Saturday, 13 October 2012

October 13, 2012

When patriotic Baluch rise against BLA and India 

and  against traitor media, their protests are not 

shown on media

When patriotic Baluch rise against BLA and India and against traitor media, their protests are not shown on media. Watch this and see the reality the treacherous media wont show you. The separatists are only less than 5000 in the entire province but they have India, CIA, Karzai and Media at their back to project their cause. patriotic Pakistanis must take the responsibility upon themselves to defend Pakistan in this media war. Do you duty and be a soldier of Rasul Allah (sm).






 Pak army, you have taken the oath to protect

 this land.  Nation is with you against these animals.







Altaf Hussian has ordered his gangsters in Sindh to collect all the data of all Ulama, masjids, their sects and their political affiliations. There is no doubt that this data would be used by the CIA and RAW to wage the next levels of sectarian and urban war in Karachi, making it easy for the assassins to target the scholar of their choice. The political parties are being used by the enemies against Pak Sarzamneen. They are waging ethnic wars of Jahilia on streets and then declare their deads as "shaheeds" !!

This political system and democracy is a curse and must be surgically removed now. If the army does not do the cleanup now, Allah will send Kuffar to do the cleaning as Halaku did. If we have vision, this is already happening in Pak sarzamnee. From TTP to BLA to MQM to ANP to PPP -- all are criminals and murderers!

Pak army, you have taken the oath to protect this land. The enemies are within now. Deal with them please. Nation is with you against these animals.

The time has come for us to make a decisive

 stand against drones and TTP.



This paper is written by an American think tank and few points must be made clear. They have openly acknowledged that JSOC (joint special operations Command), the real secret terrorists of CIA are operating in Pakistan. They have openly acknowledged that drones are killing civilian people and this would increase hatred for US. This report from their own sources is a damning acknowledgement of the war crimes of the CIA and Obama.

A para from the report reads:

"In this report, we describe how, as covert drone strikes by the United States become increasingly frequent and widespread, reliance on the precision capabilities and touted effectiveness of drone technology threatens to obscure the impact on civilians. Even if drone operations outside of traditional conflict zones are found to be legal and to result in relatively few civilian casualties, the authors of this report would nevertheless be concerned with the long-term impact of such operations on the civilian population, the precedent-setting nature of these
operations, accountability for the CIA and JSOC’s actions, and the inherent limitations these operations to properly address civilian harm."

Now, the same gang is trying to exploit the Malala incident to force Pakistan to wage a war in North Waziristan, when in reality, those who are waging a war against Pakistan and who attacked Malala are based in Kunar under the protection of CIA. That the media and the treacherous Zardari regime is not talking about.

Pakistani nation and patriotic media must fight back this propaganda from the enemies who are trying to exploit our emotions on Malala case.

The time has come for us to make a decisive stand against drones and TTP. Pak army must do all in its means to stop these attacks from Khawarij and Crusaders.. They are both same and enemies of Medina e Sani. Khair inshAllah. 

  The unsung heroes of Pak army!!! 

Allahu Akbar!!!!






The snakes and "helldogs" Khawarij are not just killing little girls, they are also using them as human shields when they attack pak army. Last month, a tragic but heroic act of sacrifice went unnoticed in Pakistan as media never reported it.

A Gunship helicopter of Pak army was shot down with both pilots becoming shaheeds. Do you know how it happened??

Pilots wee asked to attack a hideout of TTP kharjis but the pilots refused as they saw that TTP was keeping large number of women and children as human shields and if the pilots had attacked that would have caused great civilian casualties. The brave and heroic pilots refused to attack but then came under heavy fire from the Khawarij who were firing from behind the women and children. The Gunship was hit and crashed with both pilots dying deaths of Shaheeds but did not harm any women and children! Allahu Akbar!!!!
We love you Pak army. By Allah, we stand with you in war against these dogs of hell. By Allah, we will eliminate these snakes soon, InshAllah. The media which is always barking against Pak army will never acknowledge such soul shaking sacrifices.

(note: The news of this heli crash has finally appeared today in The Friday Times back page, ironically in the same weekly which is most rabid anti-army publication. Even these snakes of Zionists are also forced to acknowledge the sacrifice of these brave officers).

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