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January 07, 2013

We believe unconditionally !!!! 

Our latest Shaheed on the Kashmir battlefront of the larger Ghawa e Hind war!! Naik Aslam died yesterday, fighting the Hindu Mushriks, who are occupying the Muslim land of Kashmir. Our army fight them everyday, our Kashmiri Mujahideen resist every moment, our people support the support with every breadth.

All the fighting done in Kashmir was done by Mujahideen and was approved and organized by Quaid e Azam in 1947. Jihad continues till this day..... . In 1948, 1965, 1971, Siachen in 1984, Kargil in 1999 were jointly fought by Pak army and Mujahideen. Jihad in Kashmir is the purest, most romantic, dignified and full of barakah Jihad against Hindu Mushriks and would continue till the final battles of Ghazwa e Hind -- the capturing of Delhi !!

This is our destiny as foretold by Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). We believe unconditionally !



 BrassTacks -- Pakistan’s National Security Analysis -- for those who are not deaf, dumb and blind !!

BrassTacks -- Pakistan’s National Security Analysis -- for those who are not deaf, dumb and blind !!
Taking advantage of the anarchy, chaos, confusion and weakest leadership in Pakistan, Indian tried to change the geography of the Line of Control on the Kashmir front. A short, fierce battle ensued but Indians failed and were pushed back though the environment in the area remains tense. For many months now, Indians have been focusing on supporting the insurgencies, TTP and BLA against Pakistan and had not been directly engaging Pakistan army on the eastern sector. This attempt by the Indians is a feeler to test the waters and the preparedness of Pak army. In the coming months, Indians will be conducting more or such probing attacks as the situation within Pakistan is expected to get more and more chaotic.
With the political anarchy spreading across the entire country, the levels of violence, terrorism, urban insurgency and chaos is also rising exponentially. This week also, we saw insane levels of violence in every corner of the country. There is definitely urgency within the insurgents to exploit the political and judicial anarchy.
Security forces are fighting back with all the resources in a war which is a high intensity conflict in an urban environment. From jet fighters to special operations by covert means, all axis of force is being deployed.
There is no doubt that the CIA backed TTP has been badly bruised and pushed back into Afghanistan after a long bloody slog by the Pakistan army. Now the insurgent group is weakened, isolated, dislocated and suing for peace to gain time to regroup. Signing any peace deals with the dreaded terrorist group when they are at their weakest would be a catastrophic military blunder and army is cautioning the government not to rush into any offer by the militants.
But the mission of Pakistan army has been made near to impossible by direct CIA involvement to destroy any pro-Pakistan assets in the region to fight the TTP. There is absolutely no doubt now that CIA is fighting Pakistan through the proxies of TTP and BLA and is actively eliminating all those tribals who sign peace deals with Pakistan or show their willingness to fight the TTP. This treacherous betrayal by the CIA is stil NOT acknowledged at the official levels though everyone knows about it at all levels. The secretary defense Lt General Asif Yasin Malik had even mentioned this last week.
This week, CIA eliminated a strong pro-Pakistan local militant commander, Mullah Nazeer, who had earlier survived an assassinating attempt by the TTP. Once TTP failed, CIA sent in a drone to finish the job. In another attack, another pro-Pakistan commander belonging to Hafiz Gul Bahadur group was targeted and eliminated. It is actually that dirty war where CIA is directly fighting Pakistan but the government and the army leadership still remains silent.
While the 4th and 5th generation wars rage within Pakistan, the politicians remains busy in petty squabbles, power grabbing, turf wars and preparing for elections, creating more and more anarchy every day. There is absolutely no concern for the national security, economic collapse or the political or ideological vision. It is a fish market with a bloody touch. MQM and the new entrant Dr. Tahir ul Qadri are threatening a “drone attack” on Pakistan within the next week and turning Islamabad into another Tehreer square.
The ruling PPP’s alliance with other parties is now in a chaos also with all other parties flexing their muscles and looking for best opportunities to grab more power and wealth. Downright dirty it is. Zardari is genuinely concerned now as the date of the “long march” approaches.
Meanwhile, the common citizens and the society suffer staggeringly as the government destroys the last remnants of the state and the economy. It is an artificially created crisis of gas to protect and “bless” the cartels in power to make windfall profits through imports of oil.
As the “last straw” on the camel’s back, the government plans to deploy 150,000 troops for election duties, drawing the already over stretched army from counter insurgency operations and defense of the country on the East. Drawing such a huge number of troops from the strategic reserves or from the active duty troops would mean depleting the national defense to dangerous levels. For now, Pakistan army is going along the PPP regime’s plans but in our assessment this is a fatal mistake which will have staggeringly high cost later on.
The next two weeks would be very critical and decisive in the country. On January 14th, “tehreer square” styled sit in is planned in Islamabad by “millions” of followers of Altaf Hussian and Tahir ul Qadri – the gangster and the priest have joined hands in a most bizarre alliance which is threatening not just the remains of the government but also the entire decayed political system!
If the march goes ahead, then the field would be open for all forces to intervene. The terrorists would have the sitting ducks to target. The government would deploy its resources to stop the marchers from reaching the parliament. Army would watch in silence with troops ready close by for any intervention if needed.
We would advice no traveling even within Islamabad after 12th January. The game is wide open now but the government and the judiciary as well as the media and the army remains focused on the elections for now or the spoilers who have come from outside to change the rules of the game. The national security and the 4th and 5th generation war is definitely not the priority of any of the power brokers for now. That is the real tragedy.

This democracy is a curse and unless we return back to Allah (swt) and demand a Khilafat e Rashida model, we are doomed.



 NO harampkhor politicians send their children to join army to fight the Khawarij. That is why they don't care of these brave sons die or not.

Our brave sons are fighting and dying everyday, smiling in the face of death but the nation and its leaders remain naive, ignorant and even hostile against these brave sons. If these sons were not fighting and dying everyday, you can be sure TTP or Indians or Crusader Blackwaters entering into your homes and taking away your honor! MQM, ANP and BLA are part of this war as well and so is this regime of Zardari and his allies.

Today, Pakistan is facing a most bloody war within its borders. Elections under these conditions will bring back the same snakes who are in power today. This democracy is a curse and unless we return back to Allah (swt) and demand a Khilafat e Rashida model, we are doomed. We demand army to take over now and bring patriotic caretaker government. NO elections, for God sake.


Try attending a Jinaza like this and then you will know what it means to be in a war !



Try attending a Jinaza like this and then you will know what it means to be in a war ! What it means to pray over your fallen friends who had fought alongside you in battles. The families of our sons and brothers in armed forces are doing this everyday -- leaving behind thousands of orphans, widows and old grieving parents. This is a war our haramkhor politicians do not want to acknowledge. Elections in these times of war would mean more deaths, destruction and chaos. Then there will be no time for tauba, just punishments. Wake up now before it is too late.

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