Wednesday, 7 October 2015

October 7th, 2015

Sabr and Tawakkul is what you must do now and wait for the new strategy to be deployed

Dearest members,

This crisis has clearly shown us 3 types of people.

1. Those who stood with us unconditionally and had the faith that this Faqeer will return to the battlefield. They fought back, supported with everything they could and never betrayed the Man or the Mission.

2. Second type went into the doubt, assumed that I will never return, stayed silent or tried to spread the confusion, even trying to move on without permission. They were not there when we needed them, they never contributed in effort or cash or kind nor followed the leader or they went totally inactive.

3. The open enemies, who did everything in their power to destroy the mission and the man. These were traitors within our ranks and the enemies outside who joined hand to plot this sinister game.

I am reading the comments on the page. You see all these types of people commenting here. Some creating doubts, some staying strong, some open enemies.

The true believers will NEVER doubt the mission or the strategy this Faqeer make now. We will NOT react to the demands of the idiots or the enemies. We have NOT told you anything yet because we are re-organizing ourselves after this fierce battle. Those who are true followers would NOT walk ahead of the leader. Those who want to walk ahead in haste, don't deserve to be respected.

Sabr and Tawakkul is what you must do now and wait for the new strategy to be deployed. We are back on our battlefield and regrouping for a powerful relaunch after this absence. So, dont rush and dont push us. Sabr and stay silent and do the duty which you already have -- spread the message on social media as we did before. I will come on the electronic media when we have achieved what we are doing now. For now, media has to wait.

All the rumors you heard about me are nothing but pack of lies, spread by Munafiqeen or the enemies. I was never lashed, never convicted, never killed !! My return is their worst nightmare. Now they want to know our next moves while we plan our counter attack.

You can be sure, it is going to be fierce and merciless. Just wait.

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