Thursday, 7 May 2015

May 7th, 2015

It is the silence of the "scholars", rulers and the "good" people which brings azaab, NOT the crimes of the sinners !!

It is the silence of the "scholars", rulers and the "good" people which brings azaab, NOT the crimes of the sinners !!

If you stay silent on Zulm, when you have the power of at least condemning it then you are a Zalim as well. !! This is OUR Deen, mentioned in Quran and Sunnah !!!

If you want to create your own Islam, then do what these so called scholars are doing -- they are on the side of Khawarij and support them directly or by staying silent.

If you support them and abuse me, then may you also suffer at the hands of Khawarij because of the silence of your Mullahs !

Islam does NOT teach you to turn your face away and save yourself when the Ummat of Rasul Allah (sm) is being butchered and you have the power to stop it !!!

We are asking all Ulama to speak against Khawarij else they are part Khawarij.

Nearly 10K new members join this page every week! They are new and do not know about our duty but start to comment emotionally, without knowledge and wisdom.

Know this well -- this is NOT an ordinary FB page. WE DO NOT COLLECT FANS here.

We do a difficult duty of defending Pakistan against all enemies, irrespective of their political and religious beliefs, sects, region or affiliations.

Everyday, we are risking our lives, facing courts cases, being attacked in media and physically for the duty we do against all enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) and Pakistan. We are the strongest voice which is defending Pak army and have defeated the Khawarij, BLA, MQM, GEO, SAFMA, RAW, CIA, govt and all enemies of Pakistan, alhamdolillah!

NO ONE in this country is fighting so many dangerous enemies at the same time...

Allah has NOT brought us here because of your help. Allah is enough for us. If you do not have the wisdom to understand that we are the strongest defence line for Pakistan on social media and media, then you are too stupid to be on this page. Leave or we will block you. We are fighting a war and do not have time for stupids. Allah does not need you.

We are against Khawarij !!! Every Muslims is. All those who are Muslims will support our Jihad against these dogs of hell. We are asking all Ulama to speak against Khawarij else they are part Khawarij. Many good scholars have spoken against Khawarij and many are silent. We are asking them to speak. what is wrong in what we have said ??

Once again, we advice the so called Mullah from all sects -- DO NOT support Khawarij. DO NOT stay silent against Khawarij. Else, we will deal with you !!

My simple question -- Should we hang those Mullahs who refuse to support army in Ghazwa e Hind ??

Let me give you an example which will make you think.

India attacks Pakistan and a fierce battle begins.. Pakistan army is desperately fighting back as the Indian pressure is intense and the enemy is attacking from across the entire length from Sindh to Kashmir. Pak army gives heroic sacrifices but we take heavy casualties in defending this beloved Pak Sarzameen.

General Raheel make a national broadcast and declare that Ghazwa e Hind has begun !! Then General asks Muftis and Ulama of Pakistan to rise and give call for JIhad against Mushriks in Ghazwa e Hind!!

In response to the call of General Raheel, many Ulama rise and declare that JIhad against Mushriks is Farz and every Muslim must join this Ghazwa e Hind.

Another group of Ulama declare that Pak army is a Kafir army and no body should support the army in war against Indian Mushriks.

Third group of Ulama decide to stay silent and comment "we are not in politics, we just do tableegh" !!

Now my question is : What should Sharia, Quran, Sunnah and Pakistan's law say about the category 2 and 3 Mullahs ??

To be honest, I would ask General Raheel to hang such Mullahs who refuse to support Pak army in time of Ghazwa e Hind !! That is Islamic law.

For your information, Jihad against Khawarij is as sacred, important and Islamic as the Ghazwa e Hind. In fact, war against Khawarij is the begining of Ghazwa e Hind and Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) has blessed the army which fights Khawarij and Hindu Mushriks !!

Now,I have not taken any names. You decide what your scholars are doing when Pak army is desperate for help in Jihad against Khawarij and some Mullahs say that "they are not in politics" !!!

So, what do you say now ???

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