Sunday, 25 January 2015

January 25th, 2015

There is a major power breakdown in the country.Trying to find the exact nature of fault but it is all over the country. Khair inshAllah !

There is a major power breakdown in the country. Save your batteries. Make arrangements for emergency lights. This seems serious. Trying to find the exact nature of fault but it is all over the country. Khair inshAllah !

Lucman is the only mainstream TV anchor who has the moral courage to say that Zaid Hamid was right all along on wars

Listen to Luqman here. Saying that Zaid Hamid told us so...

Crisis of last night has been handled somewhat but this is an ongoing war. Balaach Marri traitor accepts the responsibility for blowing up power lines which caused this breakdown it seems.

Understand the bigger picture. For the last 7 years -- I have been trying to shake and wake up this nation and its leaders into understanding the 4th and 5th Generation War, Af-Pak, Cold Start and urban wars... Leaders, Ulama, think tanks, media and even army was NOT aware of this huge conspiracy to break down Pakistan in this unconventional wars. Now when the war has entered its last stages, every one can see that Zaid Hamid had warned us in time.

Allah shows this faqeer what you cannot see. By rejecting it or arguing about it, you only increase your own agony.... For God sake, listen to what this faqeer say, even if you cannot understand or dont like. Else, you will suffer as this nation is suffering today... 

Hardcore strategic relationship between RAW & deoband is rock solid to destroy Pakistan using Deobandi gangs.. TTP !!

The year is 1980. Nine years after breaking East Pakistan through Bengali Mukti Bahini, Indira Gandhi again got back into business of destroying Pakistan. This time, they would use Darul Uloom Deoband to do this.. Indira Gandhi was invited as the Chief Guest at 100 years of Deoband celebrations -- a perfect partnership between Mushriks and Khawarij !

Thousands of Deoband went from Pakistan and attended this grand gathering in India, led by Indira Gandhi !!! The new war against Pakistan was launched....

Indira was assassinated by Sikhs in 84, putting a break to this game plan. General Zia had counter attacked through Sikhs and Kashmirirs. The game plan was delayed for another 15 years, till 2004, when India was finally able to get a serious foothold in Afghanistan. Then this old partnership between RAW and deoband was revived again... Result ? TTP Khawarij..... Ask Ajit Kumar Doval. He proudly owns it.

This is NOT sectarianism. This is hardcore War and Geo-politics of RAW using a religious gang as assets to destroy Pakistan.


You want to know the reason why I want Tariq Jameel to openly declare TTP as Khawarij ??

you want to know the reason why I want Tariq Jameel to openly declare TTP as Khawarij ??

Last year, a gang of Khawarij tried to attack and hijack PNS Zulfiqar.

The attackers came from outside but had low level members from Navy as well. Their aim was to hijack the ship and use its weapons to attack any Indian or Western ship to trigger a war between Pakistan and India or western countries. It was a dangerous plan.

All the officers and men involved in this sinister filthy plan were very active members of Tableeghi Jamaat and used the cover of Tableegh to gain access into the base. Now Tableeghi Jamaat has been banned from entering sensitive installations of armed forces and bases.

This is the reason why we want Tableeghi Jamaat and TJ to openly express their stance over TTP Khawarij and their war against Pakistan. Tableeghi Jamaat has always been given great access into Pakistan's security apparatus. Even DG ISI was once a Tableeghi, General Javed Nasir. But now the game has changed and Tableeghi Jamaat must openly declare their loyalties or we will treat them as enemies...


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