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October 8th, 2014

Army, ISI should note -- Enemies now plan a full fledged 5thGenWar against Pakistan - Tweets - 08-10-14

Tweets on October 8th.

It seems that NS gave a tacit approval to both US & India to launch simultaneous attacks on Western & Eastern borders. AfPak-Cold start-4GW. In the last 40 hours, 4 drone strikes by CIA, dozens killed or wounded by Indian army fire across LoC, multiple attacks by TTP/BLA ! 4GenWar

Why we don't hear any parliamentarian, politician or even TUQ/IK talking about this simultaneous upsurge in all AfPak-ColdStart-4Genwar. It is NOT about just condemning these attacks, it is about understanding the bigger game of annihilating Muslim lands through 4thGenWar. Now, with US signing the BSA in Afghanistan & Modi in India & total political chaos in Pakistan, the end game of creating the failed state has begun. 4GW

They ask what is army doing about this? I ask them "what should army do when PM, Judiciary, media & parliament are compromised? Tell me.

Army is not foolish. They see these threats, betrayals & collapse of the state but the national leaders do not support them to do the needful. If army says this democracy has collapsed, who will support the army to bring a new techno govt? None! Not even TUQ & IK. Then why blame?

You want the bitter truth? Army is NOT removing the regime because it does not want to hold another elections to bring back same idiots. This is the ultimate tragedy. We are seeing the fatal threats & we know the solutions also but the national leaders want collective suicide. When all political leaders refuse to support the army, then why should Army remove the govt to get the blame later for "derailing" democracy.

The only option left to the army is to keep watching the collapse at political, diplomatic, economic levels & fight where it can on ground. Army is the only institution left which is still fighting but is totally isolated, surrounded & humiliated even by own govt/judiciary/media. This was the ultimate aim of the enemies when they brought in this CIA backed democracy - to create a failed state of Pakistan. All those who are insisting on this present multi-party democratic circus are actually collaborating with the arch enemies to destroy Pakistan!
My duty is to warn you like a radar which sees earlier, further than what eye can see. You can mock but then will face the consequences also.

What I do professionally is called Threat Analysis - a highly specialized science based on experience, intelligence, observation & luck! Without a correct, timely Threat Analysis, all national response strategies collapse! Govts, armies rely on timely advice from Analysts! So when I speak about emerging threats, listen to them carefully. Threat is like a shape shifting monster - changes rapidly, ferociously.

It was our Think Tank BrassTacks which analysed the threat of 4thGW , Explained the Af-Pak threats, exposed Indian Cold start, years ago! Enemies of Pakistan know our worth - that's why every enemy of the state attacks us - from Indians to TTP to BLA to Geo to CIA to Kharjis!

If our work was so useless & confused, why bringing down Zaid Hamid has become the most aggressive strategy of every enemy of Pakistan? :-)

You reject my professional analysis just because it does not suit your political or religious views but then be ready to pay the price also. I don't collect fans or members nor voters! That makes me totally independent to speak the brutal truth which most of the people don't want. I am telling you again - Pakistan DOES NOT have time now! A most brutal war has been launched to create total chaos, balkanize, denuclearize.

This govt must be removed. National govt of TUQ CANNOT be formed. Re-elections of IK CANNOT be done. Only Techno govt can salvage Pakistan now. It is naive to expect that our political leaders & the media would understand the complex & bloody geo-political chaos of the greater ME.

Every policy maker, media analyst or politician I have met privately accepts that my threat analysis & solutions are the only options left. Even Imran once demanded Technocratic Caretakers but then was brought under such intense pressure from the vested groups that he backtracked.

Now you routinely find analysts, even politicians & media talking about Techno govt for 3 years :-) But they will never accept the source :-) But the point is that not just that we need a Techno govt, we need it NOW! Delay would only create anarchy unmanageable even for new govt! So, NS wont resign, IK/TUQ will continue Dharna/Jalsas, army wont takeover, chaos will remain, US/India/TTP/BLA/MQM would wage military war.

Give me a solution if you disagree with my threat analysis & solution of a Techno govt. Remember, Enemies now plan a full fledged 5thGenWar. Their prime objective & sequence of attack is - Create Chaos/anarchy, Take away nukes, attack physically, dismember, annihilate! 5thGenWar!

If anyone thinks, this is hypothetical scenario, then just explain the wars in ME, sequence of annihilation of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen..!!

In 4GW, they achieve defined objectives like controlled dismemberment of Yugoslavia. In 5GW, there is total annihilation/chaos as in Iraq. CIA/RAW started with 4thGW against Pakistan but they could not dismember Pakistan like Yugoslavia, so now a total war of annihilation 5GW has begun. US launched 4GW against Pak after 9/11. Got ready to roll into Pakistan under Obama with Af-Pak, while India prepared their ColdStart to follow.

In Europe, they never allowed the war in Yugoslavia to spill into the region. But in Iraq, they have! This is the difference between 4GW & 5GW!

How could Pak Army fight the political, judicial, economic & media axis of the war when Zardari is President, Iftikhar Chaudry is Chief Justice? How can Pak Army fight this 4GW when major political parties & Media have been bought by the enemies - MQM, JUI, PPP, PML(N), ANP.. Geo..

How can Pak Army use nuclear weapons when the battlefield is not the border but Karachi, FATA & urban Pakistan? This is the nature of 4GWar.

To launch the 4GW/5GW, the political parties, media & judiciary is bought by the enemies. That stabs the army in the back to allow invasion. You can clearly see that our media, political parties are enemies of the state, urban insurgents are bogging army in cities, borders exposed. The objective of the enemies is to turn army into a glorified police force so that borders are undefended. You see that happening in Pakistan now. With heavy engagement of army into the country - from election duties to polio drops to fighting the rebels, borders are exposed dangerously. That is why this CIA backed democracy destroys all civil departments so that army has to be called in even for most minor civil duties. 4GW!

The Zionist plan is to take the war to 4 Muslim countries now -- SA, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. We need a govt in Islamabad NOW else we are done!


The hatred between Salafis & Shias has allowed the CIA/Mossad to deploy this fault line as a strategic weapon of war within Muslim lands. Both Iran & Saudi Arabia has gone to such extremes in destroying each other that both have no hesitation taking help from US in ME wars.

Americans & Israelis are fully playing the sectarian card - siding with Sunnis in Syria but with Shias in Yemen. ISIS is actually IDF troops. For the Saudis, there are only 2 enemies in the Middle East -- Sunni Akhwan ul Muslameen & Shias. Riyadh does not take Israel to be enemies.

For the Iranians, Saudis/salafis are a bigger threat & where their interests demand, Tehran has fully supported US in overthrowing Sunnis. In Saudi Arabia, there are two power centers - The Al-Saud Royal Family, which is pretty secular & Salafi Wahabi sect & its extreme views. So, while there is panic within the Saudi Royal family over the rise of Khawarij like ISIS, the militants actually have a strong base in SA.

Saudi problem with Sunni Akhwan ul Muslameen & Hamas is not on religious lines but on political ideology. Both Akhwan & Hamas against Kings. So Saudis played havoc in Egypt, over threw the Akhwan govt, brought in half Jew Sisi as President, crushed Akhwan, neutralized Akhwan govt. But Tehran was equally ruthless & aggressive in the ME, exploiting the blunders of the Saudis to increase influence in the Arab world. When a Shia govt was formed in Baghdad after Saddam, Shias went on rampage to avenge former Sunni rulers, turning Baghdad red! Sad fact!

In Iraq, now the Mossad/IDF ISIS army is pretending to be Sunnis, destroying both Sunnis & Shias - dragging Iran into ground war in Iraq. Iran has now major influence in 4 Arab capitals - Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut and now Sanaa, Yemen, which is last to fall to Shia Houti tribe. ISIS, the Israeli State Intel Service, now targets both Saudi Arabia & Iran but both Riyadh & Tehran continue to take each other as enemies. Wars of Saudis or Iranians anywhere in the Muslim world, against each other, would be a defeat for the Ummah as a whole & victory for Jews.

A Saudi backed Sunni govt has been over thrown in Yemen by Iran backed Shia militants. US & Israel are the net beneficiaries in this chaos. In Syria, an Iran backed Shia government is being over thrown by the Saudi backed Sunni militants! Same story -- only Muslims die in process. Sunni Muslims of Syria are crushed between 3 opposing gangs -- Iran backed Shias, Saudi backed militants, Israeli backed ISIS! Bloody chaos.

Keep this entire bloody anarchy in ME in front of you & now read my yesterdays tweets again! This is called 5thGenWar, now in Pakistan also. Keeping this entire larger bloody picture of the Ummah in front, I ask Pak nation to abandon democracy & ask army to bring a Techno govt NOW. The Zionist plan is to take the war to 4 Muslim countries now -- SA, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. We need a govt in Islamabad NOW else we are done! Turkey & Iran have strong nationalist patriotic govt who have the capacity to protect their countries. SA is weak. Pakistan is weakest! Sad

Pakistan's present political, judicial, social structure is too weak to sustain an anarchic 5th GenWar which is imposed on us now. Wake up!

This is 5th Gen War explained graphically ! Total anarchy, chaos, bloodshed in Syria, Iraq. failed dismembered states

This same 5GenWar is now deployed aggressively against Pak. Response?? Re-elections?? National govt?? Democracy?? PTI/PAT must answer! By NOT understanding the threats & axis of attacks of the 5GW against Pak, PTI/PAT have proven that their vision cannot be trusted in crisis. Democracy, Zardari, NS, Altaf, Fazlu are part of this deadly war. By not understanding & responding to this war, PTI/PAT have also lost it. All political parties, including the Dharna walas, should realize that they don't have time till eternity. Enemy has sharpened his knives!

I am totally, utterly disappointed from the vision, understanding, mission of both PTI & PAT! Dangerous policies in times of such 5GenWars. PTI/PAT should have shown the moral courage & political wisdom to realize that their solutions are dangerous & only Techno govt is viable. Nawaz & democracy are a curse. PTI/PAT policies are totally confused, cannot be trusted now. Army wanted support of PTI/PAT but both refused. Now patriots have no choice but to wait for the enemies to make their move to break the deadlock. Enemy is advancing rapidly!! So we wait!

But Pak nation must realize now that price for freedom would now be million times higher when enemies enter our homes! Now we pay heavily! Pakistan was under attack for the last decade, we lost over a 100 thousand of us still everyone behaved as if they control the events! Shame.

You will see now. Every axis of violence would explode against Pak. MQM will burn Karachi, TTP, BLA CIA drones & Indian army would attack! The war against Pakistan is totally out of control for the govt & politicians.

Only the enemy has the initiative or the Pak Army responds! With an active bloody war already at hand, it was natural that army would want political parties to support Techno govt idea. PTI/PAT refused!

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