Thursday, 26 March 2015

March 26th, 2015

I trust the judgement of COAS & DG ISI. They will never abandon us to the desires of Nawaz & his gangs. They will find the middle path IA.

Coming to Yemen, this is a catastrophic fratricide between SaudiArabia & Irani proxies - having the same devastating effect as Iran-Iraq war! Pakistan did NOT take part in Iran-Iraq war -- which was a Shia-Sunni war ! Pakistan played the role of a moderator, trying to stop the war. The entire Middle East is at war with each other. All Muslim countries are helping the enemies to destroy the other Muslim country in 5GWar.

Saudi Arabia & Iran have already fought a proxy war in Syria, destroying a Muslim land, allowing Israelis to takeover the country thru ISIS. Both Iran & Saudi Arabia are at fault, fighting with each other within other countries, protecting their own homeland but destroying others. Just imagine, who is the net beneficiary of SA & Iran wage their wars within other Muslim lands ? This is ideal for Israel, US, Daish only.

In Yemen, Iranian backed Houthis are at fault. They have attacked the Capital & destabilized country, Just as FSA has done crime in Syria! Saudis are trying to overthrow a pro-Iran regime in Syria. Iranians are trying to overthrow a pro-Saudi regime in Yemen. Both criminals!

Pakistan MUST maintain neutrality in the conflict, call OIC emergency session, Turkey, Pakistan should get together to force Iran/SA to stop. I will advice all Shias to stop igniting sectarian narrative against Saudis in Pakistan. The retaliation from pro-Saudis would wreck havoc.

Iran supported US to destroy Taliban in Afg & Saddam in Iraq. Now Shias are begging Mullah Omer for protection!
 The example of Iraq & Afghanistan should make Tehran understand that the chaos they create in overthrowing regimes is filled by Khawarij! Saudis should also understand their stupidity. They destroyed Iraq & Syria & now are surrounded by hostile Daish & very angry Shias! uffff

The fires that Iran & Saudi Arabia has burnt in other Muslim lands will come home to haunt them too. Israel is waiting to attack both! How stupid the leaders of the Ummah can be. How myopic, shortsighted, deaf, dumb and blind ! Israel is laughing on the floor rolling! uff

Both Iran & Saudi Arabia must fear the divine justice. Their mutual sectarian wars have killed millions of Muslims since 1979. Enough! Stop!

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