Tuesday, 27 January 2015

January 27th, 2015

This stunning event happened in 1932, when entire Muslim world reps gathered to open up sacred graves of two Sahabas, under direct orders of those Sahabas themselves !!!!


This stunning event happened in 1932, when entire Muslim world reps gathered to open up sacred graves of two Sahabas, under direct orders of those Sahabas themselves !!!! yes, this is true and most unbelievable story which our younger generations do not know.

This amazing story also tells you of a great spiritual secret which the Jahils and the Khawarij do not know -- Sahabas, like Prophets, are not just alive but also communicate to the present world to assign duties and pass orders !! They can communicate to you and you can receive their orders.... There are blessed souls in dunya today who communicate with Rasul Allah (sm) just as Sahabas did...

The King of Iraq was Faisal. He saw a dream but he ignored it... Then the Mufti e Azam saw it and then they both saw it multiple times.... Sahabas were given them an order... Now watch.. and recite Durud Shareef of our beloved Sayaydi Rasul Allah (sm) !!!



Members, children, why are you not sharing this most amazing video of Sahaba ?? ashamed or lazy ?? Let others see this khair as well. Jazak Allah.



Be very careful about adab of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). Gustakh ultimately becomes a Kharjee...


There are 3 steps to becoming a Kharjee dog of hell ! Every Kharjee dog walks these steps..

1. First you are a Gustakh of Rasul Allah (sm), disrespect Sayyadi (sm) and make false claims about Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm).

2. Then you become a Takfiri as a punishment from Allah (swt) and start to call everyone as Kafir, under the arrogance that you are the only Muslims alive, rest are all Kafirs.

3. Third step is that then you take up weapons and start to kill Muslims and become a cursed dog of hell Kharji..

This is what Mullah Aziz of Masjid e Zarrar Lal masjid is.... He is such a Gustakh that even his own kind of filthy Mullahs found it hard to digest... knowing that now they all would be nailed for supporting this dog of hell...

Be very careful about adab of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). Gustakh ultimately becomes a Kharjee...

Who is Zaid Hamid and what do we stand for ??

Children, members, these are times of fitnah, of Dajjal, of Khawarij and divisions within the Ummah on ethnic, political and sectarian lines. All Muslim sects and schools think that they are the only one on the right path while the others are destined for hell.

1. Ahl Hadees/Salafis consider Ahl Sunnah, Barelvis, Shias as Mushriks and Gumrah. They are totally against any visible display of love for Sayadi Rasul Allah (sm), destroy all signs and muqamat which are extremely significant in Muslim history and have an imbalanced extremist harsh view on Shirk and Biddat.

2. Shias are extremely beyadab and Gustakh of Sahabas and Sayyada Aisha. Even though Iranian leadership has tried to bring moderation into the extremist Shias but still a huge majority follow the Iraq Najaf scholars who remain extremely hostile towards Khulfa e Rashideen. Also, Shias do not follow any known Mystic and Sufi orders.

3. Barelvis in Pakistan have lost the balance between display of adab /Ishq and biddat & even though they remain respectful towards Sayyadi Rasul Allah, Sahabas, Aulia and Sufia, there is a strong presence of deviant practices and beliefs within Barelvis as well. The battles for Mazaar are also raging between Barelvis and Shias, where both groups try to take over the Mazaar. Case of Hazrat Bari Imam Mazaar in Islamabad is just one example.

4. Deobandis are in another hopeless situation, when their scholars are silent or supporters of Khawarij and this group is waging a most bloody war against Pakistan and Ummat e Rasul (sm). All Khawarij in Pakistan belong to deobandi maslak.

Our mission is the unite the Ummah on the Deem of Rasul Allah (sm) and Khulfa e Rashideen, Defend Pakistan, prepare the Ummah for Ghazwa e Hind and Jihad against Khawarij, create an Islamic economic model based on Gold and unite the Ummah in United States of Islam. This mission is way ABOVE any sectarian divide.

Those who are with us are Muslims only and then Pakistanis. We DO NOT recognize any other identity. This is the Deen of Sayyadna Abubakr, Sayyadna Umer, Sayyadna Usman and Sayyadna Ali !!

For the past few days, we are hitting the Deobandi Khawarij for the simple reason that today entire Pak army and Pak nation are at war against them. Deobandi Mullahs are defending the Khawarij or staying silent. That is why we are hitting them and will hit them more.

The supporters of Khawarij, instead of accepting their mistake, try to counter attack by calling us Shias, Barelvis, Qadianis... Kafir.. ! This is a lame, insane, farcical argument by these Khawarij. Just a desperate attempt to divert the subject and change the issue.

We DO NOT collect fans here. Every day we ban 100's of Gustakh beyadab Kharjis or their supporters. Their most filthy language, their fatwas of Kufr and their hatred for Pakistan army and Pakistan is so obvious that it makes us even more stronger to hit them harder.

Either they will do tauba and revert back to Deen or they will be attacked by us and crushed. We will NOT show mercy towards any Kharji or their supporter.


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