Tuesday, 17 February 2015

February 17th, 2015

What Pakistan's entire democracy could not achieve in the last 10 years -- two Pak army Generals achieved in just 2 months! This is stunning



Gen Raheel & Gen Rizwan are in Kabul today - achieving an incredible feat of military diplomacy - creating an Afghan alliance against TTP!

Just 2 months back, it would be impossible to even think that TTA, ANA & CIA would all surrender to Pak demands & would hunt RAW's TTP! What Pakistan's entire democracy could not achieve in the last 10 years - two Pak army Generals achieved in just 2 months! This is stunning. TTP is now being hit inside Afgh. CIA is forced to dismantle their own monster, despite resistance from Afghan NDS & RAW, is being done now.

Politicians have proven beyond doubt that they are incompetent rascals deserving the dustbins of history. 6 years of democracy is pure evil! To all Pakistanis who are short of patience & confused in thinking, I would say - Decade of deep rooted cancer cant be removed in 8 weeks! For the first time in a decade, GenRaheel is the first govt officer who has taken the initiative to remove this cancer of violence! Support!

Musharraf initiated the chaos. Zardari, Iftikhar Chaudhry, Kayani precipitated it. Nawaz froze in fear. Gen Raheel took charge after Nov 7th.

Gen Raheel was handicapped before Nov 7th. That is when Gen Rizwan, new DG ISI took charge. Dec 16th was the pearl harbor, just 8 weeks ago! Every political, judicial & military leader before R&R has failed this nation. Previous response had been reactive, slow, self destructive!

For years, I fought the info war, galvanizing the nation into a counter attack BUT waiting for the right army chief to come. He is here now! From a pure strategic perspective, the moves of R&R are effective, swift, lethal & hitting at the center of gravity of the enemy! I approve!

Pak army is still seriously handicapped as they have to drag the stinking dead body of democracy along with cults of political rascals. The attacks we see these days from TTP are the last death pangs of a fanatical religious insurgency which is now being cut down decisively. TTP would violently react.

MQM & BLA would also be desperate to shake off the pressure BUT army & ISI are now relentless & ruthless!! So stop asking why army is not able to stop terrorism. This nation will have to pay with its blood for the collective failure of a decade!! If you have supported these political parties, have supported former CJ & NOT stood up against TTP, then you have NO right to complain!

Behave on this page.I will NOT take nonsense & silly remarks. We are fighting a real war, risking ourselves & don't have patience for idiots.

Trust General Raheel and Gen Rizwan.


Dont be impatient and don't ask stupid questions. Trust General Raheel & General Rizwan. If you don't trust them, then leave Pakistan because then there is no one else to be trusted in politics, media or mullahs.

We will explain to you what needs to be explained. If we are not explaining, then stay silent and watch the events unfold and do what you can to spread our message and azaan.

This is serious and bloody phase of war. We will not take any non-sense from any Kharji, Mushrik or an idiot.

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