Wednesday, 11 March 2015

March 11th, 2015

It was MQM which always wanted army to come and take over Karachi. So, why are they barking now?


Remember, we always told you that MQM is another TTP, urban terrorists who are planning to break the country with Indian, Israeli and British help. These are just one stock pile of weapons found in their head office 90. Dozens of such stock piles are loaded all over the city.

Not just the weapons,killers, assasins and murderers also arrested from 90. Altaf was heard live on media saying that "why did these wanted people had to be at 90. They should have stayed somewhere else. now the whole organization is in trouble. Look at me, I am sitting in London" !!

After burning 300 people alive and running the most brutal terror campaign in the city, MQM is now seriously under pressure. Their target killer Saulat Mirza is also going to be executed in Jail inshAllah.

May Allah give infinite barakah to R & R. Those who said that army does not act against MQM should now drown themselves in local gutter.... ! We told you to wait and let R&R do their work. Now the end game for terrorists and Khawarij has begun, alhamdolillah !

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