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October 29, 2012



 Is this NOT shirk????





What is most painful, mind boggling and literal Haram is that while the masjids built by Rasul Allah (sm) and Sahabas are being destroyed, the temples and residences of the cursed nation from the people of Saleh (as) are being preserved, renovated and opened for tourism as part of history!!!!!

Rasul Allah (sm) had strictly forbidden Muslims to go to this place of Madain Saleh, had disallowed Muslims to eat or drink from this place as the people of Saleh (sa) were destroyed here under a severe punishment from Allah (swt) for killing that sacred camel.

For 1400 years Muslims never went to this place in the Arabian desert. Today, Saudis have turned this place into a tourist resort being advertised as the 3rd most important site to visit after Makkah and Medina , Astaghfurullah!!!

We took this picture outside Masjid e Nabwi !! Can you believe this ???? Innalillahe inna ilehe Rajeoon. How can they justify this zulm and literal Haram ?? Is this NOT shirk????

Those who give argument that it is necessary to destroy

 the 1400 years of precious Islamic history for

 "expansion" and "prevention of Shirk" should see this.

Those who give argument that it is necessary to destroy the 1400 years of precious Islamic history for "expansion" and "prevention of Shirk" should see this. There is neither expansion here nor any shirk, still, the Masjid of hazrat Salman Farsi is being destroyed!! This is greatest of Zulm, nothing else.

This pic is from place of Ghazwa e Khandaq, where seven small Masjids stood for 1400 years belonging to seven great Sahabas. Saudi government made a new masjid on the site which is separate and can be seen in the pic on the left side. So, there is NO issue of expansion here. Also, this is a masjid and there is no issue of any "Shirk". Out of the seven Masjids, few are already destroyed and others are being locked, left without care, without electricity and being destroyed one by one!! Why on earth would they do this????? We want an explanation from those who say that it is important to destroy old structures for expansion and prevention of shirk!!

Destruction like this is being done all over Makkah and Medina, without any reason at all. If Jews were doing this, we would have gone to war against them. But alas, the leaders of the Ummah decide to stay silent as 1400 years of precious history is being systematically being wiped out. Innalillahe inna alehe Rajeoon!



Now this is an issue where all Muslims must 

raise their voice -- firmly, decently and passionately.


Now this is an issue where all Muslims must raise their voice -- firmly, decently and passionately. We are personal witness to this greatest tragedy of Muslim history that almost entire heritage of precious history has already been demolished or being demolished in the name of expansion or false notion of "Shirk"!

The seven masjids of Sahabas at the site of Ghazwa e Khandaq which were standing for 1400 years are being destroyed to make place for parking lots!! Houses of Sahabas, water wells of Rasul Allah (sm) have been destroyed already. The house where Rasul Allah (sm) was born is about to be destroyed. Saffa and Marwa which are signs of Allah mentioned in Quran since the time of Hazrat Ubrahim have been destroyed and Saffa hill has been sealed and closed for access to Muslims. Thousands of precious historical sites have been destroyed, sealed and bulldozed. The entire 1400 years of Muslim history is now destroyed or being destroyed.

Now there are plans to expand Masjid e Nabwi in such a manner that expansion will be in all directions destroying the remaining precious Masjids which are standing for 1400 years!! Expansion does NOT mean destroying the sacred history, masjids and structures related to Rasul Allah (sm)!!! These buildings and Masjids belong to the entire Ummah and Saudi government has no right to destroy them unilateral in the name of expansion.

Write to Saudi Embassies all over the world. Find their addresses from websites or write directly to Saudi King and Foreign Minister and ask scholars in your areas to speak against this destruction in Juma Khutbas. This is NOT a sectarian issue but the issue of our history, faith, Imaan and love for our ancestors and their great achievements.

When we went to Saudi Arabia last year, had seen this destruction and were deeply hurt. Now Saudi government plans to destroy the last remains also. This is too painful to stay silent. Raise your voice and spread this globally to force the Saudis to protect our precious history.

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