Sunday, 25 October 2015

October 25th, 2015

My beloved soul mate, my wife Tayyaba who lead the rescue to take me out of the Saudi Jai l.... has written her own story.

You all know about my beloved soul mate, my wife Tayyaba who lead the rescue to take me out of the Saudi Jail. Here, for the first time, I share a narration by her. She has written her own story.What she went through when I was in Jail and how she spent her time in Medina Munawwara. I am sure it will make a fascinating read for most of you, inshAllah !.

If my duty is dangerous and difficult, her journey alongside me is no less difficult. There is a reason why Allah chose her to share my life, soul and the mission...alhamdolillah !

Now read...


Assalamoalykum everyone,

Started creating jewellery again last night, after a long break. Was in Madina Munawwara for many months as my husband was held by Saudi Authorities for questioning when we went fo Umrah.
It was an unforgettable experience for the both of us and our entire family and it carved us into even sharper swords of Rasul Allah (SAW) alhamdolillah, and brought the family even closer. It was an immense blessing in disguise which enriched us with Rasul Allah's generous 'Nazr e Karam', and 'Allah's miraculous support' and I believe, it bound us four (Allah SWT, Rasul Allah (SAW), me, & my husband honorable Zaid Hamid) into an unbreakable, invincible team.

Spending so many months so close to Rasul Allah (SAW), spending day and night at the Masjid e Nabavi surrounded by all the blessed Ahl e Bayt and the essence of the Haq, Syyedi Rasul Allah is an experience which is now a whole separate and most exclusive chapter of my life. Although me and my husband live and breathe to serve Syyedi (SAW) and His Ummah and His Pakistan, but there we were nothing but tears and dua at His Darbar.
I was in a hotel next to Masjid e Nabavi while my husband was behind concrete walls miles away from me, but now when we share our memories of this battle and Ibadat which we were put through, we realise we were making same duas, had the same routine of Ibadat, same roller coaster ride of emotions and traumas, faith and heart breaks. There was not a moment that Allah Janu aur Syyedi Rasul Allah (SAW) left us alone. Throughout this blessed test I felt they were both holding each of my hand, taking care of my husband like a mother cares for his infant helpless child.
I swear we have never felt so much love, care and Karam of Seyydi Rasul Allah SAW, like we did during this whole time, and, we have never felt so many forces deployed by Allah Tala to guard, help and rescue us, and more than that, make us pass this test with flying colours.

I would like to thank everyone who prayed for us and most of all I would like to thank our enemies who bought hell to get us even closer to Allah and Syyedi SAW, who raised our stature even higher in the eyes of Patriots and truth lovers, forged us husband and wife into 'Saifullah', and sifted out our friends from foes.
Now I have two homes, one Pakistan, and the other is Masjid e Nabavi, where Syyedi (SAW) kept me safe in his 'Kamli' for so many months. We love you Allah janu and Syyedi (SAW) and we promise we will never abandon your mission till 'Itmam e Noor' InshaAllah.

Long Live our baby "Pakistan"

Mrs. Tayyaba Zaid

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