Wednesday, 9 October 2013

October 9th, 2013

Do NOT be like the Jews of Bani Israel.... fatwas on others, while themselves drenched in Haram, astaghfurullah !

I would like to make a very painful comment here. When we posted the video of Bosnian children reciting the praises of Rasul Allah (sm) in Urdu, we received many fatwas from pseudo Mullahs that this is haram. It is amazing and painful to see how we have lost the way collectively as an Ummah and have become like Jews who stressed so much on application of law that they forgot all about the aspect of love.

Remember the story of the girl of Bani Israel, who had committed the sin of adultery and all the Jews wanted her to be stoned, shouting loudly to enforce the Shariat !! Then Sayyadna Issa (as) came and said to them -- Let that person caste the first stone who has not committed adultery himself and is pure from this sin" ! Upon hearing this challenge, the whole crowd of shouting screaming Jews who were demanding implementation of sharia just seconds ago, silently melted away... ashamed and embarrassed !

This is how we are today. Drenched in haram from head to toe, each fiber brought up on haram rizq, neither the hearts are pure nor the soul, our finance at war with Rasul Allah (sm) through Riba, our currency in the pockets a declaration of rebellion against Deen and our bank accounts pouring in bank interest in direct clash with Allah (swt), we lie, cheat, do hasad, do gheebat, steal, accept haram in our personal lives but always quick to lecture others over haram and halal, our neighbors are not at peace with us, we do not do sadaqa, we collect and count wealth, do khiyanat in Baitul Maal and do not do adab of elders, children, teachers and Rasul Allah (sm).

But when a group of young Muslims who have faced such brutal persecution recently try to express their love with Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm), some of us are quick to scream Haram Haram as if reciting the Naat is the biggest sin happening in entire universe today and this is the reason for Muslim downfall ! Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon !!

Children, please learn the adab of deen and adab of Rasul Allah (sm). When there is a difference of opinion within scholars and Ummah, learn to accept it and respect it even if you disagree. None of you have the vision of a momin, firasat of a mohsin and muqam of a siddique. So, sabr and DO NOT issue fatwas in matters of deen when you don't deserve to speak even. Ummat has been destroyed because of these fatwa bazi. For God sake, stop this khurafat.

Focus on defending Pakistan and ideology, changing the Riba based economic system, changing the political model of democracy, changing the anglo-saxon laws, uniting the Ummah, fighting the Ghazwa e Hind, creation of Khilafat and reforming our society moral and spiritual values. These are the top priority. Do NOT touch or fight amongst each other sectarian or Maslak differences. Each one will answer to Allah (swt) for what they did or believe. DO NOT be the judge of people's intentions and their sects. This is Allah's job to judge each one of us on the day of judgement and then we will all know the truth.

Please, DO NOT give any fatwas on this forum. You have the choice to leave it but fitnah will NOT be tolerated. Respect various schools of Muslims, even if you disagree personally. Do NOT be like the Jews of Bani Israel.... fatwas on others, while themselves drenched in Haram, astaghfurullah !

Jazak Allah.

May Allah bless Afghan Mujahideen for dealing with this Hindu backed Kharjee !

This Kharjee is one of the biggest fitnah and enemy of Rasul Allah (sm). There are reports that he has been attacked by Afghan Taliban and is now injured. Please do dua that he dies :) He is a fitnah responsible for spread fasad in the world and deserves the worst punishment in dunya and akhira. May Allah bless Afghan Mujahideen for dealing with this Hindu backed Kharjee !

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