Monday, 8 February 2016

February 8th, 2016

Absolutely brilliant :) How Gen Zia fooled US & made Pakistan's nuclear bomb !! No pol leader can pull it off today!

Watch this video of Gen Zia. DO NOT abuse him please. I am specially talking to PPP and Shia Muslims.. All abusive posts will be blocked for good.

This was the time when we played great on the global scale. We destroyed the Soviets, we made a total fool of the Americans, Built our bomb and started to destroy the Indians. We liberated the central Asia, gave freedom to Afghans and opened the path for today's great game of CPEC. Great wars come at great cost but they need even greater leadership to fight.

You may hate this man, but you must appreciate his love for Pakistan and his capability play the great war games..
We need a leader like him.. without his mistakes..:-)

Gen Zia was killed by the enemies. He died in Pak uniform, defending Pakistan. I would love to die like him...

My dear children, members,

In the last few hours, I have blocked over a 100 members for abusive language, hostile comments and slander against General Zia Shaheed. Most of the blocked members were either Shia Muslims or from the other category of liberal beyghairats who hate Zia anyways because of his desire to Islamize Pakistan.

Most of you were not born at that time or were too small to know his era. If you trust me, then trust me here also. I am praising him for a reason that he was the most feared man for the enemies of Islam and Pakistan. There was a reason why CIA, Mossad and RAW joined hands to assassinate him.

Gen Zia was NOT perfect. He made many mistakes in his sincere desire to revive the Islamic soul of the nation. Every leader in difficult times make mistakes but you have to see his intention and the damage he does to the enemy.

Gen Zia did NOT start the sectarian war in Pakistan. Iran and Saudi Arabia/Iraq/Libya/Syria did.

He was a brave man, strongly anti India and revived the Jihad in Kashmir and was on a solid plan to break India. He was a pan Islamist, highly respected in the Ummah. After Shah Faisal of Saudi Arabia, Gen Zia is till the most loved Muslim leader in the world.

There is NO doubt that he was the most strongest and best leader we had after Quaid e Azam and Liaqat Ali Khan. No one has matched his caliber in shaping the global politics and making Pakistan strong. If you blame him, it is like blaming Quaid e Azam for dying too early and leaving the job unfinished... that would be absurd..

Gen Zia was killed by the enemies. He died in Pak uniform, defending Pakistan. I would love to die like him...

You appreciate when I post things which suit your sect or political party and start to abuse shamelessly when I tell the truth which goes against your fabricated beliefs. My job is not to collect fans BUT to educate you for a reason.

read my book -- From Indus to Oxus !! It is available at Feroz sons also and from our office as well. It is in English and Urdu. This is the history of Afghan Jihad and Pakistan in the 80's, when most of you were not even born. Read, educate yourself and then form an informed opinion.

I dont have to lie to you. why should I ?? Come out of your sectarian hatred and become a Pakistani Muslim for once. We will not post to gain fans. We will post to defend Pakistan and educate you, even if it means getting abused by your own beyadab and gustakh children...

Unfortunately, Shias blame Gen Zia for starting sectarian wars in Pak. This is rubbish. Sectarian wars were started by Iran-Arab war NOT Zia

Do you know who started the sectarian wars in Pakistan ?

These wars were started by Iran and joint Arab block of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Libya & Syria.

In 1979 -- 3 major events took place which shook the world. General Zia did not create those events. He was just the ruler of Pakistan at that time..

In Afghanistan, Soviet Union invaded and came right next to Peshawar with its mighty army....

Iran revolution came and entire Shia world was set ablaze in a Shia revolution.

Saudi Arabia, Iraq and other arab countries attacked Iran and a massive 10 years Sunni-Shia war began in every part of the Muslim world... This war came into Pakistan also...

Is this the fault of General Zia that Millions of Afghan Muslims migrated to Pakistan to save themselves from brutalities of Soviets ?

Is this the fault of General Zia that he decided to stop the Soviets in Afghanistan because Soviets were arch enemies of Pakistan at that time and just 9 years ago had worked with Indians to break off East Pakistan ? Now the Soviets were on Torkham and Indians were on East and a very weak Pakistan was trapped in the middle.

Is this the fault of Gen Zia that Saudis/Iraqis attacked Iran and a sectarian war started in Muslim world ?

Is this the fault of Zia that children of Bhutto formed the first major terrorist organization of Pakistan and started to wage a bloody war inside Pakistan with the help of RAW, KGB, Khad and Iraqi/Libya/syrian govts??

Is this Zia's fault that he fully exploited the weaknesses of the Americans to make Pakistan a full nuclear power ?

Is this the fault of Zia that he exploited the US dependence upon Pakistan to start JIhad in Kashmir and supported the Khalistan movement to break India?

If you want to blame anyone for starting the sectarian wars in Pakistan, then blame Irani revolution and Saudi Salafism. Pakistan and General Zia were only trapped in this war while we fought to push Soviets back from Afghanistan and were focused on destroying India.

Only an idiot, insane sectarian rascal would say that Zia started sectarian wars in Pakistan. It is like saying Zia started the Iran-Iraq war also.... astaghfurullah..

Pakistan adopted finest foreign policy at that time -- the one which changed the world forever. It was the political governments after Zia that destroyed the entire advantage we had in Afghanistan and in India. Blame the bloody democracy for it, NOT Zia Shaheed.

Nedim Makarevic the ambassador of Bosnia in Islamabad broke the diplomatic protocol and went ahead to record a song for the APS children.

Lets change the topic a bit before I again start to beat the hell out of enemies :-) lol.
I met my dear friend Nedim Makarevic today. He is the ambassador of Bosnia in Islamabad. A fine gentleman and a kind soul. We Pakistanis feel passionately for Bosnia because of the genocide these harmless Muslims had to go through at the hands of satanic Serbs under the direct support from UN and EU. Bosnian Muslims also faced slaughters, genocides and mass murders.
It was Pak army who helped Bosnia too to fight against the serbs and the fact is well respected and appreciated by Bosnian Muslims.
So, when Peshawar massacre happened, Nedim was moved to tears.. ! He broke the diplomatic protocol and went ahead to record a song for the APS children.. Here we bring that song for you at first anniversary of the massacre.
We must appreciate this kind and noble gesture from a brother who shares our faith and our pain.
May Allah give barakah to Bosnia and to our brother for his gesture of love for Pakistan and our children.. 

Members, pl encourage the Bosnian ambassador. go to the video and watch it and post strong messages of love and thanks in the comments.

Members, pl encourage the Bosnian ambassador. go to the video and watch it and post strong messages of love and thanks in the comments. Respect your brother and his gesture of love. It is sad that only 7K views of the video so far even after a year... thats bad.. :-(

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