Saturday, 26 May 2012

May 26, 2012

May 26, 2012

 Remain witness that we have conveyed the message!!

Dear Iftikhar Chaudrey sahib,

As a Muslim and as fellow citizen of this Pak Sarzameen and medina e Sani, it is our duty to advice you.

Fear Allah and do not betray Rasul Allah (sm). You have taken an oath to uphold the justice without fear and favor. Today, the fate of this nation is in your hands but tomorrow you will be judged in front of Allah (swt) for what you do today.

For the past 10 years, over a 100,000 Pakistanis have died or have been wounded by the terrorists backed by hostile powers who are waging a massive war against the state to dismember it on the pattern of Yugoslavia. Thousands of these mass murderers have been arrested by army and ISI but not a single terrorist has been hanged by the courts under your command and control. The entire civil judicial system has collapsed – Police does not prosecute, government and its allies are treacherous and involved in supporting and sponsoring terrorist gangs, courts and judges are fearful or biased to give judgment against the hard core terrorists and the media is controlled by SAFMA and is waging a massive info war against Pakistan.

You talk of upholding the constitution and law but your statements are now sounding hollow as every organ of the state – government, judiciary, media is brutally violating the constitution and their oath of office. Nation is in pain, terrorists are rampaging on streets from Gilgit to FATA to Quetta to Karachi to Nawabshah but your judiciary is NOT punishing the terrorists.

On the day of judgment, by Allah, we Muslims will stand witness against you that you have NOT done your duty and have violated the faith this Muslim nation had in you. By Allah, we will do bud-dua for you now if you do not do tauba and do your duty of hanging the terrorists. We want justice. If you do not give it to us, we will ask Allah to give it to you.

In these times of legal, constitutional and judicial anarchy, we see that instead of punishing the terrorists, the judiciary is most active in filing cases against army, ISI and FC for “violating” the constitution and operating against the terrorists “extra-judicially”!!! The judiciary has not taken a single case against TTP, BLA or other terrorist gangs nor called them to court but dozens of cases have been registered or being heard against army, ISI and FC.

Please tell us what should army do in these times of war when the entire civilian government and systems have collapsed? Army is the only institution left which is defending the honor of Pakistan, yours and mine. If army is collapsed or its hands tied or it is demoralized, then it is all over. We will become like Yugoslavia or Iraq or Somalia. For Allah’s sake, chase and hunt the terrorists NOT the army and the ISI. You may be a good judge but you are NOT a security and defense analyst. In matters of war, rules of war, emergency and Martial Laws are applied not civilian laws. It is critical to save the lives and property of the innocent Muslims and citizens. Let the army do what it feel right to be done against the terrorists. It would be more honorable to activate your own courts to convict and hang a few terrorists.

Pakistan is now on the verge of a meltdown with total anarchy in law and order, governance, financial management and judicial failure. Pak army and ISI are NOT the enemy, for God sake, government and the terrorists and the hostile media are. In your innocence or naivety or excitement, you are hurting Pakistan now.

There will be great izzat for you in dunya and Akhira if you follow Allah (swt) and Rasul Allah (sm) and enforce fierce justice according to Quran and Sunnah without fear or favor in these times when the millat needs you to stand firm. But if you fail in your duty, which is the case right now, there is zillat for you in dunya and akhira. You have been given this limited time by Allah (swt). Today you are all powerful but make sure you are not humiliated on the day of judgment. That is the ultimate loss.

May Allah give you strength to deal with the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) or else may He deals with you as He pleases.

Remain witness that we have conveyed you the message.


Zaid Hamid

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