Thursday, 4 August 2016

August 3rd, 2016

Let us advice you to adopt another fascinating hobby -- Gun shooting !!

Let us advice you to adopt another fascinating hobby -- Gun shooting !!

Rasul Allah (sm) had ordered all Muslims to learn Shooting... It is part of our deen.

Air Guns are fully legal and commonly available for all. Everyone must have a decent air gun to practice. Improve your aim to hit the target. It is great fun and great training...

Once you are fully trained on Simple airgun, you can later add telescope on airguns too.

Air guns are excellent weapons... you can hunt small birds, rabbits, for food. Practice target hitting techniques and later you can upgrade to proper rifles under army or expert supervision using the same techniques you have learnt on airguns..

One warning -- NEVER point the gun towards any person... these guns can be lethal or seriously injure a person. Always ask for safety tips before you start to practice. Always fire in clear open places or against mud walls or sand bags.. metal pallets can bounce off walls and hit someone. so be careful. NEVER target practice on birds, animals. This is great sin and Zulm.

In the picture, I am firing a .22 rifle but next to me is my Spanish GAMO 5.5 mm air gun with a telescope. Excellent for family, children and beginners to practice target shooting. Its fun for whole family....

Later, we will also advice you on building your survival bags for home, travel and cars... a Momin is always prepared..

Fantastic idea by the IG Police BUT the problem is that Interior Ministry has banned arms licenses for good citizens

I totally agree with the IG Police. Licensed weapon is given by the govt for protection and everyone should carry it in these times.. BUT you should be able to control your rage and anger and not use it in minor traffic fights or silly arguments.. If you behave like an idiot, which most youngsters would, then you should be ready to pay the price in Shahzain case and many other...

You must follow the law... know the rules and regulations.. have full practice of using your weapon and must have the courage to use it when the time comes.. weapon is certainly NOT designed to be kept in a locker.. it must be carried...

Build pressure on the govt to open arm licences. It is very silly to block arm licences to law abiding citizens when the country is in a state of war.... very silly indeed.

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