Friday, 12 February 2016

February 12th, 2016

It is OK for Geo & HamidMir the rascal to wage a war against Pakistan BUT NOT ok for patriots to expose their war !!

Finally, even the Interior Minister accepts that the Media is waging a massive Psychological War to spread panic and fear in the nation. We have been telling you this for years and fighting back on media and social media to counter this media axis of 5th Gen War !

The treason is not just within the media, even the govt offices are involved. PEMRA is sending notices to patriotic anchors to stop their program when we expose this enemy war. Notices have been sent to ARY against me, Dr. Danish and Dr Shahid Masood BUT Geo and Hamid Mir and all other snakes are allowed to work.

Geo and Hamid Mir can run campaigns against ISI and army and wage all sorts of information war and give time to terrorists but that is OK for Pemra. But not Zaid Hamid !!

Why ? because chairman Pemra, Absar Alam is a former pet of Geo and was placed there to help Geo take all the DTH licences. The treason runs deep...

InshAllah, khair. these terrorists are now exposed.

Now you know how important it is to fight this information war on media and social media ? This is the real battle without which no war on ground can be won.. !

My epic program on Salahuddin Ayubi with English sub titles.. ! Nations which forget history soon lose geography too

Nations which forget their history, soon lose their Geography also !!

This is what is happening to Muslims today.. Our epic program on Salahuddin Ayubi with English sub titles and Urdu voice will remind you of the history our Ummah has forgotton and today its geography is being changed..

Share this and spread it far and wide.. This is your contribution. This english sub titling has been done by a volunteer. You can take up similar projects for all our programs. There is another one who is doing Spanish sub titling on Economic Terrorism series.. May Allah give them barakah.. you can do this too..

Today, this Ummah face another crusade.. and we wait for another Salahuddin. He will come.. Allah will send him.. sabr and fight back till that time he comes..



Today, DG ISPR did a press conference and exposed all the Khawarij network which has been busted in Karachi and interior Sindh. Each one of them is from Deoband...

Today, DG ISPR did a press conference and exposed all the Khawarij network which has been busted in Karachi and interior Sindh. 97 hard core Khawarij have been caught. They were about to blow up Hyderabad jail... alhamdolillah caught in time.

They were all from

1. Lashkar e Jhangvi.
2. TTP.
3. Al-Qaeda

He also said they all operated together like one huge gang.. Every major act of war against Pakistan including attacks on ISI offices, jail breaks and mass murders had been done by this gang.

Now you tell me -- are these Shias ? Are they Ahl Sunnah Barelvis/Sufis. Are these Ahl Hadees Salafis ? Are they Deobandis ?

The details of these terrorist show that each one of them is from Deoband...Studied in madrassas run by Fazal, Samee or Mufti Naeem. Many are from Akora Khattak Madrassa of Same ul Haq. Those who are specialist in making bombs, car bombs, suicide vests and land mines - all from Akora Khattak madrassa of Samee ul Haq. And each one had spent time with Tableeghi Jamaat and traveled within the country in guise of Tableeghi Jamaat.

I have seen the profile reports of these Khawarij made by JIT's.

More arrests are being made. I am sure Intel agencies have already visited Raiwind to gather info on links of Khawarij with Jamaat. I am only informing you. Do not shoot the postman pl :))

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