving the system. It is time to change it radically and it seems clear that it will be done violently.

Read what Orya sahib has to say. InshAllah Khair. Do not despair nor lose hope. InshAllah, great khair is coming. Allah has His own ways of doing things and He keeps His secrets too.

Shame on the politicians, media, judges and ulama of this nation who have willingly decided to bury and ignore the treason of memo! Those who compromise on their honor, freedom and faith deserve to be invaded by the Crusaders from the West, raped by the Hindus from the East and slaughtered by the TTP kharjees from within. Memo is a reality and this government is guilty of treason. The sinister plan of memo envisaged attacking Pakistan, destroying Pak army and handing over nuclear weapons to the Zionists. If the nation still stays silent and protect the "demon-cracy", then it deserves the zillat and ruswai at the hands of Kuffar! The plan of memo still exist and now put in even higher gear, just as plan of Agartala conspiracy was put into higher gear after it was exposed.

Those who are betraying Ummate Rasul (sm) and Pak Sarzameen today must learn from the fate of Baghdad at the hands of Halaku Khan. The river Tigris ran red and then black in a single day from the blood of people and ink of books thrown into it. Over a million citizens, judges, Ulama and politicians who opted to side with the traitors were slaughtered in a day!

Unless the leadership do tauba today and we punish the traitors in Memo, we are asking for a similar fate at the hands of Crusaders, Hindu Zionists and TTP kharjees. Fear they day when the Kuffar will drag your daughters and you will only watch in helpless silence!

Pakistan army will fight to the last man and last bullet and is giving sacrifices daily but it cannot fight alone without the help of the nation. The nation and the leaders are shamelessly busy in selfish, sensual pleasures - either party to the treason or busy in looting, plunder and khayanat. Those who are silent today are the worst of them all.

We have warned you before also. This Pakistan is under the sacred protection of Allah (swt) but Pakistanis are asking for a severe punishment and now this punishment is closer than you think!

We ask army to do what is necessary to protect Pakistan. If army does not restore order now and do not punish the traitors, it will anyway have to fight a multi prong deadly war tomorrow. Today, the cost would be less to save Pakistan. Tomorrow, the rivers would run red!

InshAllah, we will do our duty and stand firm with Pak army. There is a great destiny that waits Pakistan but it is clear that a massive cleanup is now over due in Pakistan. If army does not do it, Allah will use Kuffar for it, as he did with Baghdad! This cleanup will not be done by the the Chief Justice it seems. Allah is in Jalal now.


Alhamdolillah, our memoirs From Indus to Oxus are getting extremely respectful response from the readers globally. Here we share a review by a reader:

What is the impact of a book that is written by a Mujahid who not only happens to be a brilliant orator, writer, defence and security analyst but also photographed almost all of the rare and historical pictures in the book? I am, of course, referring to the phenomenal memoirs of Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid which relate his experiences in the Afghan jihad during and after the Soviet invasion. Never have I read such a genuine tale of courage, passion and the power of belief. One is spell-bound from the beginning to the end and is tempted to finish the book in one go. Though one cannot live the vibrating life of Jihad as lived by the author, one feels as if one is experiencing the Afghan resistance first-hand. My knowledge about Afghanistan and its affairs was limited and there was naivety about it. For most of the Pakistanis as well, ‘Afghanistan’ is a word which is remote and irrelevant and they question, ‘Why Afghan Jihad?’ ‘What is its relevance for Pakistanis in the current scenario?’ These questions are answered very well and it is obvious that with time, people will regard it as the most important and relevant book on the history of the Afghan jihad and what it meant for the whole of Asia.

It is our history told by an extra-ordinary man; for it is extra-ordinary indeed to think about saving nations. This man, unlike any other ordinary man, was NOT thinking about his job or family or buying properties. He was not making a career out in the war-ravaged gorges of Afghanistan. This is exactly what gives him an edge on any other writer or analyst. This puts him in a unique place where he has a bird’s eye view of the Af-Pak region and is in a place to give excellent advice about the current geopolitical scenario to the concerned policy makers. This is not just a tale of war time; it is the blood and sweat of a Mujahid, a holy warrior, which speaks to us through this book. This is our history where a man is on a mission to fight the invaders and oppressors of his brothers in faith. The sincerity of his purpose and the intensity of his passion throughout enthral the reader. Where in the world can we find another man who was in the thick of things during Afghan jihad and also wrote about it? Add to that the special status he was bestowed by Allah where he performed the utmost important role of communication between the leadership of Afghan resistance and Pakistani government during Afghan Jihad, and you have a multi-faceted visionary.

قہاری و غفاری و قدوسی و جبروت
یہ چار عناصر ہوں تو بنتا ہے مسلمان

The narrative has a great sense of humour as well and it makes you smile despite the grave situations faced by the protagonist. While talking about the harsh conditions in the tents of Mujahideen, he says:

Heat was unbearable and mosquitoes were more hated in the camp than the Soviet jets.
[Pg 209]

In a very interesting way, the author mentions how the local villagers utilized the empty cartridge cases that were left after each air raid:

‘When we were fed up of beans and rice, we would pray for a bomber to come and later when the attack subsided, we would have our supply of fresh dairy products. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement between us and the villagers and the Soviets made sure that we continued to have our delicacies.’ [Pg 155]

One also enjoys the comical situation, albeit grave, when the author, at the end of the narrative returns from Kabul to Peshawar in a shabby Soviet-built transport plane. The character of the pilot makes you laugh out aloud.

It also has a very human touch; the mention of little treats in life like Kabuli pulao and Sheer Yakh tell us that he is a human being just like any of us. The only difference is his iron will with which he conquered his inner demons and the special protection which Providence provided him. It is indeed a noteworthy phenomenon throughout the book and confirms the view that Death itself is the biggest protector of life. The author has so many hair-breadth escapes in this adventurous and perilous life that they seem nothing short of miraculous. This book tells us that we don’t need a superman or an ironman to fight a war; a young man with passion and ability to transcend human weaknesses can do it better. A man just needs to believe in his Creator and in himself. This universal truth is beautifully explained in these lines by the author:

Courage is not the absence of fear; it is the ability to overcome that fear with grace and dignity. [Pg. 105]

Feeling fear is natural, succumbing to it is cowardice and overcoming it is courage. [Pg. 106]

The lines that I loved the most in the book are:

It’s good to die for a cause but it’s even greater to live for it.’ [Pg 73]

Another aspect of the narrative is the compassion and pain the author feels for the helpless Afghani widows and orphans and is palpable throughout the memoirs. From the article written in Pakistani newspaper to spread awareness about the deathly minefields spread all over Afghanistan to the efforts of clearing Ahmad Shah Masood’s image in Pakistan, we see him do it all. There is nothing to which his sensitive soul has not given a thought. I also feel honoured to know about brave men like Koochi Khan, Brayaley, Daud and the Russian mujahid, Abdullah Roosi, to name a few. The world would never have known about these unsung heroes if they had not been made part of history through these magnificent memoirs.

Pictures also contribute profoundly to the narrative of this splendid book and I am at a loss of words to describe this treasure trove. They add tremendously to the worth of the already poignant memoirs. The readers are rewarded with the extremely rare and significant historic pictures. Who would have known about or seen the remotest of places in Afghanistan and beyond, especially the awe-inspiring River Oxus? In particular, the view of Hazar Sumuch, a medieval Uzbek village, from mountain top was simply breath-taking.

I would definitely recommend this book to everyone, especially to those in Pakistan who are in any position to affect the world around. All over the world too, this would prove to be a treasure for the scholars of history and international affairs. Then there is the spiritual aspect to the book which I think is the most important one. In that respect, this book should be read by each and every person in the world. After all, what is more important than learning to be at peace with your God and having an irrevocable relation with Him? A man, who can teach us this, is a great man indeed. This is a book by a man with a vision backed with rock-hard experience. To ignore it would be foolhardiness of colossal proportions. This man of God reminds me of Iqbal’s verses:

حادثہ وہ جو ابھی پردہ افلاک ميں ہے
عکس اس کا مرے آئينہ ادراک ميں ہے
کيا عجب ميری نوا ہائے سحر گاہی سے
زندہ ہو جائے وہ آتش کہ تری خاک ميں ہے

[As captured in a mirror,
Are glimpses in my mind,
Of events that are folded still
In the scroll of time.

One day, the warmth of my sighs,
Like a Promethean spark,
Will inflame the fire of thy soul,
Now dormant in thy dust.]

May we all benefit from the golden words of this man who is a God-send for the Ummah. Ameen

Dear Children, elders and friends,

Let us give you some harsh factual assessment of the security, political and judicial crisis in the country. Fasten your seatbelts. This one is going to hit hard.
It seems now that the nation is going to be disappointed staggeringly by the Supreme Court once again. The Memo case of today was the biggest treason case in recent history of the country after Agartala Conspiracy of 1968, which broke Pakistan.

Instead of punishing the traitors in Agartala sazish, the political parties, courts and the media joined hands against the army to demand the release of traitor Mujeeb ur Rehman and demanded elections. The result was that army was forced to hold elections in an environment where the traitors had taken complete control. The result was a civil war and dismemberment of Pakistan.

Today, the exact repeat is taking place with the Memo scandal. The government is part of this treason. The political parties are supporting the government. Media is already sold out and attacking army and the Supreme Court is dragging the case to the point while the nation continues to slip into the chaos and anarchy. Army and ISI is being surrounded from all sides.

The judicial system of the country has effectively collapsed. In the last 10 years, the judiciary has not punished a single terrorist. But at the same time, the judiciary is attacking army for killing the terrorists in encounters or after court martial. In simple words, the Judiciary is neither punishing the terrorists nor letting the army do the job of securing Pakistan. Since the Chief Justice gave the weak decision on Karachi violence, over 450 people have died in target killings by the same political parties whom the CJ had refused to punish. Now who is responsible for the bloodshed in Karachi now? Should the army watch or do something? But the government, judiciary and the media remain silent attacking the army only.
Multiple cases have been initiated against ISI in Supreme Court and in other courts but the real cases of treason and terrorism are NOT being decided by the Supreme Court or lower courts. CJ will be answerable to Allah (swt) for this delay which is harming Pak Sarzameen and Ummat e Rasul (sm). Asghar Khan had sided with Mujeeb ur Rehman in Agartala sazish in 1968. Now the same Asghar Khan has joined hands with Imran Khan and is attacking the ISI in Supreme Court but he is silent on Memo treason by the government. Isn’t this strange that all political parties are now silent on Memo?

In these critical times, even Imran is blaming and attacking army for violence in tribal areas and does not hold the TTP/CIA/RAW responsible for violence and war against Pakistan. Imran is also not making any distinction between TTP and Afghan Taliban and giving the perception that TTP is a million strong tribal army of Pakistani Pashtuns. This is totally false and disinformation. TTP are just a few thousand terrorists supported by RAW/CIA and DO NOT represent either the Afghan Taliban or the tribals who are loyal to Pakistan. These statements of Imran are severely hurting the army and Pakistan’s war against TTP Kharjis in these most critical times.

The army is now in an extremely difficult situation. It trusted the Supreme Court to be firm on memo scandal and NRO. Instead, the cases are being dragged without decision and the government remains busy in robbing, looting and plundering the nation ruthlessly.

Now what can army do? If the army continues to wait for the SC to deliver justice, the enemies would overrun the country and damage it to the point of no return. Else, army can move in and arrest the traitors in Memo case and court martial them as the SC is not doing this. This would mean a Martial Law. Now we can either save the illegal, immoral and corrupt demon-cracy or save the country through a direct military intervention. The media and the political parties are actually at war with the nation and the SC in no mood to decide while the country burns. The traitors in Memo case rule Pakistan today and would never let justice prevail while they are in power. They are accused and must be arrested.

We do not know how the army would respond under these most dangerous circumstances. It is still waiting for the SC to decide but it will not wait forever. If the SC does not do its constitutional duty, the army must defend Pakistan by all means and ways – and ruthlessly.

InshAllah, Allah will never let these snakes harm this Pak Sarzameen. But the traitors and snakes are being exposed and their sinister games monitored by the patriots. Stay firm and stay united and do not fall for any propaganda, lies and disinformation against Pak army and ISI. Every enemy and idiot is attacking them now when we are in a desperate war. InshAllah Khair. Do not despair and do your duty. The time for sacrifice, courage and passion is now!

Rabi-ul-Awwal Mubarak! MashAllah, the month of reviving our love, adab and Ishq e Rasul has arrived. Today, the imanat given to us by Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) - our beloved Medina e Sani is in pain and need our tender loving care. If we truly love our beloved Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm), then we will live and die in His adab and Ishq, defending the faith, Ummat e Rasul and Pak Sarzameen.

What are the adaab of Ishq e Rasul (sm)? Listen to this most emotional and intense expression of adab and Ishq and learn how to live and die for Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm).

This is an original letter our beloved Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) wrote to the Christians of the Egypt, giving them full protection, izzat and honor. Our faith is what our Sayyadi has taught us -- love and respect for fellow humans and other religions especially those living under the protection of Islam and Muslims.

Our war is against Zulm and injustice only when it enslaves the humanity and does fasad in the land, against Allah (swt), Rasul Allah (sm) and people. We free people from the slavery of man and bring them under the slavery of Allah (swt).

Non-Muslims can live under the protection of Muslims and Islamic state. This is true sharia. Tolerance to other faiths is not secularism. We don't need to become secularists, liberal or western to pretend that we are tolerant towards other religions. Our faith, sunnah and Quran teaches us this.

In an Islamic state, non-Muslims are more protected than anywhere else in the world. InshAllah, when we strive to establish the system of Khilafate Rashida in Pakistan, we invite all good non-Muslims to join hands with us and be assured that their rights would be most protected.

what we have today in Pakistan is NOT sharia nor the TTP type terrorists represent Islam or Muslims. InshAllah, under the Islamic system, the non-Muslims would feel protected and honored as never before.

When I saw this picture, By Allah, tears rolled down my face. He is hardly in his early 20's, almost my own son's age, taking a quick nap in the battle field, Allah knows after how many nights of staying awake and fighting the insurgents, terrorists and the traitors to defend our beloved Sabz Hilali parcham and Medina e Sani of Ummat e Rasul (sm).

When you enjoy your lives in the luxury of your homes and in the cozy bedrooms, it is a debt upon you to at least pray for these boys who have given everything for your sake but do not expect anything from you except some respect and love. If these boys were not sacrificing their lives, comforts and families today, our honor, dignity and lives would have already been sold by the Kuffar.

A thousand Hajj can be scarified for the sake of this sleep of our little Mujahid. May Allah bless you son. I do not even know your name but that does not matter. You are our son in the Pak army and you are our honor, our pride and we love all of you. Stay blessed son. May Rasul Allah (sm) be pleased with you.

InshAllah, this azaan will shake the leadership and the nation out of its slumber. Our todays program on Waqt was a gift from Allah (swt) and a powerfull sign that our book is now shaking the corridors of power. Alhamdolillah.

Watch Zaid Hamid on Waqt News on program "Gustakhi Muaaf" at 10pm tonight, InshaAllah. An exclusive and intense discussion about Zaid Hamid's book "From Indus to Oxus".

Abdul Qadir Hasan sahib mention our sms to the media and status on the FB below on the Memo written in Spain 500 years ago by a traitor King. Alhamdolillah, our azaan reach out to the world and the patriots listen to it with respect. InshAllah, our azaan is influencing the national policies also and supporting the patriots to stand up for Pak Sarzameen and Medina e Sani, Alhamdolillah!

When the NATO supplies were blocked, the enemies and the skeptics had said that this is just a drama and the supplies would be resumed within days. We had told them that we will resist opening up of supplies and InshAllah, will hold the blockade. Alhamdolillah, supplies are still blocked!

Alhamdolillah, despite all the pressures, the blockade continues and Pak army is resisting the pressure from the US and the treacherous PPP regime. Now the government is offering bribes to army by suggesting that NLC should take $1k per container to let the supplies pass.

Just one NO from Pakistan has breaking the back of the US economy. US is now paying six times more -- almost $100mn per month extra for the blockade trying to ship supplies through Russia or through air. Their air corridor is still opened and the PPP government has not closed it.

The fight is on. army cannot fight alone without the help of the people, government and the media. But that help is not coming. Maintain the pressure on the government NOT to open the supplies but to seize them for Pakistan. Youth must write, create message chains and sms campaigns to force the government. But the fact is that this regime must be removed as there is no khair in them. SC must do its duty or they will be doing khiyanat with the millat and Rasul Allah (sm).

Dear all, InshAllah, you can now buy our Book From Indus to Oxus from following locations in Lahore. In Islamabad, Mr. Books is already keeping them in Super Market f-6. We shall soon announce for Karachi also, InshAllah. All other cities, pl contact our office directly at 0321 -- 5001370 and 051--5598046,7.

Lahore points:

1. Sang-e-Meel Publications. 25 - Lower Mall (Shahrah-e-Pakistan)
Phones: +92 42 37220100

2. BOOK CITY. Main Market, Gulberg II, Lahore, Pakistan.

3) Iqbal Book Corner
Main Market, Gulberg II, Lahore

4) Maqbool Books. Lower Ground Floor, Siddiq Trade Center, Main Boulevard, Gulberg, Lahore. Tel: 3578-1766

5) Noble Book Center. G-48, 12-L-Commercial Market D.H.A. Lahore.
Tel: 35726399, 35726499

6) English Book Center. 107-R Commercial Market Phase II Defence, Lahore
Tel: 3573-4602, 3589-6785

Jazak Allah Kaseer.

A haunting reminder from history

A "memo" was also written around 1485 when a treacherous King Abdullah of Muslim Spain wrote to the Christian powers that if he is allowed to stay in power, then he will hand over Muslim Andulusia to Christians and in return he only wanted "over seas accounts, lands and wealth".

The supreme court, people and the "media" as well as the army knew of these secret deals but they were either compromised or remain silent in national interest. The result was that this traitor King Abdullah remained in power and handed over the state of Granada, the last Muslim fortress of Islam in western Europe to Christians. The name of the Prime Minister of this traitor Muslim king was also Yusuf !!

Today, an identical "memo" has been written by another treacherous king, on same terms to hand over the last fortress of Islam to the Christian Zionist powers if he kept in power and allowed to keep over seas wealth. The national courts, media and intellectuals know about it but are either part of this trachea or staying silent because they do not want to break the constitution. The army remains confused on what to do when the entire government and courts are behaving strangely, even treacherously. Time is running out. The name of the Prime Minister today is also Yusuf!!

Children, know your enemies. this is how these SAFMA and CIA controlled Zionist media are poisoning your minds with lies, confusions, doubts and humiliation about our dignified and honorable history. Every TV program and channel where these snakes get airtime is used to confuse you about the history, ideology and faith.

That is why we say, our media is not the 4th pillar of the state but the fifth column of the enemies. It is your duty to know your faith, history and ideology and stand for it firmly else this system of Dajjal will confuse you towards hellfire.

He is blatantly lying here about General Tariq Bin Ziyad just as they lie that Quaid wanted a secular state and Iqbal had no role in creation of Pakistan.

Recognize them clearly. Their judgement day is not too far, InshAllah!. Allah can delay the punishment to complete the hujjat upon them but His punishment is indeed severe and all encompassing. May Allah's curse be upon these snakes and enemies of Rasul Allah (sm).

These seven minutes will chnage your life, Allah willing! This is your duty, your misison, your passion, your purpose of life! The Azaan has been given. The time for salat has arrived. Prepare yourself now. There will not be many more warnings.

Those who today respond to the call of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm), Imaan and Pak Sarzameen are the instruments of Allah (swt). Join the caravan. You have no choice now! May Allah be with you!

The enemies are weaving a web of lies, deceptions and plots around our beloved Pak Sarzameen whie our politicians, judiciary and the media remains treacherously ignorant, corrupt and complacent on these existential threats. This paper is written by antizionist group based in US and supports all what BrassTacks has been analysing since years. If you want to know the dirty games of the enemies, you must read and spread this brilliant work of sincere research.
The warnings have come. If the SC and the army does not act now, the cost which this nation will have to pay would be staggering. InshAllah Khair.

One year ago, On January 15th 2011, we gave this azaan to shake the corrupt leadership out of their slumber. After one year, 2012, the issues are exactly the same while the country continues to descend into chaos effectively becoming a headless state through a 4th generation war which is designed to create a "controlled collapse" of the state. The Judiciary continues to waste time and the government is the part of this war against the state.

The solution is what we had said one year ago -- removal of this regime and a caretaker techonocratic government to clean up the system. No elections else there would be a civil war and then an invasion of the country from outside.

Listen to this azaan again and see that now the only solution to this corrupt system is the sword and not the legal clauses!

It is haram to kill a Muslim or human without Haq. It is haram to steal his wealth and property. It is haram to attack the honor and izzat of a Muslim and to humiliate him in public without Haq. Our media is involved in every haram and is acting as the fifth column of the enemies to attack Pak sarzameen.

The most strongest weapon of Dajjal these days is not the suicide bomber, it is the media and the journalists. A traitor mediaperson and the sold out journalists is more dangerous and fitnagar than a suicide bomber.

We have given enough warnings to this napak and paleed media. They have made their choices to side with the Kuffar and zionists. We have made our choices to side with Rasul Allah (sm) and Ummat e Rasul (sm).

Time for some harsh accountability is now very close, InshAllah.

Well children, lets meet our dearest Pooka :). He is the Persian team member of BrassTacks and has the duty of keeping us all very happy with his very naughty "sharartain" and warm friendly "purring" :) . You will always find his hair stuck to all my clothes, sweaters and even on office table and that is the only irritating thing about him. Otherwise, he is very decent, well mannered but with great "Nakhras". Most of the time you will find him doing what the entire nation is doing these days -- sleeping :)

Keeping cats is the sunnah of Hazrat Abu Huraira and that is why he is called as such which means "the father of cats", MashAllah.

While the Supreme court takes on the cases of the NRO and the Memo on Monday and we have such harsh duties for defense of Pak sarzameen, we thought of sharing these very personal moments with you all.

Stay blessed and do dua for Pak Sarzameen also. We need all the dua we can get.

To all those friends, children and members who have received our Book From Indus to Oxus, we would request you to write your comments and reviews about the book and send it directly to me at . We shall compile the best reviews into into a document and may even include in the next edition InshAllah!.

The book has received incredible respect alhamdolillah and we want your candid expression about the impact which it leaves upon your heart, mind and soul. InshAllah, this khair will ignite many more souls. With dua. ZH

The time is now up for these traitors and munafiqs in government, political parties, media and judiciary. All those who have done khiyanat with Pakistan have now been exposed and the time for a most severe retribution is now upon them, InshAllah!

The Supreme Court must rise and support the army in eliminating the traitors, terrorists and the corrupt else it will not be forgiven by Allah (swt) for this colossal khiyanat!

Today we are warning them through our azaan. Tomorrow, Allah will punish them through our hands, InshAllah! Allah will not take non-sense now!

Alhamdolillah, Allah gives us an opportunity to give our azaan on the Russian TV. Here is what we had to say! While the Pakistani media blocks us Allah creates opportunities to carry our azaan globally.

If you can understand the following wisdom, no political snake or media anchor can ever fool you about law, constitution and wisdom of the law.

The Constitution is a man made document designed to facilitate governance. The objective of a written constitution is to protect the state not to destroy it. It gives a general guidelines to decide the rules of the government. But it is humanly impossible to write every threat, scenario and possibility which a dynamic country or nation faces during its civilizational life cycle. Britain does not have a written constitution but they follow tradition, needs of the time and requirements of national security to make new laws and do what is needed to protect their interest.

Nations which are born free always use their wise judgement to carve out new laws and policies from the established principles. In our deen also, we have "Ijtihad" and "Ijmaa" to find new responses to new challenges. The mullahs in deen always resist Ijtihad as they are close minded bigots. Similarly, the political "mullahs" always resist interpretation of Constitution which hurts their vested interests.

Today, Pakistan faces a similar crises. Constitution had never envisioned such a treacherous President and PM and political government, which have taken power illegally violating every constitutional clause and law.

Constitution says no one can come into the parliament if they violate article 62,63 of the constitution. But what to do if this regime has come gate crashing through the NRO? This entire government is illegitimate, illegal and immoral.

Constitution says the President must appoint the caretaker government. But the Constitution does not say how to appoint the caretaker if the President is the traitor writing Memo to foreign powers to destroy the country?

Constitution says caretakers must hold elections within 90 days. But the constitution does not says what to do if the country is under 4thGW and on the brink of NATO/US/Indian invasion. Elections will destroy the country but the constitution has no idea of the threats and wars imposed on the country.

Constitution says that Judiciary must decide cases of terrorism but the constitution is silent on what to do if the judiciary does not hang a single terrorist in the last 11 years despite the country being in the state of war. Chief justice does not allow the army to make military courts but himself is silent why his own constitutional courts are breaking the constitution by not doing their duty?

This is the crisis the country face today. We do not have to follow the constitution in letter in spirit if it does not have answers to the present challenges. We need Ijtihad in the constitution to respond to the present challenges. Supreme Court must not act as "constitutional Mullah" but should do a dynamic ijtihad and interpretations to respond to the threats Pakistan is facing. CJ and the SC are not defense and security analysts. They must take advice from army to interpret the Constitution in the light of threats we face today.

Army and Supreme court must restore order first before any elections, else following the constitution would destroy the country. President cannot be trusted to select caretakers. Army/Supreme court must do it else its anarchy!

To hell with demon-cracy if it brings such corrupt traitors. The whole system is illegal. We want security and defense of Pakistan and a strong patriotic government. The present Constitution does NOT have answers. In that case, SC and army must do what is right, not what is written in the man made law.

In these critical and difficult times, lets revert back to Allah (swt) and Rasul Allah (sm) and send our love and respects to our Sayyadi to revive our passion for the sacred mystical mission of creation of a Medina e Sani, for which we gave 5 million shauhuda -- Mission Tameer e Pakistan is now mission Takmeel e Pakistan!

Spend seven minutes of your time to ignite yourself with the passion, love and ishq for this sacred land and know your destiny. Everything else is just lies, fake and from the system of Kufr. Know your mission and duty! In the melting pot of chaos and anarchy, a new dawn is rising MashAllah!

US and CIA made a drone strike today after a gap of 40 days. The reality of the drone strike, the response of the government and the army and the larger Pakistan's response to the challenge. We spoke on the issue live on AAJ tv today. InshAllah Khair. Soon this regime would be sacked, InshAllah. Elections are not possible under these circumstances. The next government would either be a patriotic caretaker or Martial law. They will enforce solid policy inshAllah.

This treacherous PPP regime is now waging a full fledged war against Pakistan army and also against the Supreme Court. InshAllah, its days are numbered now. Army and Supreme Court are united now though would be taking independent positions as the Zardari regime is attacking both the army and SC separately.

Ideally, army would like to let the SC to do the killing. But if the snakes in the government try to sack the army chief and the DG ISI, then the army could respond in two ways. Either go the SC and take a stay or move the 111 Brigade first and then go to the SC. Both options are being debated but one thing is sure. Army will not take more non-sence from these snakes.

Situation is changing by the hour. But inshAllah, the endgame for these snakes have begun. There cannot be any elections under present circumstances. SC and the army will form the caretaker setup, InshAllah. Unless off course, army takes over totally and firmly to restore order, justice and peace. The country is in a state of war and in wars only one law applies -- Martial Law.

By blocking and then seizing NATO supplies, InshAllah, Pakistan can destroy the entire Af-Pak, 4GW and the Cold start in one master stroke of brilliant strategy. History has given us a moment of glory but the most treacherous government which is waging a war against its own country, against its own army and its own people. We ask Pakistan army to do what is necessary. This is our azaan which we share with our nation and allies. InshAllah, Khair.

Listen to this original voice of Quaid. This soul shaking speech has been removed from the national mainstream media and education system. This was the last speech and final will of our beloved Quaid. Share it with entire humanity.

He warned us against the Zionist banking system based on interest, modern economic system (paper currency, private banks, fractional reserve, false credit, interest) and clearly warned that humanity faces total destruction unless Islamic economic principles (real wealth, baitul maal, equitable distribution of wealth and social justice) are not implemented.

State Bank of Pakistan was not supposed to be an agent for IMF and World Bank as it is today but a research organization to build an truly Islamic economic system in the country.

Today, the entire Supreme Court, Government and the politicians are guilty of war against Rasul Allah (sm) when they deal in Bank interests and Zionist economic system which has brought so much death and destruction in the world and in the country. No One wants to eliminate the banking system or remove the paper currency or eliminate the interest. Everyone just want to play within the system in the name of Inqilab.

Listen to those words carefully and rise to build the nation. This is is your duty, your unfinished destiny. The aim and objective of Takmeel e Pakistan on the model of Khilafat e Rashida. Quaid-e-Azam and Baba Iqbal wanted this and this is our duty to Rasul Allah to make this happen.


In 1968, a conspiricity to divide Pakistan was unearthed. Ayub Khan wanted to hang the traitor Mujeeb ur Rehman who was building mukti Bahini armed militia to rebel against Pakistan with the help of Indians. Instead of punishing the traitor, the political parties demanded elections. The result was that due to the sheer military blackmailing of terrorist Mukti Bahoni, Mujeeb won the elections in East Pakistan and then rebelled against Pakistan -- this begins the East Pakistan war. Indians invaded Pakistan when Pak army was busy fighting the Mukti Bahini on the streets.

Pak army was just 50,000 troops, fighting 10,000 miles away from base, in a hostile land where urban war was waged by Mukti Bahini and Indians attacked from three sides with a force of 500,000 troops and quarter a million Mukti terrorists. East Pakistan was lost.

Today, Memo scandal has been exposed. Af-Pak, Cold Start and 4GW are waging a war against Pakistan. Army is fighting massive insurgencies backed by Indians and CIA. More Mukti Bahinis are already in the country and in the government. Instead of defending the country against internal and external threats, the politicians are again demanding elections where armed groups would dictate the results.

Those who do not learn from history are either idiots or snakes. Watch the enclosed video, circulate this and be prepared that if elections are held, you will have to pick up the gun to defend your honor. Allah does not forgive the collective mistakes of the nation.

This is our final and intense message to those whom Allah has given power, authority and status today. The decisions taken today will have the staggering impact to shape the present and the future of this millat. There is no margin of error. The existential war has begun!

Spread this message to the nation and stand united! We have completed the "Hujjat" and given our azaan. The politicians and the media has betrayed the nation. Our message must reach the CJ and the army!

InshAllah great khair is coming but will we will be tested to the extreme. Allah will separate the Momineen from the munafiqeen!


Under the 4th generation war, local insurgent and terrorist groups were armed by CIA/NATO to wage an urban war in Pakistan. TTP and BLA are declared terrorist groups. What is ironic is that the two other parties who are tasked to wage a war on Pak Sarzameen are MQM and ANP along with Zardari Gang. That is why you find them demanding more provinces on ethnic an linguistic lines to dismember Pakistan further politically. Mark our words -- they are Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadiq of today and selling our honor shamelessly.

Chief Justice acknowledged that all parties in Sindh are involved in murders, extortion and crime but he did not take any action against them.

No political party in Pakistan is talking about 4GW and Af-Pak. Either they are idiots or part of this conspiracy to break Pakistan. We raise these issues and the politicians and the media block our voice on the directives of their Zionist masters.

InshAllah, Pak army along with patriots, are counter attacking and re-claiming Pak Sarzameen. Elections with these parties participating would mean a civil war. Mark our words. We cannot afford elections now. Anyone calling for elections is either a traitor or a fool.

Dear Children and members, Pakistani media is now officially the fifth column of the enemy when it is keeping our voice blocked despite the fact that Pakistan is in a state of existential war and we are fiercely defending Pakistan, giving hope to the nation and exposing the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm). When in times of war and crisis, the media stabs the nation in the back, it loses its justification to exist.

Those who bark for the freedom of expression and Independence of media have no shame in blocking us from the media so that the nation cannot hear our voice. Every snake, Zionist, traitor, SAFMA, CIA asset and anti-army snake gets prime time coverage whole patriots and pro-Pakistan analysts are banned and blocked.

These times will not stay like this forever, InshAllah. The traitors are now exposed and InshAllah soon will be held accountable by the patriots. Till that time, it is your duty to spread this message on all forums available to you. Do you duty and be part of the solid defense wall for Pak Sarzameen. We will sort out the traitors later, InshAllah. By Allah, we will!


Our Security analysis: (for those who have eyes, ears, heart and soul and love of Medina e Sani).

Pakistan is now effectively surrounded by enemies from East, West and from within.

The NATO doctrine of Af-Pak is designed to launch a western invasion into Pakistan from Afghanistan.

The internally deployed 4GW is already keeping Pakistan army engaged in a high intensity war within its own borders and also causing the collapse of the national economy, governance and social fabric through a massively corrupt and compromised regime of PPP and a sold out media which acts as the fifth column in the information war.

The Eastern flank is covered by the Indian Cold Start which is being aggressively deployed and improved by the Indians despite the farce of the peace talks, CBM’s and negotiations.

Pakistan army is now well and truly surrounded and would need great vision, aggressive command and brilliant strategy to come out of this “triple pincer”.

But the fact remains that the threats that Pakistan face today are unprecedented and can only be compared with the stratagem which the Indians deployed in former East Pakistan in 1971 where a similar “triple Pincer” had surrounded the Pakistan army. In 1971, the two Eastern and Western “pincers” were by the Indian army themselves while the internal rebellion was through the proxy militia of Mukti Bahini.

Today, the simultaneous deployment of western Af-Pak, Indian Cold Start and the insurgent 4GW has greatly added to threats faced by Pakistan, an unprecedented threat axis which is rapidly closing the encirclement.

Pakistan army has so far been fighting the insurgency aspect of the 4thGW only, while the economic, political, diplomatic and information warfare axis of this ruthless war have not been countered due to the presence of a treacherous regime in Islamabad and an unserious Supreme Court which has no sense of urgency to assist the army in this war.

The result has been the catastrophic failure of state organs, critical infrastructure and national governance which has allowed the hostile forces to continue their solid grip on national politics, economy and media creating more deliberate crisis for the army and stabbing it in the back when it is already embroiled in a bloody high intensity conflict. Massive corruption in the government is leading towards street anarchy while the army watches helplessly and SC shows no urgency.

With an incorrigibly corrupt government, the entire pressure is now upon army to develop an urgent response strategy to these threats which are now posing an existential threat to the state and the nation.

Army has been able to counter the military aspect of the 4thGW to a great extent and is also in a commanding position to annihilate the Af-Pak doctrine also. The state of the US/NATO forces is precarious in Afghanistan and their supply lines are still blocked inside Pakistan. There are almost 3000 military vehicles, trucks, armored cars and heavy equipment stranded inside Pakistan. Also, around 5000 NATO containers full of ammunition, small arms, military equipment and other logistical supplies are in Pakistani hands now.

This equipment is enough to support at least 5 armored infantry divisions of the US/NATO forces in Afghanistan. This is just one lot of supplies which is stranded. More are in the pipeline and have been held back as supply route is still choked. US is building an invasion army in Afghanistan. Target is not within Afghan theatre but on the east – inside Pakistan.

Why would NATO/US need these threatening levels of military buildup in Afghanistan when they plan to leave by 2014 and are engaging with Taliban for talks and even offering Taliban to open offices in Qatar and are also claiming that Al-Qaeda is finished in Afghanistan? If the US plans to leave, why build armored infantry divisions in Afghanistan?

Obama is pledging to reduce the US military engagement in Afghanistan but still building an invasion army?

It is obvious that the US/NATO target is now Pakistan under the Af-Pak and the US needs to disengage from the Afghan war to focus on the Pakistani theatre for the “last push”! If the question was of killing a handful of terrorists in Pakistan, US do not need multiple armored divisions in Afghanistan.

Pakistan army is now in the most commanding position against the US/NATO and has the opportunity to destroy the entire Af-Pak doctrine without even firing a shot – by seizing the stranded NATO supplies for the military buildup required to invade Pakistan!

Pakistan army can seize the military hardware as compensation for last 11 years of free transit without taxes, death and destruction caused to Pakistan and attacks on Pakistan army by the CIA backed insurgents. In any case, US have to pay about $25 billion in unpaid taxes and damages to Pakistan which it will never pay. It is time that Pak army helps itself.

This seizure of military hardware would stop the entire war against Pakistan into its tracks as the US neither has the capacity nor the economic strength left to wage a war against a nuclear armed Pakistan which also controls the fate of the US forces in Afghanistan now. Without the required military hardware, the US army is not in a position to roll into Pakistan. The equipment is stuck in Pakistan and now the entire Af-Pak is in chaos.

If Pakistan government allows this stuck up armored infantry divisions to enter Afghanistan, we can be sure that within weeks, this equipment would be deployed against Pakistan and Pak army will find itself on the receiving end of these weapons, along with the resurgent insurgency of the TTP and the threat of Indian Cold start from the east. That would be a fatal war of annihilation completing the triple pincer against Pakistan.

Needless to say, the failure to block and seize NATO supplies and allowing the hostile forces to achieve their military buildup in Afghanistan for an invasion into Pakistan would go down in history as the most catastrophic military blunder by any country ever which would not just result in the annihilation of the Pakistan army but also the state and the nation. The stakes and the risks of such a folly cannot even be imagined.

US is desperate to get back its stuck up equipment and is willing to bend backwards in unprecedented moves to some convince Pakistan army that it was a mistake which led to the attack on the Pak army post. So far, Pak army is firm in blocking the supplies but has not yet started to seize the NATO equipment.

This US desperation is a clear sign of the panic which is now haunting the US military strategists. Pakistan can now not just destroy the Af-Pak but also the 4GW and thus neutralize the cutting edge of the Indian Cold start as well. In one master stroke, Pakistan can break the pincer encirclement which was rapidly closing the loop.

Political Front

Within Pakistan, the political parties have gone insane assuming that elections are just around the corner when in reality all the signs exist that there will be no elections in the coming months or perhaps year. The country is in a state of war, election lists are not prepared, economy has collapsed, governance meltdown has created anarchic levels of violence and the accountability of the corrupt political parties is pending. The political turf is violently divided and polarized on ethnic, regional, provincial and religious lines creating catastrophic fault lines which would be fatal for national unity and cohesion if elections are held under present chaotic environment. But still, all the political parties are assuming that it is their turn next. The regime of PPP is shaken up violently but is determined to hold on for as long as it can. It is actually farcical.

The Supreme Court has put the government in the dock as well and the regime is rebellious in mood and tone. The army is counting upon the SC to deliver the parting shot but the court does not seem to be in a hurry while the country burns. The regime wants to bring the SC and the army under its control to cover its tracks on treason and corruption. But the SC and army remain defiant. The battle lines are now well defined.

Meanwhile the regime remains busy in rampant corruption, making best use of the limited time they have. The country and the people moan in agony as the government robs as if there is no tomorrow.

The social frustration, anger and rage are now at the boiling point all across the country. Every day, there are riots, protests and arson due to collapse of entire power and energy utility services and back breaking inflation. The government remains stubborn, perhaps oblivious of the powder keg it is sitting on. The end of the regime seems very violent to us and very close, InshAllah!


وائے بر دستور جمہور فرنگ

مردہ تر شد مردہ از صور فرنگ

گرچہ دارد شیوہ ہای رنگ رنگ

من بجز عبرت نگیرم از فرنگ

ای بہ تقلیدش اسیر آزاد شو

دامن قرآن بگیر آزاد شو

اہل مغرب کے جمہوری آئین پر افسوس ہے یہ ایک ایسا صور ہے جس سے مردہ زندہ ہونے کی بجائے اور زیادہ مر جاتا ہے اگرچہ یورپ رنگ رنگ کے مختلف انداز رکھتا ہے لیکن میں انہیں دیکھہ کر صرف عبرت حاصل کرتا ہوں اے وہ شخص تو جو انگریز کی بے جا پیروی کیے جا رہا ہے اس سے نجات حاصل کر قرآن مجید کا دامن پکڑ لے اور صحیح معنوں میں آزاد ہو جا


Shame on the western democracy it is a potion of life which makes the dead even more dead instead of bringing them back to life. Though Europe has its diversities but I only learn lessons from it instead of following it blindly. Oh people who have become slaves to the European culture get rid of it and use Quran to have a free spirit and individuality


When people ask us why we oppose this democracy in Pakistan, we would advice them to read and implement Iqbal. Those who claim to follow Iqbal, can never support this system of Kufr which is so heavily penetrated by enemies and foreign powers. The real Inqilab would only come when this system is broken down through a direct intervention of the patriots and Muslims to select a team of honest, brave and dignified government, which can never come through elections where so much corruption and ideological deviation exists. 

We have chosen our path. We will rather die trying to establish the system of Khilafat e Rashida than be a part of system of Dajjal to find a short cut. The change is coming InshAllah and Allah will do what He wills despite all the efforts of Kufr. Khair InshAllah


Watch this pic taken near Peshawar.

These snakes in media and politicians say that no NATO military equipment pass through Pakistan to Afghanistan. Such shameless liars! Even now, over 2800 military vehicles, armored cars, military vehicles and artillery pieces are stuck up in Pakistan with over 5000 containers of ammunition, guns, spare parts, night vision equipment and knocked down helicopters.

We demand and support Pakistan army to seize all this military hardware which would surely be used against Pakistan if it goes to Afghanistan. Why would US need military equipment worth 5 armored infantry divisions if they plan to leave Afghanistan? why should we charge them a fee to kill our Afghan brothers and also wage a war against Pakistan?

The government and many politician are suggesting that we should let these supplies pass. That would be suicide. All these military armored divisions would be used to attack Pakistan from West while Indians would attack us from the East. Anyone who says that there is no military supplies in NATO containers or says that we should open the supplies but charge a "premium" is either stupid naive or an open traitor! Do not make a mistake about it.

The program was heavily edited. They had recorded it on December 14th but were not airing it because it exposed the NATO and the government.

Can you believe that they were fighting with this faqeer for saying that NATO supplies contain weapons? Their entire strategy was to prove that NATO supplies are harmless and do not have weapons which are used to kill Muslims and supply TTP for their war against Pakistan. They think that nation is foolish enough to believe their lies and propaganda. There are thousands of armored cars and weapon containers lying in the open and they are denying it so shamelessly. Astaghfurullah!

They also wanted to create confusion between Afghan Taliban and TTP. Also, suggesting that we should open NATO supplies and we cannot fight the Americans.

These are the battle fields of the airwaves where the enemies spread lies, disinformation, propaganda and deceptions to serve their Zionist masters.

My so dear Children,

After today's program on express with those lying and hypocritical people, many children have asked us not to come on TV with such people.

Just want to add a few points. Information warfare is a dirty business where we are confronted with the most sick, sinister and munafiq politicians, analysts, journalists and liars who are tasked to spread disinformation and propaganda against Pak Sarzameen and our ideology. The entire media is controlled and bought by these snakes in CIA/RAW and govt.

Now we have two choices.

1. Either we stay away and leave the battle field to the enemies to bark whatever lies they want and harm Pakistan as they plan.

2. Or we go on to their turf and take the war to them.

First option is safe for us personally but that puts our Pak Sarzameen into great danger.

The second option definitely carries more risks for us as we can be wounded in the process too but at least, we will hurt them harder as well and our azaan would echo across the globe and it would stir the hearts and minds of the pure souls and also expose the enemies.

Those who love Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) can see the difference clearly in the niyat and the arguments of the combatants. We must give azaan no matter what the cost.

This is our battle field. There is literally no one defending Pakistan at this level. We know these snakes very well and their venom and treason also. Now the nation would also see them when they come against us and spit their venom and lies. There is always khair in these battles for Pak Sarzameen.

The entire media has blocked our presence and they only invite us to try to attack us or to try to humiliate us as they did today. But alhamdolillah, Allah protects us always and humiliates and expose them every time.

Just do not worry. They cannot provoke us InshAllah and we are not bothered by their ghatia-pan and jahalat. It is a sacred duty for us and we will do it with dignity for the sake of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm), Ummat e Marhoom and Medina e Sani.

This is the way you all must learn also when fighting the information war. We will not withdraw nor sink to their levels but will still fight with dignity and courage on their own turf InshAllah!

With all our love and dua for you all,


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