Sunday, 13 January 2013

January 13, 2013

The national demand is to bring army or army backed patriotic caretaker government.



For the past 52 hours, people of Quetta are sitting in the freezing cold with their dead and demanding -- Martial law!!!!

And that is why they are demanding death to democracy and YES to Martial Law !! The CM is in Dubai busy in his moral corruption and debouch lechery while the army is hunting and eliminating the terrorists to defend this Pak Sarzameen!

The nation does NOT trust the political elite and democracy now. The national demand is to bring army or army backed patriotic caretaker government.

We would advice army not to take over cities but to take over the country and clean this filth called politicians and democracy and bring patriotic caretakers who can join hands with the army and the patriots to defend and clean this Pak Sarzameen.

Pak army, just do it!!! We love you.

Now listen to OUR plan which we gave 3 years ago to the millat.

Now when every party, group and movement has given their charter and agenda, now listen to OUR plan which we gave 3 years ago to the millat. Every threat was identified, every enemy was defined, every aspect of destiny was unfolded, alhamdolillah.

Now you chose -- which destiny you want. Any plan, agenda or policy which is not according to this divine destiny is bound to fail. You will only be on the right side of history of you follow this divine plan. Everything else is bound to perish, InshAllah!

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar ! Allahu Akbar !

We were first to warn the nation of Yugoslavia option, 4thGW, Cold start and Af-Pak but the snakes in media and the leadership deleberatly blocked us. Now the final phase has begun.

 Even a British paper acknowledges that the game of changing maps of Pakistan has begun and even say that this possibility was warned by "friends" of Pakistan way back in early 2000. We were first to warn the nation of Yugoslavia option, 4thGW, Cold start and Af-Pak but the snakes in media and the leadership deleberatly blocked us. Now the final phase has begun.

The writer is a Pakistani and is sympathetic to Pakistan and writes:

"Finally, has the big game really begun, shown on some maps in early 2000s? Is this all happenings are a planned script, which is repeatedly warned by friends of Pakistan? If such conspiracy is set then why our leaders are acting according to that script and why no agency disclosing that evil plan? "

Now listen to us carefully. We say again -- the 5th Generation war has been launched -- which means destroy everything in Pakistan for a total anarchy. Today, we lost about 30 of our troops in a bomb blast by TTP Kharjis. The drama is unfolding in Quetta and on the LoC. Karachi is under siege and the Long March is blocking the entire Punjab and Islamabad.

There is only one solution -- a brutal martial law to bring civilian patriotic caretaker government. If this does not happen within days, it would be game over for us and we will have to fight street battles to save our honor, faith and land from Hindu zionists, TTP kharjis, BLA anarchists and MQM Fascist.

DO NOT argue with us on this. Either support the cause or stay silent. Army can still intervene and control the situation but the delay by General Kayani is allowing the enemies to be on the attack ruthlessly. We fully support the demand of Quetta people and much more -- Not just in Quetta, bring army in Islamabad also!

We are seeing Pakistan falling apart in front of our eyes and the media, leaders and the politicians still demand elections.... bloody snakes..

Where is iftikhar Chaudrey now???? He humiliated FC in Quetta, blocked the working of army and FC, cancelled all orders of FC and gave a free hand to BLA to register cases against patriots and refused to hear our most critical petition on Baluchistan. Now Baluchistan is burning and Mr. CJ is silent, no where to be seen!! Astaghfurullah.....

Pak army, do your duty. Nation wants you to come. Even the enemies can feel that they can demolish Pakistan now unless Pak army takes charge. Khair inshAllah

But let us give a cold reminder to the Hindu Mushriks....


 Indians are itching to enter into our beloved Pak Sarzameen. We are taking losses today, not because of Indian plans but because of treachery and stupidity of our own leaders. But let us give a cold reminder to the Hindu Mushriks.... 

It is the call of the army Chief now. 



BrassTacks latest Threat Analysis:

The PPP regime is facing a collapse now. Multiple challenges of security have now brought the Zardari led government into panic mode now. The government of Baluchistan is about to collapse and Zardari’s own residence in Karachi, Bilawal house, is under siege by protestors. The Shias in the country are blocking roads and trains all across the country to protest the killings in Quetta. In Quetta itself, the Hazara Shias are sitting with their nearly 100 bodies in the freezing cold for the last 52 hours demanding a martial law in the city. Hundreds of thousands of marchers are now heading towards Islamabad demanding the scalp of Zardari and his regime. Islamabad is sealed and under siege and the government has fled, hiding behind hundreds of containers and thousands of civilian law enforcement troops.

Pakistan army is facing a multi-axis war from Line of Control to the FATA and is also being dragged into the election duties, over stretching the already thinned out military. TTP, Indian army and Drones are now going for the kill, sensing the vulnerabilities of the Pak army under these most dangerous times.

Now the people of Quetta are demanding army to take over the city. Army is already on the standby in Islamabad to be called in if the situation gets out of control of the government.

This is a very difficult time for the army also. On one hand, the country is sinking and the enemies are opening up more and bloodier fronts everyday causing great casualties on daily basis. On the other hand, people have now started to demand army to intervene to remove the provincial and even federal governments. If the army waits and let the politicians handle the crisis, the country would be lost for good within weeks. The political government has already lost total control.

If the army intervenes, it will have to chose between a martial law or a army backed civilian caretaker government. It can also chose to intervene to support the Zardari regime but it would also be severely burnt in the process as Zardari is now a total liability for the nation and the army.

It is the call of the army Chief now. He remains silent. Deadly silent, causing more and more frustration and anger within the nation and even within the army.

Next week or two would basically decide the fate of the regime and threats would further rise exponentially. Monday, onwards would be the moment of truth for the government now and for the nation. Years of corruption, negligence and complacency has now brought the country on the brink of collapse. A tragic state of affairs indeed.

But great khair would emerge from this anarchy, InshAllah. Baluchistan government has collapsed. The process has begun. Now Islamabad regime would also fall. It is just a matter of time now, InshAllah.

Rabi ul Awwal has begun. A Month of khair and Barakah alhamdolillah. Allah will never abandon the Ummat of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). Milad un Nabi Mubarak. Infinite salat o salam on Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm).

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