Thursday, 25 October 2012

October 25, 2012


Teach your children Riding,, Archery (shooting), 

Swimming -- Meaning of a Hadees Mubarak 


This is the concept of national security in Islam - every Muslim is a soldier. Rasul Allah (sm) has asked us to teach our children archery (firing), riding (driving) and swimming !. In a nation of 180 million, we can raise an army of 10 crore Muslims willing to fight and die for their faith, honor and land. In the coming days, the entire nation will have to join hands with the armed forces. These are the urban wars being fought in the Muslim lands. Our enemies have entered our homes and streets. Our leaders have betrayed us. We have made our choice - a life of dignity, a death of honor. To the enemies our message is -- we will NOT take prisoners. You have been warned.

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