Tuesday, 10 February 2015

February 11th, 2015

Latest link of the updated version of our new book --- The Sword of Allah -- Khalid Ibn e Waleed !!!


He is the greatest warrior of all times! The only General in human history to defeat Persian & Roman Empires within a span of 6 years.. He was the Sword of Allah -- Khalid Ibn e Waleed !!!

This is the latest link of the updated version of our new book. You can download for free from here. Those who want the hard copy, pl scroll down and read the post where we have given details.

Alhamdolillah, today, we completed the second book of the Yeh Ghazi series -- Sultan Sallahuddin Ayubi !!! The text is edited and now the book has gone to the design phase. InshAllah, within the next 7 days, we shall upload this classic and romantic epic for the Ummah to benefit.

Read these books. You will fall in love with the real heroes of humanity ! Our children do not know our real heroes. This is your introduction to our great legacy, history and heritage. Join this jihad. Help us spread these books.

Google drive link is : https://drive.google.com/…/0B8Gs2NKjdaDFZTZFbDRSOTR2R…/view…

Barak Allah feek !

Now the Chief goees to Karachi -- Panic in the terrorists !

It will be a tough day for all political parties on Friday. General Raheel is calling the APC with PM and all other parties. like the previous APC against Khawarij, this time also, General will sit in the conference with proof of the crimes of all parties and NO ONE will be able to lie there. The panic in all political parties is visible. Altaf the toad has started to beg for Muaffi now :))) The Danda will now fall on Karachi terrorists. It has begun. May Allah give barakah to Raheel and Rizwan ! Nation stand with our Commanders !!


Today I was invited to Iran embassy National day dinner in Serena Islamabad.

Today I was invited to Iran embassy National day dinner in Serena Islamabad. Hundreds of people from entire society, military, politics, media and diplomatic community were there.

Funny part is that even hardcore Deobandi Mullah Sherani, who is the head of council of Islamic ideology and biggest supporter of Khawarij, was also present with a huge team of his followers. When it comes of dinner of Serena, Takfeer of Shias can wait :)) lol.

We were quire a sensation there alhamdolilllah. General Hamid Gul came to meet us with great affection. Ijaz ul Haq met with love. Pak armed forces officers were present and we had a great time with them. Sharing pics of foreign Military attaches of various friendly nations. Indian was also there but we ignored him :-) .

Our work had reached most of the people there and we received great respect, love and affection for the duty we are doing alhamdlillah ! The pro-Khawarij Mullahs were there too and were thunder struck to see the respect we received, alhamdolillah :))


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