Sunday, 11 October 2015

October 11th, 2015

It was RAW against one Muslim woman!! RAW plotted and planned, and against them Allah plotted and planned and indeed Allah is the best of the planners !!!

It was RAW against one Muslim woman!! RAW plotted and planned, and against them Allah plotted and planned and indeed Allah is the best of the planners !!!

Very soon, we will tell the entire story which is an amazing victory of Patriots against Hindu Zionists! The enemies still do not believe that I am back :-)
Let them remain in doubt and spread confusions. Those who trust us, need no further explanations.

I personally and also the entire Pakistan owe special gratitude to my wife who stood like a rock and destroyed the entire game plan of traitors and enemies. She is not just my wife but also the most trusted adviser, comrade in arms and a guardian angel in this dangerous mission, MashAllah !

InshAllah, Very soon, we will start to name all the players involved in this sinister game. For now, we are reorganizing ourselves for future battles. You can be sure of that... !!

Saudi govt arrested me because they were told by agents of RAW that I am an Iranian spy :-)

Saudi govt arrested me because they were told by agents of RAW that I am an Iranian spy :-)

The allegation was serious and Saudis had to do their own investigations to know the truth. My picture with Iranian President Ahmedinejad and my two official visits to Iran were given to Saudis as evidence that I am an Iranian agent. Also, my TV program on DIN News in which I had strongly opposed sending Pakistani troops to Yemen were exploited as evidence that I work for Iranian govt. This was the trap set for me.

So, when I reached Saudi Arabia, the RAW agents were already present there to set the trap. They informed the Saudis and then the Saudis launched a massive investigation to know my credentials and within weeks knew that all the allegations were false. The demands by Indian government that I should be handed over to India also alarmed the Saudis that something is wrong here. If I was an Iranian agent, why India is so interested that I should be handed over to India???

My wife played a key role in negotiating with the Saudis and giving them evidence that we are Pakistani patriots and NOT Iranian agents. Our resistance to sending Pak troops to Yemen was based on our love for Pakistan and Ummah and not because we served Iranian interests.

The statements by Pakistani Ministers of PML(N) govt against me created some more confusions in the minds of Saudis and that also delayed my release. I was NOT helped by PML(N) govt at all.

But once Saudis were satisfied that I was not an Iranian spy, it was only a matter of time that would be released with dignity and respect. Ramazan, Eid holidays and then Hajj vacations delayed the release but finally after Hajj we were sent back with dignity on exit stamp NOT deported. If I was an Iranian spy, Saudis would NEVER release me within weeks nor let me go with dignity but would have hanged me or deported me otherwise. Spies in Saudi Arabia are NOT released at all !!! NO trial was held, NO conviction was given!!! It was just detention for inquiry.

My wife stayed in Medina throughout even when her visa was expired and Saudi govt did not deport her either. By the way, my wife Tayyaba is NOT Khanum Tayyaba Bokhari, a Shia scholar who comes on TV. This is again a deliberate lie being spread to prove that we are Iranian agents :-)

Who are the snakes, traitors and enemies involved in this sinister conspiracy, we will tell you soon IA. For now, this should be enough for you. Wait for more on this action thriller which is an epic defeat of Hindu Zionists, Alhamdolillah !

Now you know how lies are spread and why you MUST verify all news before trusting the propaganda of the enemies. Those not trusting our statement can remain in doubt. we don't care !!

Media and my arrest


My arrest was a test case for Pak media also and there is NO doubt that almost the entire Pak media, except rare exceptions, is bloody liars which spread lies, false propaganda, deceptions and deceit, acting as instruments of Kufr and Zulm !! They spread rumors without verifying, create panic in the country and serve the interests of the enemies. Asad Kharal even spread the news that I have been killed and the next day, he was shamelessly announcing my return to Pakistan, without offering any apology, astaghfurullah !!

What will these liars say on the day of judgement in front of Allah (swt) ???? One shivers at their fate which awaits them in hell fire !!

In all laws of the land and according to Quran and Sunnah, such media deserve to be banned, punished and prosecuted.

PML(N) govt remained silent, even happy that I have been arrested. Media was spreading lies, even jubilant and happy. Indians wanted my extradition and Saudis were angry and confused. It is nothing less than a miracle that I have come out safely in such short time by the grace of Allah (swt).

You would note that entire enemy brigade is silent now, shameless yet humiliated and defeated, alhamdolillah! They never expected that I would return, yet Allah brought me home. Now there will be accountability!! a severe one inshAllah! I promise you that.


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