Wednesday, 9 May 2012

May 9, 2012

May 9, 2012

 Soon, their dreams would turn into nightmares!!!

There is no way we are going to let the Hindu Zionists take away even an inch of our beloved land. But we know that we have a kameena enemy who does not understand the language of decency, dialogue and dignity. Under the facade of Aman Ki Asha, our arch enemy is waging a massive 4thGW war against us which include supporting insurgencies to waging the information and media war to blocking our water and capturing our lands. One day, when the tigers in Pakistan decide that they have had enough, the last decisive phase of Ghazwa e Hind would begin, InshAllah!

For now, they are waging a war against us. They have already started it. Now we are going to finish it InshAllah! Let them have fun while this paleed government is in power. Soon, their dreams would turn into nightmares!!!

May 9, 2012

 We must repent and prepare for whats coming next
                                                     Time is closer than you think.
 You should read this. We have received this e-mail and it has the same message that we are trying to convey. Now the physical and spiritual intelligence is converging towards a great punishment and sacrifices if we do not do collective tauba. This system is the system of Kufr and Dajjal and will never do tauba. We must repent and prepare for whats coming next. InshAllah, great khair is coming but this system will be removed violently now as it fails to reform it self and Ummat e Rasul (sm) is suffering heavily. Khair inshAllah. Be ready now. Time is closer than you think.


Dear Sir

Barakallah hu fee umrik. I would call you some time in coming days after checking your convenience through SMS. Sahab called me and I requested him to write columns ( at-least one every month) up to this coming Ramadan about last warnings to Toba. I have been with sensation that this 14th August ( on 27th Ramadan) would come to pass with great pains for this nation. Hints are expected to start from coming Rajab. So it seems that the conclusive moments ( Tameer is pahlay ki takhreeb) have reached and our nation is enjoying without realizing that Azab is laughing at them on their heads.

No need to request chief justice or any other makhlooq, they are believer & pillars of this system which is going to blast. Request to is spend most of efforts to beg ( rather than request) from Umat ( through your posts) to repent from Allah. Only a collective repent can postpone or reduce our damage. We know that our nation would not listen these last warnings but at-least we should do what our Faqeer Aslaf used to do before every water-loo.

Allah is taking a great work from you, congratulation for that. You are lucky that Allah gave you this opportunity. I have been reading and listening you since two years and never tried to contact you. But due to my increased sensation & perceptions of coming months induced me to contact you for above said request. Lets cry together with full power as last & final try for few months to request collective Toba so that we should at-least die or live as Mowazan of Allah.

Great love for you and your team from Sarzameen-e-Muqadas.

Kindest possible regards:

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