Thursday, 29 January 2015

January 29th, 2015

Now Kaffara will be through our blood... time for tauba is long gone..

Children, members, All warnings that we have been giving for the last 7 years can now be seen even by the blind.. This is called the 5th Gen War.. the war which is now raging in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen.. and now in Pak Sarzameen. From Altaf Hussian to Mufti Naeem to Mullah Aziz to Fazlullah to Fazal ur Rehman to Tariq Jameel to Hyberyar Marri to Brahmdagh Bugti to Iftikhar Chaudrey to Zardari to Nawaz Shareef to Geo & SAFMA -- they are all part of this war to destroy Pak Sarzameen ! They will NEVER succeed inshAllah but now the Pak nation will pay a heavy price to defend its freedom.

This nation did not take the advice of this faqeer. Even the army took 7 years to understand that this war cannot be fought through this democracy as this judiciary and democracy is part of the problem, not the solutions. Now AltafHussain is threatening a war in Karachi and Sindh while all the pro-Khawarij Mullahs have decided to stay silent over the war crimes of Khawarij. Now, be prepared for a bloody end phase of this war.. We will fight back and win inshAllah but now all those who made fun of us and insulted our analysis will see the blood of their own spilling as well.. It is too late now for tauba. Now Kaffara will be with blood..

Follow the rules. We are very harsh on this page and do not tolerate violations of rules.

To all new comers, Pl DO NOT post any question on the page unless you have gone through at least 10 days of posts on this page. Scroll down and educate yourself first. This is a serious battle station and we are fighting a war and have zero tolerance towards non-sense or enemies.

Follow the rules. We are very harsh on this page and do not tolerate violations of rules.

DO NOT insult Pak army, Pak ideology or our founding fathers. DO NOT defend Khawarij or enemies of Pakistan. DO NOT use filthy abusive language. DO NOT write in Roman Urdu. DO NOT insult or attack Sir Zaid.

You can ask decent questions but they must NOT be based on lies and propaganda of the enemies. All enemy propaganda against Sir has been answered a million times. do your own homework to find the answers. If you are blocked, we rarely unblock anyone, so be VERY CAREFUL !!

US Intelligence analyst frustratingly accepts that US is defeated in Afghanistan & now ISI controls the game :) !

The enemies, Khawarij and the idiots blame ISI and Pak army for working as allies of US in Afghanistan. But what is the reality ?? Has ISI helped the Americans or helped the Taliban ? Has ISI defended the US interests or the interests of Pakistan ? Listen to this US analyst. They are so frustrated that ISI has always defended Pakistan and NOT the US interests. Now with Gen Rizwan as the new DG ISI, inshAllah, you will see a even more ruthless ISI against the enemies of Pak Sarzameen.

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