Thursday, 28 January 2016

January 28th, 2016

Now my message to followers of MTJ :)

My dear followers of MTJ, why are you all attacking me and threatening the TV anchors and my team?? I am NOT the enemy, TTP are :)) . you have finally starting fighting but this time also with the wrong enemy :)))) Tauba .. :-)

You all come out with most filthy attacks and threats on me BUT become mute, silents when Khawarij kill our children, attack our army and destroy Pakistan? Are you with Pakistan or with Mushriks ? there is NO neutrals now in this war. Know this well.

What is my fault ? I have NOT called MTJ a terrorist. I have NOT called him a Kharji. I have NOT called him an enemy. BUT you have called me a Qadiani, a Shia, a Munkir Khatm Nubuwwat :))

You are surely NOT following Quran and Sunnah by behaving so ghatia. Just check your own FB pages and websites and see the filth you are spreading just because I have asked you to speak against Khawarij. Astaghfurullah...

I have only asked one question from MTJ. why is he silent on the slaughter of our children at the hands of Khawarij ????

I just want HIS answer please. DO NOT reply on his behalf or post videos of his old lectures where Junaid Jamshed is crying...:)))

We dont need that. we need a straight forward reply of the question. We want to see that he openly declares TTP as Khawarij and ask them to stop attacking our children. Can he do that ??

Even today, all the schools and universities are on highest alert and holidays have been extended because Khawarij can attack the next school. We are all fighting to defend our chidlren and our Ummah. we just want help of TJ in this war, where even your own children are at risk...

If you can give statement against me, surely you can give a statement against Khawarij also. you are not that non-political after all :)))

KNow one thing. Now Pak army, ISI and true Ummatis of Rasul Allah (sm) will destroy Khawarij with all the power that Allah has given us. There will be NO neutrals in this war, not even Tableeghi Jamaat. either you are with Ummat e Rasul, Pak army and Pakistan or you are with Mushriks and Khawarij. It is your choice now. we will not wait for years for you to reply.

This is the kind of "love' we are recieving from the followers of TJ. Now you tell me, is this not Takfiri Kharji ideology which is defending TJ ??


The followers of TJ are saying that I am disrespecting MTJ by asking him this question. I am also being accused of spreading sectarianism. I NEVER wanted to share this Jpeg but I think now I should. This is the kind of "love' we are recieving from the followers of TJ. Now you tell me, is this not Takfiri Kharji ideology which is defending TJ ??

The person who has sent this is obviously a strong defender of TJ. This person is also a Takfiri as he declares all Muslims as Kafir who are not deobandis. He is calling all ahl sunnah as Kafirs, all shias as Kafirs along with real Kafirs like Qadianis, US etc. I am being called a Kafir also and Irani agent etc etc. Old non-sence.

He calls himself Sunni Deobandi only, not even a Muslim. Astaghfurullah.

This is the same ideology which is attacking our chidlren and slaughtering them. This same ideology is killing Shias, setting bombs at Data Darbar, attacking Pak army and helping Hindu Mushriks to weaken Pakistan. All these people LOVE MTJ.

This is the reason why I want MTJ to speak up and stop these Takfiri Kharjis from killing Muslims because these kharjis only listen to MTJ....

Now you tell me, am I spreading fitnah and attacking MTJ or the followers of MTJ are spreading fitnah and doing Takfir ??

If Mufti Rafi Usmani call these Khawarij as Zaliman, then why are other Deobandi Ulama silent ??

Mufti Rafi Usmani is a Deobandi scholar. An excellent example of a patriotic good scholar.

Mufti Rafi Usmani is a Deobandi scholar. Though we differ on his fatwas on Riba and Islamic banking, but we appreciate this fact that he a brave man and a good Pakistani Muslim. He is not a Takfiri and not a kharji supporter. An excellent example of a patriotic good scholar. He has given a very strong statement against TTP Khawarij. If he can give such a good statement, then why are other Deobandi mullahs are silent, especially the top ones like Samee, MTJ, Fazlu and Sherani. Are the cowards or Kharjis ?? they have to speak and tell us...

You see, I am NOT attacking all Deoband. I am attacking bad Deoband who support Khawarij and I have NO problem with scholars like Mufti Usmani.

InshAllah, all those scholars who remain silent will be punished... Now we dont have time for munafiqat.


Remember one thing -- It is Kufr to call a Muslim Kafir... ! anyone who does Takfir of a Muslim becomes Kafir himself.. so be very careful...

Since nearly quarter of a million members have been added to this page in last few months, there are many who are not aware of my Islamic beliefs and ideology. Many fall pray to the Khawarij propaganda that I am a Qadiani etc... Remember one thing -- It is Kufr to call a Muslim Kafir... ! anyone who does Takfir of a Muslim becomes Kafir himself.. so be very careful when you hear bohtan specially when it comes from known Khawarij.

I am a Muslim only and my sect is Ishq e Rasul (sm). This is the sect of Sayyadna Abu Bakr, Sayyadna Umer, Sayyadna Usman and Sayyadna Ali.

My family from mother and father side are Syeds, alhamdolillah. We are from ahl beyt, direct decendants of Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (ra), alhamdolillah. A Hasni Husaini Sayyad !

Khawarij have always been the worst enemies of ahl beyt. Our father Sayyadna Ali was also martyred by a Kharji dog of hell. Thats why you find these Khawarij after my blood today because it is the duty of Sayyad's to make their stand against the most dangerous Kufr of Khawarij.

Now you listen to this azaan. This is my aqeeda, my sect, my faith !

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