Sunday, 21 October 2012

October 21, 2012


Baba Mehar Deen, your sons will keep this Sabz 

Hilai parcham high, always and forever InshAllah. 

We promise..  Recite Fatiha !



Innalillahe Inna alehe Rajeoon! Baba Mehr Deen passes away today! Recite Fatiha !

In 2009, we had written this tribute to Baba Mehar deen:

"If you want to see the face to true love and selfless sacrifice for Pakistan, look at Baba Mehar deen at Wagah border Lahore. He is there everyday for the last 60 years after sacrificing all he had for this sacred home for the Muslims. He has never asked what Pakistan has given him but have dutifully sacrificed all he had. But we know what Pakistan has given him.

Pakistan has given him dignity, Izzat and a base to challenge and confront the Hindus who slaughtered millions of helpless muhajireen in 1947. Now he goes there every day to wait for this missing children and to challenge the Hindus till the last day of his life. Look into his eyes and see the love for the country oozing out of his frail body. His soul remains immersed in love and his Ishq is this sarzameen we call Pakistan.

Baba Mehar deen, your sacrifices are not in vein. You remain the most dangerous threat for the enemies of Pakistan for you continue to revive our hopes, faith and belief in the sacrifices of our forefathers for this beloved land of ours. We swear by Allah that we will not let your sacrifices go waste, never to betray your love and faith and inshallah will go back once again with the flag you hold to retake what you left behind. Allah be our witness and protector."

Today, Pakistan is sad. Baba Mehar Deen, your sons will keep this Sabz Hilai parcham high, always and forever InshAllah. You have lived a dignified life in the love of Pak Sarzameen and challanging the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) every day. Take some rest now. We will carry the flag! We promise..

Recite Fatiha !




If you are happy with deaf, dumb and blind

 democracy led by Zardari, then good luck !!






We the patriots, wont take this non-sense now. We reject democracy. We reject Martial Law. We want patriotic technocratic government brought by army. We do not trust the politicians or elections to bring such people. We trust army. Anything would be better than the parliament we have today!!

We need patriotic caretakers for 3 years to clean 

the system of terrorism and corruption.





Our opinion on political option for Pakistan under present chaos, crisis and war scenario is NOT open to debate. Please don't argue with us on this. Our duty is to expose the enemy plans and draw a realistic threat assessment and give workable practical solutions.

Those who disagree have no power in their hands. Those who have power are the army and we are only talking to them directly.

Elections would bring civil war. Democracy has brought disaster. Martial law is NOT the solution. We need patriotic caretakers for 3 years to clean the system of terrorism and corruption.

Now we only have hope from the army. Not from government, not from SC. If army does not do what we suggest, then wait till these traitors / idiots in media, government and judiciary destroy our beloved Pak sarzameen and turn it into Somalia or Iraq... So we wait!!

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