Monday, 28 May 2012

May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012

We are not somalia, not Iraq and will never
 become Yugoslavia InshAllah!
Why Pakistan had to go nuclear?? Because India was already waging an existential war against Pakistan, had already attacked and dismembered East Pakistan and was planning a total war on the remaining West Pakistan. Read what their own have to say about this. It is our nuclear potential which prevents any future "East Pakistan" for us. Never again, InshAllah.

Today, they plan to repeat their 1971 experience. Just as they had created traitors, ignited civil war, created quarter of a million Mukti Bahini terrorists and then invaded with another quarter of a million regular army from all sides to eliminate a brave and desperate army of just under 50,000 infantrymen to break Pakistan.

Under this corrupt democracy, they plan to achieve their most sinister designs which were left unfinished in 1971.

At present, Pakistan is being turned into “Somalia” under the deployed 4thGW.

Later US/India would try to turn it into “Iraq” through a physical invasion and occupation under Cold start and AfPak

Lastly, they would try to turn Pakistan into “Yugoslavia”, dismembered into smaller states on ethnic lines after a violent and bloody war.

The only reason Pakistan is still standing, strong and united is due to the blessing of Allah (swt) that Pakistan has a strong federal army armed with nuclear weapons, deployed and ready to use. Yugoslavia was not a nuclear weapon state nor the NATO supplies passed through Yugoslavia. Pakistan is controlling the fate, life and death of NATO on the western front. For the Eastern front we have deployed Ghaznavis, Ghauris and Shaheen to teach some manners to the Hindu Banya. Our concern is the internal 4th GW under this most corrupt and treacherous regime. InshAllah, that will be taken care of too.

Our message to the enemies on East and West. Do not mess with us. Pakistan is not Somalia, we are not Iraq and we will never ever become Yugoslavia, InshAllah. Our nuclear weapons are here for our protection and we have the will, courage, capability and the intention to annihilate all those who plan a Somalia, Iraq or Yugoslavia fate or us. By Allah, we will respond harshly.

To hell with Aman Ki Asha! Those who are spreading this sinister Indian psy-ops will be dealt according to the Islamic law in due course. We have not forgotten nor forgiven India's crimes or their intentions in 1947, in Kashmir, in Gujarat or in East Pakistan.

It is Pakistan which is here to stay. There is no power on earth which can undo Pakistan now, alhamdolillah!!

To all Pakistanis and Muslim Ummah, Yaum e Takbeer Mubarak!!

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