Thursday, 3 March 2016

March 3rd, 2016

Mustafa Kamal dynamites MQM today. Back in 2007 I had told this to the nation that MQM & Altaf Hussian are RAW agents like Mukti Bahini..!

Did you watch Mustafa Kamal's press conference.. ??

Alhamdolillah, every word we said about MQM way back in 2007 is now being proved by Allah (swt) from every source. Back in 2007, NOBODY could dare speak a word against Altaf or MQM. Every media anchor and channel who is behaving like Tarzen today were shivering with fear of MQM. It was in those dangerous times, this Faqeer gave the azaan that Altaf is a RAW agent and MQM is an urban insurgent gang.. !

Hell broke lose after my this azaan.. Every possible threat, abuse, slander and insult was launched by MQM and their pet Mufti Naeem haramkhor.. ! This was the reason fatwas of Kufr and being a Qadiani were given against me by Mufti Naeem the rascal...

Alhamdolillah, today Allah proved each and every word.. !

There is a reason why this faqeer say to you - trust this faqeer even if it hurts your beliefs or understanding. Allah shows us what you cannot see... ! A lot is going to happen in Pakistan now very rapidly... things are changing.. fast... InshAllah, everything we told you and fight for will become visible now... !

How can you join this duty ? Every word this Faqeer said has now been proved... those with vision, wisdom can see it now..

How can you join this duty ?

When we started our azaan in 2007, the idiots made fun of it, mocked it, attacked it and tried to bury it.. ! Today, after 9 years.. our azaan is becoming the National Policy alhamdolillah... !!

Every word this Faqeer said has now been proved... those with vision, wisdom can see it now..

In 2011, just 3 years after we started to give azaan, we gave this advice to all those who wished to join the duty..

Understand the wisdom.... hear these words 100 times...

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