Wednesday, 20 January 2016

January 21st, 2016

My analysis is in first 10 minutes... ! It is time to give brutal pain to the enemy...

My analysis is in first 10 minutes... ! It is time to give brutal pain to the enemy...

Every bit of modern science & tech is built on Islamic civilization's amazing love for knowledge! Stunning indeed !!

I would strongly urge all of you to watch this 13 minutes amazing video which would fill you with pride, happiness and awe at the fact that you belong to the most amazing civilization humanity has ever seen !! What is fascinating is that this is made by National Geographic -- finally accepting that Muslims created the greatest civilization ever !!!

Visit this website also. Get the books of 1001 inventions and introduce them as text books in all schools and educate yourself and your kids... !

Then all of you should send this link to Hasan Nisar the rascal, who always say that Muslims contributed nothing to human civilization. these shameless snakes..

Many years ago, we dis an amazing series ourselves on this subject: very nostalgic :))

These great books must become a compulsory texts for all schools and libraries. Muslims inventions that shaped world.

Get these books for your children and schools ! Educate them that Islam is the most brightest, enlightened, tolerant, knowledge based, research oriented and investigative faith NOT at all with what the modern Khawarij and Mullah present it to be !

Greatest of Islamic scholars were scientists too ! Their science was NOT secular as of today BUT was driven by their deep faith in God and Quran ! You DO NOT have to be dress up like Westerners or forget your own language to become modern. The language of science for hundreds of years was ARABIC !!!!!

Today, I would ask all our children to learn at least 3 Islamic languages : Arabic, Persian and Turkish, in addition to Urdu and any other foreign language. If you speak Urdu, Arabic, Turkish and Persian - you can be at home in all parts of the Muslims world, in all corners of the globe !! We need Muslims who can speak multiple languages. DO NOT waste your time in useless subjects -- learn languages at all cost !! this is critical !!!

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