Monday, 7 May 2012

May 05, 2012

May 05, 2012

                            Watch this short video and see the filth we call democracy . --
-they all serve their master – Dajjal !! 

The biggest threat to Pakistan’s integrity, ideology and identity is this filthy democracy imposed upon this Pak Sarzameen. The entire nation, state and the people are heading for a massive bloody crash unless we wake up NOW and bring about a comprehensive change in the political, economic and judicial system of the country on the model of Khilafat e Rashida.

If the Supreme Court cannot do it, then army must defend Pakistan’s ideological and physical boundaries and act upon three point strategy. 1. To Bring a change in the system. 2. To bring in patriotic government of highly professional technocrats. 3. Slaughter the traitors and subversive terrorists on ground, in media and in the politics. Now, there is no other option but to revert back to Allah (swt). We have been auctioned, humiliated and sold by these filthy political leaders who come in different forms and shapes like shape shifting demons but behind the scenes, they all serve their master – Dajjal !!

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