Tuesday, 8 May 2012

May 08, 2012

 May 08, 2012

 We have made a petition to the Lord of the universe
 and He is "Ahkamul Hakimeen"!
   Oh Allah, be witness that we have conveyed the message!!!!!

Janab Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Chaudrey sahib,

On the day of judgement, in front of Allah (swt) and Rasul Allah (sm) and the entire Ummat e Rasul (sm), you will be asked why your "azaad adlia" did not punish the terrorists who behead Muslim soldiers of Pakistan army!! For the last 10 years, not a single terrorist has been hanged by the courts under your command but thousands of Pakistani Muslim soldiers and citizens have been beheaded by the Kharji terrorists. According to Sharia and Quran, these terrorists deserved to be crucified for spreading Fasad fil ard and hanged in public but why are your courts silent, even releasing them regularly so that these terrorists can continue to wage their war against Medina e Sani???? What will you say to Allah (swt) in your defense???. Today, you are the Chief Justice but tomorrow you will be judged harshly by the Supreme Chief Justice of the the universe. By Allah, we will testify that you have not done your duty of defending the Medina e Sani and the Muslims of this Pak Sarzameen. Our hearts bleed as our brave sons and brothers are being beheaded and you do not acknowledge the fact that your courts have failed and that military must be given a free hand to deal with these snakes. Today, you are in the highest office of the land and we cannot dare say a word about you. But we have made a petition to the Lord of the universe and He is "Ahkamul Hakimeen"!

We urge you to allow military courts to apply the Sharia punishments to these traitors and Kharjis, else we pray that Allah do justice with you soon.

Oh Allah, be witness that we have conveyed the message!!!!!

May 08, 2012

 We are warning of a major false flag terrorist 
attack to blame Pakistan.

We are warning of a major false flag terrorist attack to blame Pakistan. The British media psy-ops against Pakistan have begun. The signs are that there would be a security crisis in the Olympics and the blame would come upon Pakistan. To gain the support of the entire world, people of the “entire” world must die and no place can be better venue for such a false flag fake terrorist attack than Olympics. The Olympics are in 27 July to 12 August 2012. That is just 3 months way and we have NO government in Islamabad. With the levels of anarchy and chaos in Islamabad, the government would crash and crumble under threat of an international “coalition” war, deployment of Af-Pak and Cold start. With the levels of anarchy in Pakistan already and demands for elections in those times would mean a total and complete meltdown of Pakistani state under such a threat, Allah forbid.

The Olympics threat is in addition to the controlled demolition we are facing already. The 4thGW is in its last stages. This is NOT a false alarm. While the government and the Supreme Court fight the legal wars and the media run the deception of "Aman Ki Asha" under funding from the Hindu Zionists, Pakistan army is well and truly being surrounded by enemies from TTP to the media to the government to the political parties.

As long as we block the NATO supplies, the threat of a NATO attack remains zero. If the supplies are released, then be ready for TTP, US, NATO and Indians to enter into your homes, astaghfurullah!!! May Allah protect us from that fitnah.

The solution is what we have in our May 3rd ARY program. If the naiton and its leaders continue to play deaf, dumb and blind, then Allah will do what he wills and then the punishment would be all encompassing, without mercy. We have very limited time for tauba now. InshAllah, Pakistan is protected. But the Pakistanis will now be punished most severely, unless leaders and those in power do tauba NOW.

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