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October 20, 2012


Pak army acknowledge the state of war -- 

"Do not surrender at any cost" -Quaid-e-Azam




Pakistan is at war. This is now officially acknowledged by the army. Now Pak army must take charge of the war theater as well and declare a war emergency!
"During the past few years, we have witnessed rapid changes in the international environment resulting in a wave of internal instability in our country. We have been subjected to a new form of war with dangerous consequence for our liberty and independence. We must prove to the world that we are a resilient nation and cannot be undermined by extremists".
General Khalid Shameem Wynne, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) made these assertions while addressing the Passing out Parade of 126 PMA long course.
Also, remember, the final message of Quaid for such a catastrophic scenario as we face today. We will fight and never surrender InshAllah. Never! Pak army, do what must be done. Nation stand with you! To hell with demon-cracy!




 Pak army, respond to the demand of the nation. 

Fight the enemies, whereever they are.

 On borders or in cities.... or in media!


The politicians, CJ and the media are saying the same thing - army should defend the borders only!!

If they have not noticed, war is NOT being fought on borders but within our cities!!! In Baluchistan, In Swat, In Waziristan, In Karachi - in this new urban 4th Generation war! There are NO borders now. Enemies have entered our homes. All political parties and now even the Chamber of Commerce demand army action in Karachi. Now what would these people say ?????? Should army refuse and say that it is not the duty of the army because Karachi is not borders...

Pak army, respond to the demand of the nation. Fight the enemies, whereever they are. On borders or in cities.... or in media!

No President. No CJ. NO army chief,

 NO Media. Pakistan is sacred only!!



 When a Chief Justice destroyed Pakistan's ideology. Astaghfurullah!

In our history, there are incidents when the most respectable offices have betrayed the millat. Traitors are everywhere, even today!! Every judgement of the President, Chief Justice and the army chief must be seen and measured to see if it is hurting Pakistan or benefiting. Today, we are at war on all axis. Everyone proven to be a traitor or corrupt or idiot must be dealt as such -- No one is a sacred cow. No President. No CJ. NO army chief, NO Media. Pakistan is sacred only!!




Chamber of commerce and trade call army

 to take over !!!  We support





 The country is sinking, burning and drowning and the SC and the government are fiddling!! Pakistan's largest trade and business body demands army to come and take over!!! Allahu Akbar!
We fully support this demand. The leadership is deaf,dumb and blind and the country is turning into Somalia. When ever there is a crisis, nation looks towards Pak army! Earth quakes, Floods, Elections, law and order and War -- It is Pak army always. Today, all civilian governments have collapsed. President and the government are illegal. Pak army, do your duty!

 Illegal orders from an illegal govt !!



Supreme order clearly say that President cannot do politics and Pak army must NOT obey any illegal orders from political government or President. Great !!! Zardari is an illegal President. He is holding two offices and is also a NRO beneficiary. According to law and Constitution, Pak army must disobey all orders from Zardari and this illegal NRO driven regime. SC has also said that Baluchistan government is Constitutionally failed and all political parties in Sindh are terrorists. Now CJ, what is the duty of army?? To defend Pakistan against these terrorists or Continue to obey these illegal, illegitimate, terrorists????

Labbaik Operation Green Fog!!




It is also time to crush the Tehreek e Zalimaan e Pentagon hiding in Kunar! We demand Pak army to launch the Operation Green Fog! Enough of our patience with these snakes and Khawarij!

Within the country also, everyone is waging a war against the army!! The media, government and now even the judiciary! The whole political, judicial and economic system has collapsed but now we fully support army to do whatever is needed to declare war, take control of media and establish military courts! It is time to treat a war like a war! Go army! We stand with you. Labbaik to Operation Green Fog!


  CJ is destined for hell for betraying this 

Ummat e Rasul (sm) !



Not a single terrorist hanged in 11 years!! Treason of memo by PPP regime confirmed by Judicial commission but NO action from SC. Baluchistan government has collapsed, says CJ but still No action from SC. CJ says all political parties are terrorists in Karachi involved in target killings still NO action from CJ.

My dear CJ, is this also the fault of the ISI that SC is not deciding on judicial matters ????????? What is the oath of the judges ?????? What does constitution says about it????

A Qazi not doing justice is destined for hell!! This is the wisdom of many ahadees. Allah wants justice and Qisas. Are you doing justice in these times of war against Ummat e Rasul (sm)????

Do you know why ISI was suspicious 

of PPP in 1990????


Do you know why ISI was suspicious of PPP in 1990???? Most of you were not even born and don't know the history. PPP was running a terrorist organization formed by sons of Bhutto called Al-Zulfiqar which was the TTP of that time. Thousands of Pakistanis were killed when PPP members waged a war against Pakistan by taking funds of India, Afghan secret service and Soviet Union. They were terrorists and when General Zia was assasinated, they were brought in power. Obviously, army was upset. If terrorists organizations become governments, what should army do????? They will never tell you this dirty secret of PPP, astaghfurullah!!


Read this about PPP and their terrorist links of Al-Zulfiqar.

Ali Bhutto's two sons, Murtaza and Shahnawaz went into exile in Afghanistan which was at that time controlled by communist revolutionary government of Babrak Karmal. There the two sons formed Al-Zulfiqar along with hundreds of Pakistan Peoples Party militants who had escaped Zia's persecution. The Al-Zulfiqar Organization (AZO) was born at this point, and disgruntled elements among the younger members of the PPP, disappointed in the party's leadership, flocked to Murtaza's side. The AZO, however, went on to earn the title of terrorist organization, a label which dogged Murtaza till he died.

1981 PIA hijacked

Al-Zulfiqar hijacked a Pakistan International Airlines flight en route to Peshawar from Karachi, and diverted it to Kabul in March 1981. The hijacking went on for thirteen days, during which Lieutenant Tariq Rahim was shot to death; the hijackers mistakenly believed Rahim to be the son of General Rahimuddin Khan. Rahim was executed following Murtaza's conferring with Afghan Intelligence (KHAD) chief Mohammad Najibullah. The execution forced the Zia regime to accept the demands of the hijackers, releasing dozens of Pakistan Peoples Party and other leftist political prisoners languishing in Pakistani jails.

Now you know!!!!

We will curse you in every dua we make



Iftikhar Chaudrey sahib, today you have passed a judgement against ISI's role in politics.
Let us ask you few questions. Is it OK for foreign secret services to pay money to Pakistani politicians and political parties??? Is it OK for foreign secret services to fix elections in Pakistan?? is it OK for political parties in Pakistan to create terrorist gangs??? Is it OK for political parties in Pakis
tan to wage a war against Pakistan? If all this is happening in Pakistani politics, then why are you blocking ISI from keeping a check on Pakistani political parties???

1. Agartala sazish proved that Awami national Party took money from Indian RAW for a war against Pakistan and created Mukti Bahini. East Pakistan was broken because of that Indian sazish where the judiciary refused to punish the traitors and blocked ISI's attempt to punish them. All cases were withdrawn against traitor politicians.

2. Al-Zulfiqar terrorist organization was created by Peoples Party and sons of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto for war against Pakistan after funding from India, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. PPP had a terrorist wing. Are you aware of this ???? Sure you are.

3. Baluchistan liberation army was created by separatists Baluch politicians in 70's and traitors like Najam Sethi were part of Hyderabad Conspiracy trial for waging a war against Pakistan through foreign funding. All were forgiven and cases withdrawn against them, even today. why????

4. Awami National Party of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan has been waging a war against Pakistan for 65 years through Soviet and Indian funding. Bhutto had formed treason against them too.

5. Today, even in the Senate elections, billions of Rupees have been spent by political parties and their foreign backers to fix the elections for traitors. It is all documented and known to the world and the SC.

6. Isnt this a fact that USAID and US embassy is heavily involved in all political deals in Pakistan these days???? Wiki Leaks exposed even Fazal Ur rehman that he had asked the US embassy to make him the PM!!

So, when foreign powers are heavily funding political parties for war against Pakistan, why should ISI be forced to keep out of keeping a check on politicians??? Are you giving a free hand to the enemies to buy and sell the politicians for war against Pakistan? Can the SC guarantee that no foreign funding or influence would come from CIA or RAW on Pakistani politics ??? If the SC cannot give this gaurentee and the history and facts prove that all hostile powers are heavily influencing Pakistani politics, then isnt this destroyign the coungtry by blocking our own army and ISI ???????

May Allah deal with you as He feel fit. We will curse you in every dua we make. Aulia Allah were already doing that Bad Dua. Now we know why. Astaghfurullah!!!!

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