Thursday, 4 February 2016

February 4th, 2016

Let me share with you another very interesting untold story :-) Finally, Geo gave up. They lost.

Let me share with you another very interesting untold story :-)

It was around mid 2008, I think. We had launched our most passionate mission Takmeel e Pakistan on media. I was touring universaties in Karachi for lecture series "Pakistan aik Ishq, aik junoon" and I was also doing my emotional, patriotic and info war series BrassTacks on NewsOne tv. Our strongest narrative was introducing the term "Hindu Zionism" and "Ghazwa e Hind" into the mainstream national debate. Nation had started to notice our azaan, people were getting emotional and their hopes were being revived in the darkest period of our history after 1971.

We had become a serious threat for RAW and their war against Pakistan. Soon, Mufti Naeem was launched for Fatwas against me that I am a Qadiani etc .. they are on record and you can google them.

But we came out of that fierce attack, alhamdolillah. Now RAW sends the honey trap ! :-)

I receive a call from Mir Ibrahim of Geo, MIR, as he is called. Dr. Shahid Masood had left Geo and his top slot was vacant. MIR invited me to Karachi. I was given a VIP reception. Stayed in Marriott and had a meeting with MIR in Geo's office in Karachi. Son of Javed Ahmed Ghamdi was also there. he worked in Geo. MIR offered me to join Geo. The package was indeed extremely lucrative. NewOne gave me 80K per month at that time. Geo offered at least 5 times of that, along with other perks. BUT there as a catch -- MIR clearly told me that I cannot use the term "Hindu Zionist" or "Ghazwa e Hind" on Geo. They would be willing to accept all my terms but I have to accept these two "minor" conditions !! The agreement was written and placed before me and I was asked to sign it... ! I asked them to increase the monthly package to 2.5 million and then see if I sign the agreement :-)

I told them, if I sign at 2.5 million per month, it means, my objection to joining Geo was only to increase my price. If I still refuse to sign despite the 2.5 million per month package, that means my objection is ideological and not any other financial or low motive. MIR was stunned ... ! His father Mir Shakeel is famously known to have said that all humans have a price.. you only have to pay the right one.. ! BUT, alhamdolillah, that day, he failed... I refused to sign and refused the top slot in Geo...

Tahir Khan was the owner of NewsOne. He knew that I have been invited by MIR and was frustrated and sad, as I was their flagship Tv analyst and the most watched analyst at that time. BrassTacks series was a ground shaking one and thousands of its CD's were being sold monthly... ! After refusing Geo, I came back to Newsone office and broke the story to Tahir khan. He almost fell off his chair in disbelief .... :-)
we continued the BrassTacks...

But MIR never left me alone. They were embarrassed at my refusal and had to hook me somehow. They had a task given by CIA/RAW and had to complete it at all cost. After few months, MIR came to Islamabad and invited me to coffee in Serena Islamabad. He desperately wanted me to come on board and leave NewsOne. I again refused. Finally,he offered me another opportunity, even though it was against the policy of Geo. He offered me a program on their youth Channel AAG while I was allowed to continue with my NewsOne program. This was unprecedented...

I gave them my terms.. the program would be on Iqbal :-)

MIR accepted. He was hoping that once I come on board geo group, soon, they would have me moved to Geo mainstream and my resistance to their demands would also decrease.

So, started the most romantic "revolution" as dear Ali Azmat called it -- this revolution will be televised :-)

For the first time in Pak history, Iqbal was made a passion for youth and his spiritual wisdom was brought forth.. This was the begining of the real revolution... real revivial of spiritual and emotional ideology called Pakistan ! The programs were block buster hits, rating higher than all the talks shows on all channels at that time...

We continued for 2 seasons... BUT I continued to refuse offers by Geo and also continued with my own program BrassTacks on NewsOne. Finally, Geo gave up. They lost. Iqbal Ka Pakistan was terminated and a full and final battle began between me and Geo group which continues to this day.... !

Geo did the same with Ahmed Qureshi..! He was taken from PTV, where he was doing patriotic programs and Geo hired him for a fat salary for many years BUT did NOT give him a program... ! Ahmed Qureshi was silenced through a honey trap. They tried the same with me also, but alhamdolilah, we used them instead to spread our ideology :-)

Watch this episode of Iqbal Ka Pakistan... watch the full series... You will flow with the revolution which rocked and shocked Pakistan at that time.. and continues to do, alhamdolillah !

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