Tuesday, 5 January 2016

January 5th, 2015

This is ROFL level comedy by Indian media ! These Syrian army troops resting comfortably are shown as dead militants

This is ROFL level comedy by Hindu Zionist rascals :))

This is a Syrian army group taking rest comfortably, shown as "dead militants" from the air base attack :))

The whole drama of pathankot base attack is a fraud.. The attackers, if any, could be Sikh freedom fighters, Maoists but the Hindu Banya has to blame Pakistan and their sick retarded bollywood comes to their rescue :-)

After 4 days, they are still not able to clear one base from a bunch of militants. Then they talk about fighting Pak army... ! Allahu Akbar .. Allah humiliates the Mushriks here as well...


InshAllah, at 11 PM tonight, I am coming live on Channel 24 with Masood Raza to discuss Iran-Saudi crisis.


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