Monday, 25 May 2015

May 25th, 2015

Just to make you understand the 5th Generation war !

Just to make you understand the 5th Generation war !

The entire Middle East is being decimated by Israel through a gang of Khawarij called ISIS (Daish) or TTP in Pakistan. The Arab and Iranian leaders are busy fighting among each other, allowing space and opportunity to Jews and Khawarij to decimate Muslim lands. While Arabs treat Shias as a mortal threat, it is actually Khawarij which prepare to annihilate both Shias and Sunni arabs. This these so called leaders do not understand. It is pure short sighted, blind opportunism from both sides while Israel celebrates on millions of Muslim dead bodies, humiliating our faith, civilization, history and culture !

Same game is being played in Pakistan also, through TTP, Geo, Judiciary and govt while only Pak army is defending the country from becoming what you see here of other Muslim lands..

Those who worship the god of democracy in this country, should be buried with Khawarij !!

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