Tuesday, 6 October 2015

October 6th, 2015


The rules have changed after this battle !!

My dearest members,

Aassalam alaikum wa rehmatullah !

Alhamdolillah kaseera that I am talking to you today after the epic battle we had to fight in the last 4 months. It was tough indeed. Barak Allah to all of you who stayed strong in this test, remembered us in dua and contributed to the battle in any way you could. Your ajr remains with Allah alone.

This incident radically alters the rules of the battle we fight. It showed us our weak links which the enemy exploited to trap us while we were on our sacred journey. There was lots of disinformation, lies, propaganda against us in our absence and even some of the the team members cracked under pressure. The rescue was an extremely sensitive operation and the enemies were desperate to know the steps we were taking. So, we had to maintain complete secrecy to deceive the enemies and in the end, alhamdolillah, Allah gave us a stunning victory and humiliated the enemies.

Now when I am back, we are in a process of radically changing the way BrassTacks operate. Our office has been relocated, numbers changed, tasks outsourced and decentralized, team dispersed for remote operations and total secrecy of our travel and movement plans. The threat we have has NOT diminished and the wounded enemy is dangerous while we plan counter attack. Our response will be lethal and ruthless and also secret on many occasions inshAllah.

All meetings with me will be through strict appointments only. If you are part of this mission,then you must trust this Faqeer also. anyone complaining, cribbing, creating problems and throwing fits is NOT part of this duty. Understand that we will NOT tell you everything nor share with you our travel plans. My cell phone would not be public and we will talk through social media only for now. Everyone MUST follow this protocol.

Please dont ask for meetings now. I am not meeting anyone for now. email me or send message to Shami. NO visits please.

NO ONE has the right or allowed to speak on our behalf. Only I or my wife would make official statements through our social media.

In this next level of battle, we have NO margin for mistakes, blunders or stupidity. This war is damn serious and we face cunning and sinister enemies.

Jazak Allah to all of you for your sabr, dua and love. Now back to your battle stations and hit them hard. We will be more ruthless now inshAllah. You will see very soon.

love and dua


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