Friday, 3 October 2014

October 3rd, 2014

Now the destiny will unfold itself. If Allah has any khair for Pakistan, Pak army will intervene & restore the balance, else Modi will. Wait.



Dr. TUQ finally announces to take part in next elections, as just another party within the existing system! Dharna in Islamabad is over for now. Both IK & TUQ owe serious explanations to those who followed them, supported them & trusted them on their words! Where is Inqilab/Azadi ??

If Dr TUQ takes part in the next elections, as a party, then where are resignations of NS, system reform, accountability, national govt ???
It also means, Dr. TUQ has accepted the same multi-party parliamentary democracy, with PAT just another party in the filthy crowd ! Inqilab?

The question is NOT of bringing awareness alone. Results had to be achieved. Leadership promised resignations, reform, accountability also. I have personally no doubt that days of NS are numbered. He is a genuine national security threat. But the credit wont go to IK or TUQ.

US & India formed a strategic alliance against Pak. US & Afghanistan have signed BSA, means US wont leave Afghanistan ever. Moron NS applauds it!

What does fixing the system mean? Same multi-party parliamentary democracy or NO party Presidential system?? Who will fix the system??

Both IK & TUQ promised which they could not deliver, now making compromises, excuses. Fact is, nothing can be done w/o army's full support!

What the moron at all levels cannot see is that this political chaos & anarchy has created the right environs for Modi/US to encircle Pakistan!

I am amazed at the levels of insanity of the political elite in the country. Both govt/opposition are blind to the regional threats rising! With NS govt in place, Pakistan is on a fast track path to state failure, auction of state assets, debts, inflation, forex reserve depletion.
With a compromised, weak judiciary, there is NO hope of Justice, recovery of the State or stopping the staggering collapse. Now what??

All those who bark that army must stay out of politics, must come with a solution or shut up!!! Can the politicians find a solution???

The politicians, including TUQ/IK think that they have the luxury of time at their disposal & can drag this chaos indefinitely! Insanity!!
Within weeks, Modi plans to move aggressively against Pakistan, under recently signed agreement with US - pretext of LeT, JM, Dawood Ibrahim.

Pakistani politicians remind me of the decadent rotten filth of Baghdad, when Halaku Khan was preparing to annihilate them, & he did later.

I am warning you against threats being built around Pakistan & morons mock & make fun! Yes, signs of those who wish to be like Iraq, Syria.

The Caliph of Baghdad realized his folly too late when he was being wrapped in the carpet to be crushed under Mongol horses! We never learn.

That is why I have stopped coming on the media. The nation & its leaders have become insane, deaf, dumb, blind - worshiping the god of democracy. Now the destiny will unfold itself. If Allah has any khair for Pakistan, Pak army will intervene & restore the balance, else Modi will. Wait.

I see Pakistan being encircled, destroyed & humiliated, betrayed and all these morons can come up with is why are you so harsh! Sad indeed.

Media Policy by Allama Iqbal -- unless you silence the idiots of media, they will destroy the nation...



Why there is so much confusion and doubt in the society?? why truth is never known and lies are so rampant ? what are the cause of moral, political, ideological, religious anarchy in the society ??

Ask Baba Iqbal ! When Jahils get the power to speak at will, with no control over their content, then the nations are destroyed...

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