Wednesday, 27 May 2015

May 27th, 2015

Painting drawn by the sister of a fallen child.... we have not forgotten, we have not forgiven...

Drawn by the sister of a fallen child, this heart wrenching pic bleeds our hearts. It is a reminder that we have to avenge these children, make sure that our future generations are safe and we hand over a safe, prosperous and Islamic Pakistan to our future generations.

We have neither forgotton these children, not forgiven the animals who have done this atrocity. Each one of the snake who participated in this murder will be nailed... including Iftikhar chaudrey, Kayani, SAFMA, Geo, Zardari, parliament, political parties and allies of Khawarij in religious gangs... Each one will pay !! InshAllah !

Finally, the epic is here, Alhamdolillah ! English rendering of amazing poetry of Baba Iqbal, done by Owais Ghani sb!


Alhamdolillah, this amazing gift is now available in hard copy !

Iqbal baba's epic poems in english rendering by Owais Ghani sb and published by BrassTacks through the contribution of patriots.

Soft copy has already been uploaded. you can google it.

Hard copies are a treasure to have, precious to be given as gifts and read.

Pl call our office at to buy the book.

Shami. 051 5598046,7
Cell: 0332 - 361 4342

our office team will give you details on how to get it.

Jazak Allah khair to all of you.

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