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October 30, 2012



 When we condemn the crimes of present

 Saudi government,  it is NOT speaking against Islam!!



When we criticize the wrong policies and crimes of present Pakistan government, it is NOT speaking against Pakistan. When we condemn the crimes of present Saudi government, it is NOT speaking against Islam!!

Saudi Government is NOT an Islamic government by any standards and is at war with Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) also like all other so called "Islamic" government. This is a stupid perception that Saudis are following true Tauheed and are true Muslims in the world. Those who follow true Tauheed don't deal in Riba and are NOT afraid of Taghoot of Kufr and US.

1. Entire wealth of trillions of dollars of Muslims is being kept in Jewish Banks on Riba by the Saudi government. Riba is war with Allah and Rasul Allah (sm). The banking system in Saudi Arabia is run by Jews and based on paper currency, riba and fractional reserve banking. All Saudi banks are partners of Jewish banks like SAMBA -- Saudi American bank etc....

2. Rasul Allah (sm) has strictly forbidden the presence of Jewish and Christian military forces in Arabian Peninsula and Hijaz. Today, the entire Saudi Arabia is totally controlled by US forces with their military bases and massive intelligence systems.

3. The entire economy of Kufr, their banks and US economy is supported by the fact that Saudis sell their oil in dollars called Petro-dollars. That is why US dollar remains strong in the world as all countries trade in dollars and that keep the US economy strong to wage wars against Muslims all over the world. If the Saudi refuse to sell oil in dollar only, US economy would crash in a day.

4. No Muslim can do Umra or Hajj without the approval of CIA with all data of Hajis going to CIA database. Have you ever applied for Umra visa through a travel agent?? he send your info to a website on internet and then waits for the "approval" to come and then you can apply for Umra visa only. Who gives that approval on internet ???? Have you ever thought about it??? Does any other counry in the world have this "internet" aproval from secret sources before you can apply??

5. Rasul Allah (sm) has strictly stopped Muslims from visiting places where azaab of Allah has come. In Hadees it is clearly mentioned that Rasul Allah (sm) asked Muslims to move out of the valleys of Saleh (as) and did not allow Muslims to take any food or water from there because azaab of Allah had come there. Today, that cursed place is being advertised as the third most important place to visit in Saudi arabia, Innalillah....

Just because they call themselves Khadim ul Haramain, this does not mean that speaking against their political, economic and religious crimes means spreading sectarian hatred or we have become anti-Islam. All these governments are against Khilafat e Rashida model of governance and are following the agenda of Taghoot. Thats is the biggest Kufr, Shirk and Bidaat. When these Saudis sold the honor of Ummat e Rasul in 1921 and sided with the Kuffar to destroy the Khilafat, Iqbal bled tears of blood and said the following:

The one who claims to be from the family of the Prophet (arabs) are selling the honor of the deen of Rasul Allah (sm).

And the tough Turks are being killed and are bleeding in the sands...

Open your eyes. Allah does not give Hidaya to deaf, dumb and blind. Do some research into how this dynasty came to power. read about Lawrence of arabia of that time and Bush of today and their relationship with Saud dynasty. That secret relationship is strong even today....

The real game is visible now. The actual, real, sacred

 Masjid Nabwi will be almost lost to the Muslims 






This is the new Saudi Plan to justify destruction of all historical masjids around Masjid e Nabwi. The real game is visible now. The actual, real, sacred Masjid Nabwi will be almost lost to the Muslims and salat will not be offered there as Imam will move way ahead of original masjid. Knowing Saudi mindset, we know that the Rauza Mubarak and Riaz ul Jannah will then be closed during salat and would only open on specific times and would not be used for Salat all the time as being done now. The whole objective is not expansion but to draw the Muslims away from Rauza Rasul (sm) in the false notion of "shirk" and "bidat",astaghfurullah! Then the Saudis will move to destroy the Turkish Masjid and the Green dome also, as they have openly tried before also.

In 1400 years, no Muslim ruler had ever constructed Masjid ahead of original Masjid for the sake of adab and love of Rasul Allah (sm). Now this Gustakhi will also be done. Expansion could have been done behind the present masjid but we know the reason for this design. Not just that it will draw the Muslims away from original masjid and Rauza e Rasul (sm), it will also destroy the old sacred masjids of our history which are standing there for 1400 years built by Sahabas and Rasul Allah. It is such a painful shame that masjids built by petro-dollars are being expanded but those built by Rasul Allah (sm) and Sahabas are being destroyed. Innalillahe inna alehe Rajeooon...

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