Friday, 18 January 2013

January 18, 2013

What is our opinion about the agreement done in Islamabad today ??

What is our opinion about the agreement done in Islamabad today ?? Why are we so firm on blocking the elections ? What is the anarchy and crisis that we face today ?? These 5 minutes will give you our point of view for which we stand firm with patriots and Pak army! Indians are threatening us aggressively. We are surrounded and being defeated because of treacherous leaders and their sick democracy.

But we warn the traitors and the Indians -- By Allah, we are burning with desire to hang the traitors in Islamabad and we will not take any Indian prisoners. This time don't expect mercy from us. The time is closer than these snakes think.

The curse of democracy !!! Think about it before it is too late.




Iqbal was a Wali Allah, Hakeem ul Ummat, a visionary seer and dervesh who knew the very fiber of the western capitalist democracy and its evils. Iqbal called Democracy a dragon of cruelty and tyranny, whose reality is worse than that of Changez Khan! Iqbal also said that the intellect of a 100 donkeys can never be equal to the wisdom of a wise man! In democracy, they count the heads not weigh their wisdom!

Listen to Baba Iqbal. In our country, masses are slaves of the feudals, Pirs, Capitalists, urban gangsters and terrorist warlords. Majority are below poverty line, average of 65 IQ, with no vision, education, idealism or understanding of national needs. Their only criteria is Baradri, pir, threat or a promise of bread. That is all. The educated, enlightend, progressive and visionary Pakistanis are less than 5%. The system is such decadant that if 90% do not vote, the one with 6 percent would become the Minister where 2 others grab 3 or 1 % votes. This is how Zardari has come to rule us -- PPP grabbed only 12 % vote out of which millions were fake!! This is democracy !!!

The Capitalist system controlled by bankers prefer democracy because it allows money and media to control the masses.

In the modern world, there is NO democracy anywhere -- only the illusion of it. In reality, the system is always controlled by the Bankers, the feudal, the Capitalists and their pimps in media and judiciary.

Only the most idiotic, insane and stupid would believe that they have any say in electing their rulers or making the national policies. The last 5 years of democracy have gifted us death, destruction and poverty. This country would not last another 5 years of the same filth. Under Zardari, it is impossible to expect free and fair vote and even if there is, idiots would always be in a majority !! Think about it before it is too late.

A curse is already upon us. Don't prolong the agony for Allah's sake !! There will be no second chance !

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