Friday, 18 May 2012

May 18, 2012

May 18, 2012

US invasion is fully in place unless we destroy Af-Pak

Af-Pak military doctrine is an invasion strategy on Pakistan from the western borders. The Af-Pak was developed by Obama in 2009 when the deployed 4th generation war had reached such levels that US was sure that Pakistan would collapse and NATO from the West and Indians from the East would simply march into Pakistan for annihilating the remaining Pak army and the state. Alhamdolillah, by blocking the NATO supplies, we have blocked their military hardware and now the Indian Cold start is also in crisis. But the 4GW is still deployed with full intensity on political, media, economic and security axis.

Americans already have created a reason to attack Pakistan. Ayman Zawahiri is on Pakistan, says Hillary. British police says the threats to London Olympics would come from Pakistan.

The only thing stopping a full US/NATO invasion is the fact that Pakistan army is still strong and united and NATO supplies are blocked in Pakistan. Once the supplies are open, then we would lose this opportunity for ever and then a a bloody existential war from 3 sides -- Cold Start, Af-Pak and 4thGW -- would be imposed.

By Allah, if our treacherous rulers bring that war upon us, we will lynch and hang them in Islamabad first. They should know that now there will be no escape.

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