Saturday, 11 October 2014

October 11th, 2014

We have neither forgotten nor forgiven the genocide by this butcher of Gujarat.We ll not give any quarter. Promise

Sultan Shahabuddin Ghauri had captured the Hindu Zionist king Prithvi Raj alive in the battle, then dragged him in chains to Kabul to be killed mercilessly.

InshAllah, this we will do again with this butcher of Gujarat also -- In the final battle of Ghazwa e Hind, we will drag him in chains to be humiliate and killed...

we have NOT forgotten their slaughter of 1947, we have not forgotten the treachery of 1971. we have not forgotten the genocide in Kashmir. we have NOT forgotten the burnt , raped bodies of Gujarat !

Modi will pay for his crimes. Promise you this...

Labbaik Ghazwa e Hind !!

Who will be the "mehdi" of the time ??


Pakistan need a reformer, revivalist, a Mujahid, visionary, thinker, ideologue ! Iqbal Baba gives you hope that you should rise and become that Imam of the millat !

"The one who is ignited by the passion of Ishq& Jalal with who discovers his real potential, would the Imam, the "Mehdi" of the time" ! Iqbal.

Fascinating interpretation of Iqbal'c concept of Mehdi, read in Iqbal e Pur Israr...

Why our political and religious parties fail ?? why there is no taseer in Dawah and Tableegh ?? why policies, strategies and plans fail ??

The crisis of Pak politics and the Ummah, as explained by the wisdom of Baba Iqbal.

Jalal uddin Rumi knew the cancer of Pakistan 600 years ago ! This is the tragedy of Pakistan today! Moronic leaders !


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