Wednesday, 18 March 2015

March 18th, 2015

Title of my new epic on Mujahideen of Ghazwa e Hind -- From Qasim to Ghaznavi to Ghauri to Abdali to Pak army !!

Allahu Akbar !! Another amazing journey begins...

Alhamdolillah, our fourth gift in Yeh Ghazi series is now almost ready and open for sponsorship. If anyone of you wish to join the khair in getting this book printed, pl email me.

Project cost is Rs: 165,000/=.

InshAllah, we will upload the pdf copy within the next 2 days. It will be our gift to Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) for the sake of this Ummat e Marhoom !

Labbaik Ya Sayyadi Ya Rasul Allah !
Labbaik Ghazwa e Hind !!

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